I thought she was with Ben

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Ben is back with J Lo


Marvel wins again.

correction. ben is back to watching people run a train on j lo

Chris is closeted. Ana is using him to get an MCU role since Chris and Kevin Feige are still tight.

more like ana de ANAL am i rite?

They broke up a year ago


no ben refused to knock her up. we’ve been over this

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Affleck sisters, not like this...

Ain't this nigga gay?

>according to rumours
>from sources
Fuck "journalism"

Fuck off

she is such a PUTA whore it's hilarious.
a literal Hollywood prostitute

Cap >>>>>>>>> Bat

Don't slander Ben like that fucking faggot.

He's no longer Marvel

I feel like Chris could do better tbqhwyfam. He's Captain America.

Nah, if you said Iron Man > Batman sure. I always found Captain America boring. Goodie two shoes in every aspect that is boring to watch. In retrospect im surprised his character became so popular.

how fucking cucked are actors that date famous sloppy seconds? isn't it weird that the whole world knows all the guys she fucked before you?? why don't they date unknown pretty girls? there are lots of them in every town

>brain can only process the world through a lens of capeshit
the absolute state!


chris evans is a leftoid who mourns the death of child rapists

I would suck Captain America's cum from her luscious pussy

Rumor is Ana and her people are trying hard to get the Invisible Woman role.

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Why are all the biggest actors thirsting over some old bitch in her mid 30s. Shouldn't rich, high value males have a 20 year old on their arm?

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He will play old man cap most likely, if Cap 4 under performs, < 500 M, he could be back or they could pick the son of Kurt Russell too ....

They are all closeted homos and she is their beard

She's been around for like two years and has already ran through half the men in Hollywood. Her number must be in the thousands.

she must be putting out like a champ

If I was a Hollywood actor billionaire I would adopt a girl and raise her to be my perfect wife like big brain Woody Allen did.

Invisible Woman and Jean Grey are the 2 bigest roles in the MCU for the next 15 years, she isn't a bad pick, maybe too old, I rather have Sydney Sweeney.

but I thought Ben is Back with Julia Roberts?

>perfect wife
>little Chinese girl
pick one

man, she gets passed around more than a 5 dollar whore in tijuana

>becomes a sex symbol in her 30s
How did she do it

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That was perfect for him. Mine would be latina

Ben didn't want to give her babies, the faggot.

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She wanted children. Be said no.

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Good genes.

Gayer than a Barbra Streisand record collection


Cuban Lexi Belle sure has a type.

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this. the more I see from her the more i realize she is a ho fo sho. trashy, honestly.

Like, is there some registry for this?



what type? retards?

He already has kids. He doesn't wanna have to split his attention between too many kids. I will not stand for this Ben slander.

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To be fair Casey Affleck just got engaged to a 24 year old, so there's at least one sensible member of the family.

But why? He doesn't even have kids with her. What the fuck is he doing.

>I rather have Sydney Sweeney
She's already been cast in a Sony capeshit movie.



chris evans is a woke cuck. btw, who's the next cap gonna be?


Did the black guy already get canned?


i though chris evans was meant to be with that gymnast ali ryman or whatever her name is

This picture man

Isn't Ben marrying Jlo? Yeah time time goes by fast

they're seriously putting in a black guy to cap? that's about as smart as making a black woman the new Bond. how to hill a franchise.

Sounds like she's a beard for hire, like olivia munn was from like 2003 to 2018. Easy way for the obviously gay actor to blunt those gay rumors would be to knock up this rican whore

Oh, he's rich and has people raise his kids for him anyway. She just wanted a child and would probably do most of the raising herself. It would be a good tradeoff to know that you impregnated Ana and have a child with her that you didn't really want.

Contemplating the majesty of the sea like all alpha males

I don't think Ben Affleck is gay, and if you want a beard you can just get any random bint.

Well hes been in the movies since winter soldier so its not a sudden thing.
But he doesn't have half the charisma that chris evans had (and chris evans was kind of a bland actor anyway).

That would be nice.

Too old? I always thought the Fantastic 4 were older people in their 30s at least?

It's also for the existing children's sake, for whom it might not be swell to see their father start a new family after he's already split with their mother.

No, ben, no, you never learn, don't you?

Please don't be mean. Ben is legit retarded.

>I rather have Sydney Sweeney.

You don't impregnate or shack up with no Rican whore. You're supposed to fuck 'em, not open up a methadone clinic

she's used goods and evans is a cuckold. a real fucking beta in a chad's body

they met on Knives Out, huh? Evans has a pretty thick weiner

>those perfect shaved legs
My God