Boba Fett

I'm confused. Why did Disney ruin him? He's not even white.

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He was male.

The president of disney is male

How bad is it? Ive been tuned out since last jedi.

he wasn't white in the non-disney prequels either Dick-for-brains!

* everyone laughs at OP *

things continue to get worse.

Someone must have notice his new paintjob in Mando season 2 looked like shit because in BOBF it seems more weathered

God damn that looks like plastic trash.

No, he's a jew.
Jews are inherently women.

he was white. George Lucas race swapped him in the prequels to get a tax break (he filmed them all in australia)

Because hes a "bad guy" but they still make too much money off of him so they had to "redeem" him

The black clothes make the armor look really cheap. Looks like someones shitty original content character from comic con.

Tem isn't from Australia

>ruin a non-character
Get over yourself.

>what is EU

There was a recent comic book where Boba shoots some lesbian bounty hunter in the back and leaves her to die on an exploding ship. Apparently it didn't sit well with someone because the lesbian was back several issues later, now accompanied by her wife.

>omg my gay ass fanfiction got superseded by gay ass new media im going insane!
Get over yourself.

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seething rodent

Dumb avatarposter.
I'm not the one mad about fictional non-characters in mainstream media.

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>I'm not the one mad about fictional non-characters in mainstream media.

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He wasn't even a character and they still managed to ruin him

His race was undefined in the original trilogy.

christ, star wars has gotten confusing.

It's almost supernatural how bad BOBF is.

they're mad their female Boba Fett knockoff Phasma and whatever the ginger bitch is from Solo didn't get popular so they're tanking the actual Boba Fett

Because Boba Fett was a scoundrel, and he was cool. People know Boba Fett, and people liked him. Disney decided to haul his corpse out of the sand in order to churn out low effort Star Wars content. The Book of Boba Fett is the most milquetoast, sanitized, and boring show I've watched in a while. They turned a bounty hunter who killed people for money into a nice guy who cried because the violent savages that enslaved him were killed.

>best episodes are "uh just throw some mandalorian episodes in there we ran out of time"

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and we were all better off for it

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They genuinely don't know what they're doing and put horrible writers in charge. Also I'm sure they made the show runners stay in the desert to save money when we're all sick of it.

literally felt like they just transplanted S3 Ep1 into boba fett after people were shitting on it too much

But they still let Mando do some cool shit like slicing the one dude in half through the table

I didn't know the meaning of the word "cum" until that.

they had to remind the fans that they understand lightsabers actually fucking cut shit up instead of just act like glowing metal swords like in the ST

Gotta sell those Mando toys. That is why they are rebooting everyone as old and uncool.

Lucas already ruined him in Return of the Jedi

>Oh nice it is a mando episode
>the woman mechanic has more screen time than mando
Mandobros we can't win.

I'll go against the grain here and say I was never interested in Boba beforehand. I think the writing in the BOBF was shit, but since Temuera has played him, i genuinely like the character.

it was worth it

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I hate how people say Disney like Disney summons a writer called Disney.

Anything bad with Boba and how he is written is Jon's fault. But nobody seems to ever criticise him.

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I didn't like either of those episodes. And the deepfake luke is just so bad.

>wrote the mandalorian
>also wrote book of boba
WTF. What happened?

Imagine being this excitable over Disney side project shows

Hey I don't watch this shit but I'm curious. Is Boba's ship still the Slave I?

I liked him. I just didn't like the things going on around him.

Fuck off mouse shill. He's one of many parts of the same beast that's been raping storytelling with marketing since I've been alive.

Mandalorian was already Boba Fett when it basically recycled Boba's fellow bounty hunters into new characters. Boba coming back worked against this so he re-branded Boba into a mishmash of Clone Trooper personalities portrayed by Tem throughout the years.

Because Mando is Disney's version of Boba Fett, and they desperately wanted to make Mando look cooler by comparison.

They even included a Mando episode in the middle of Boba Fett's show with far higher production values just to make sure the audience didn't miss how much cooler Mando is and Boba Fett.

how is he supposed to store bounties on that ship

I actually don't think they could have made it worse if they tried.


Yeah, it was parked in Jabba's Palace hangar at the time when Bib Fortuna took over after the death of Jabba in the Dune Sea. Fett, after he recovers but didn't get his armor back, scouts around and doesn't think he can take his ship back himself so then goes and finds the chinky gal and with her help they break into the palace and take his ship back. Then with the ship he goes and harasses Sarlacc to try to find his armor, not knowing the Jawas stole it and sold it to that sheriff guy who gives it back to Mandalore (who then gives it to Boba when they meet and he lays claim to it).

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More like they had no faith in a Boba Fett show after the sequels, so they made a new character not to piss people off, then it was was a surprise success, so tried to capitalize off it with making an actual Boba Fett show then realizing they already used everything up for Mando and just winged it, then lost any goodwill they gained from Mando by neutering Boba Fett, ironically.

I mean i like mando better than fett but a fucking fighter jet is a stupid bounty hunter ship

what makes you think he will always be a bounty hunter?
and for that matter, in that same fucking episode all he did was bring the head of the bounty back, he doesn't have to always take jobs that require a full body returned, or someone alive.

Mandalorian stopped being reskinned Boba Fett after the first episode when he gave up on bounty hunting and turned into an altruistic escort.

coolest thing about him was the mystery. disney got him spread wide open like a girl fishing for confirmation

>Not knowing the Jawas stole it
He should know he was awake when they took it. Shit show doesn't even remember it's own scenes.

Also they don't call it Slave 1 they call it the firespray or just "my ship" because 2022.

>he was awake
Yeah and dying out in the desert and suffering the effects of being inside a creature that can digest people for thousands of years.

>WTF. What happened?
Obvious kike sabotage.

Favreau maximized his own creation (Mando, a copy of EU Fett with daddy feelings) destroying Boba, making him a weeb faggot sidelined in his own show.

It's just explicit.

That's fair that he might not stay a bounty hunter but if he chooses to be one that limits the narrative options on his hunts. Due to space in the ship he can't hardly capture anyone alive. If the ywanted to push the nostalgia button but still have a bounty hunter ship, they should have had a ship like Amidala's yacht or something. But they'd probably fuck that up too since the writers are shit.

Never catch an EU shitty comic to read. lol.

most likely they are just going to gloss over the whole bounty hunter thing, but maybe he will get a separate compartment to hold his bounties in that is carried on the ship's underside.

He was cast out from his clan or order after showing his face to Grogu, he was wanting a replacement of his old ship from the slut mechanic lady but right now his quest is finding whatever mystical bullshit is back on Mandalore so he can go through a "cleansing" and rejoin his clan, so Bounty Hunting might not be high on the priorities.