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definitive case of soul v. soulless


>I'm a classically trained performer with 20 years of theater experience, who understands lughting and makeup and costuming
>Still gets beaten by DA JOKA BABEEEEEEEE

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Do americans say twat?

>100$ suit

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you mad?

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>censoring the name
Hello red**t


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he's seethin' baybee

Yes, they pronounce it "twot". It shouldn't be used by anyone outside of the UK, NZ and Australia, to be honest. It just sounds "off".

Why are they like this

>Uncontrollable panting from a minor scuffle

>censoring the date
>censoring the name
kill yourself yyou faggot


20 years of theater.
What a fag.

this is just sad to watch

santa cruz joker is one of the saddest individuals I've ever come across on the internet. overcompensating, disgusting, unlikable, not on a fun way, not on an autistic way.


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mfw Californians

Is this the video where someone hit him in the face with some bread?

I didn't know Joker wore glasses

>dresses up like Joker
>acts nothing like joker
Why is he obsessed with a character he has no relation to? Is it because he hatea who he is?

i knew a faggot like theater joker. huge theater kid all through school, hude dancer, tap and ballet, was in all the schools drama productions. on a class trip he got caught in the bed of an underage student and was expelled. last year he killed himself, probably got caught in some kids bed again

The actual Joker would prefer left because he's not a whiny faggot.

He's da jokah baby


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Without irony, better and more memorable than Leto

The guy who got the jaret leto make up tattoo while smilling into the mirror is still the God Joker,these guys are basically indian tiktok and not that funny or cringe

Every theater person I ever knew in school was a complete retard or schizo. I didn't even know about the stereotype of "weirdo theater kids" till well after I was out of school, but seems like it was well deserved.

Why are his teeth yellow?

>dress like a tranny
>wants to be taken seriously

Joker baby is truly frightening. I am scared of this clown baby.

Probably poor hygiene that he's trying to claim is method-acting, if I were to guess.

anyone have a link to the santa cruz joker's video that starts with him singing a song from the nightmare before christmas? I'm in the mood for some cringe

now you're joking

Why do they relate to da jokey so much???What exactly is so motivational and great about him exactly?Your generic seinen rapist anime/manga protagonist is so much better........I did grow up with a mixture of anime and western shit but I never saw the appeal of superman,batman or the joker (born in 1995)

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20 years of theatre experience

Didn't this guy get arrested for CP and go on a weird rant about blacks lol

>What exactly is so motivational and great about him exactly?Your generic seinen rapist anime/manga protagonist is so much better
It's all the same trashy shit. I never liked either. I recognised both were for homosexuals when I was growing up.

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Because he's stylish and has a no-fucks-given attitude, basically Murder Clown David Bowie.

It's the same how /pol/ likes Elliot and other virgin simps

Its adrenaline

The internet and global media has destroyed regional language

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why he think joker talks like a posh jewish new englander

he's the one on the left, much better colours, fits the character. just goes to show you, experience does matter.


It's the only funny voice he can do, I guess.

>18 year old highschool student has sex with 17 year old student
>you're expelled for paedophilia

do americans really?

This is not debatable

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Pajeets have concluded the Joker

he honestly looks better, theres something more unhinged about the carelessly applied make up and general unkemptness, the retard on the right looks like your average cosplayer

>This is not debatable
Da Jokah bay bee belongs above all of them, though.

why do cringe autistics love Joker so much?

I'll probably move him up once he gets his own feature film. We've only seen a small performance even if it does blow the others out of the water.

i call people cunts all the time, does that make you upset? hmm? sometimes i'll say "mate" too. does that bother you? does it make you bothered?

The fag was apparent when he shifted the conversation to not just clothes but with dollar amounts attached.

>no mike avgn joker

The Joker Baby is the definitive performance. No question.

Fuck off Mike

He REALLY thought he was going to walk around in that get up and get laid.

Poor sap.