How come

all the actors in GoT careers died?

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cuz they all unskilled/thread

you can /thread yourself. That's against the rules

I would like to go back in time and breed them.
An equal amount of ejaculate deep in each womb

you do not know how much I want to overfeed Sansa with lemon cakes until she is bloated and gassy

jon snow got a shitty marvel movie

what if you did, and then they gave birth to you, and you could feel the whole process of growing inside them, and then being born?

outside of alfie allen (theon) and iwan rheon (ramsay), none of the younger actors are particularity good or they grew into goblins, masie williams.

British actors that paid into their jobs through nepotism and have zero charisma.

>what if you did, and then they gave birth to you, and you could feel the whole process of growing inside them, and then being born?
oh no
time travel always has a unhappy endiing

tv actors rarely make it into the box office
the exception confirms the rule

they cant act well at all, you could have taken random people from the streets and replace them in GoT would not have made a big difference

Madden was in Bodyguard, then Eternals.

>he was in a massive flop
doesn’t help your point, turner was in that shitty X-Men movie

Maisie's new show is about to premiere next month and she's gonna be showing her titties. She'll likely be showing even more nudity in her next roles.

FPBP. It also didn't help that most of the women were ugly and got mogged by that GILF actress playing John's pissed off step mom.

Correction. Turner was in an X-man movie so bad it killed the franchise for at least 5 years.

I'm envious of women and how they can be touchy-feely with their friends.

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theres only so many british actors hollywood can take.
and they only have the bbc in britian.

how many people from star trek went on to have successful movie careers?

what does that hat say?

make america great again

the actors that had careers before GOT still find work today, those that didn't don't

You guys should team up

Sansa should have been played by Bryce Dallas Howard

there will be a dora live action tv show?

>what does that hat say?
'Grab them by the pussy'

not good looking, talented or interesting enough to become stars. They'll be doing slightly above average acting work until they retire, probably

Because they're bongs so they really grew up ugly

Typecast problems?
I know the blonde girl with the dragons ended up in many shows though.
I don't think the producers knew how successful it was going to be.

>you can /thread yourself
ok I will thanks

wasn’t Emilia in Solo which bombed hard?

This happens with most HBO shows

a terminator movie too. Impressively bad

He still got a lead role in a big production, plus Bodyguard wasn't a flop.

What's Star Trek got to do with having a large cast of Brits?


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She's not even bad as an actor in my opinion too.
But unfortunately GoT went super hard with sex scenes early on, so most of the actors in the show were... mainly there for how good they looked in a sex scene.

She's just unusual in that she isn't bad as an actor either.

>blonde girl with the dragons ended up in many shows though.
Shows? There's only the Marvel one, which isn't out yet.

They weren't bad most of the time with acting though.
It's just that they were picked for sexiness in a sex scene because GoT had to appeal to audiences somehow early on.
How it grew to the behemoth it became is beyond me.

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Natalie Dormer was in a bunch of british and netflix shit after GoT I think

which one has the best/worst smelling asshole?

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I have male friends who are very touchy-feely an it's mostly uncomfortable desu

Rose is nobility, Maisie is a bottom tier slag and Emilia is part pajeet.

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That's because you got turned on.
Just admit it and suck him off already.

what about Natalie?

Why would you want to do that with your bros? A lot of women are okay with it because a lot of women are at least somewhat bisexual, especially zoomer girls.

Fucks niggers.

Does Emilia eat a lot of curry?

I can't say for certain but curry does flow through her veins.

Most times someone does something like that I'm just like "don't fucking touch me"

Would slurp her curry flavoured blood.

We used to literally punch or sack tap mates in the nuts as a joke at my school.
Mainly to laugh at their pain though.

Why is she like this?

She doesn't know her own strength.

That's waaaaaaay different than what those two hotties are up to in the pic above.

How does it affect her asshole scent?

Pajeets stink.


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>the exception confirms the rule

This is not the phrase, and you've fundamentally misunderstood the meaning of it.

>GoT had to appeal to audiences somehow early on.

You say this like it wasn't one of those shows where everyone was like "Oh you don't know a song of ice and fire? Lol retard" After it was announced. Huge marketing campaigns designed to slowly drip feed information about the world to, carried by book threads and live threads once the show started. The show never had a problem with getting people interested.

untalented, ugly roasties, and not willing to shove their tongues into their producers assholes

A combination of things. Normally long running shows or movie franchises ruin actors careers because actor and character end up blended together in the audiences minds. Specially so if the actors did not have an interesting career with outstanding roles before their big break. A good actor with a pre-existent career can walk away from a big show, specially if they didn`t stay for the 7 or 10 years it lasted but a mediocre actor is going to keep being called by his or her character name for a long long time.

In GoT`s case there are other factors like the fact that everyone wants to forget the show ever existed. The last few seasons were so bad they retroactively ruined re watching the good ones. Consciously or unconsciously audiences make these associations. You would be surprised by how many people pick a movie or a show just because of which actors are in it... and it`s the same for avoiding shows or movies. Since GoT ended up cancerous suits want to avoid it spreading to other shows.

Finally there is the actual talent of the young cast. Rose Leslie and Peter Dinklage are decent enough but Kit`s face is made of stone. Emilia is charming and funny but not particularly great, Natalie is hot as fuck and could get away with modeling but that smirk of her, that damn sexy smirk is like a poker tell, you would recognize it anywhere. The rest of the young ones are not even worth mentioning except for maybe Jack Gleeson (Joffrey), people loved to hate that guy. He was honestly the best of the bunch but he won`t be able to go high profile for a while. If he comes back it`s going to be on independent cinema or something with less heat.