Happy Easter Edition


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I wanted to create a Robert Beltran edition

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Beware of MKUltra / Cuckold Bitchante / Jelly Pussy / A-Twat. He will try to ruin the Easter mood.

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How did you know?

May god have mercy even on your wicked soul commie.

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I just realized that humans don't celebrate any holidays in Star Trek. How boring

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This will be a Beltran thread in spirit then.
Incredibly based.

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It's MKUltra. God abandoned him yesterday when it was revealed that MKUltra takes VF's yellow micropenis in his ass and will always remain /trek/'s bottom bitch.


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>MKUltra / Cuckold Bitchante / Jelly Pussy / A-Twat.
I don't think these are the same person.

>religion is nothing more than a substitute for a malfunctioning brain
>Roddenberry said, doing another rail of coke mixed with barbiturates, after which he rambled at his office wall for 2 straight hours

Checked the tweet, is real.
Looks like voy posting just got even more based.

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Yes I am MKUltra and I am spying on you. I am paid by CBS to advertise nutrek on Yea Forums and derail all oldtrek discussion.

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Roddenberry was a turd, and DS9 could have never existed if he didn't blast off.
The one thing nutrek writers took to heart about Roddenberry is this because they are all atheistic liberals lost in their narcissism as their own gods. And this is why nutrek sucks.

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Gotta get to space one way or another baby.

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Nobody cares what you think.

Flip side: I don't care that nobody cares. I don't think they're the same person.

Big Chief is so based natives start spontaneously worshipping him.

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Based rationalist. Religion is pure evil.

That's why the "Rationalists" tore themselves to pieces creating the church of social justice and sunk their own atheism movement when their so called rational fellows turned on them in a genocidal orgy of white guilt.



He had a real gift for writing characters, and for casting the right people to play them. And the idea of an optimistic, fun space utopia that people would want to escape to was a great commercial concept, and literally ended up changing human history since so many high-IQ types gravitated to it.

but holy fuck have the new guys missed the point

>yfw you realize humans are irrational pretty much 100% of the time
>and rationalism, when practiced by humans, is functionally indistinguishable from any other religion

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The body count of religion is in the millions

Ah yes the old
>science and logic is just like religion

When will these religious nutjobs stop terrorizing the Star Trek general?

Atheism is really the worst of the modern religions


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>hallucinates something I didn't say

Thanks for proving my point The body count of religion is in the millions

kek wait until you hear about Communism

You don't need an organized religion to believe in god. Simple as.
All you need is belief in god and a willingness to do your best to live your life by those good principles of the ten commandments.
And this is why Atheism failed, it was a social construct formed around human narcissism. It ultimately elected new terrestrial gods based on a criteria of oppression and functions exactly the same as any other organized religion.

grown ass adults talking about imaginary friends is the cringiest shit

Well I now have a newfound respect for Robert Beltran.

Atheism is religion's twin. If you have a definite opinion about something unprovable, like "God exists" or "God does not exist," you have an irrational belief because it cannot be based on any empirical evidence.

The most one can rationally say about God is that there's no 100% clear evidence for or against his existence.

>all those semantics
So atheism is not a religion. OK. I accept your concession.

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>So atheism is not a religion

Does God exist?

>say you don’t believe in sky wizards and angels
>”hurr that’s the twin belief of religion, therefore a religion”
These are the same retards who think VF calling spam “small dick energy” is the same as him calling for a raid.

I know you're not a grown ass adult yet if you're still in your edgy atheist phase.
The concept of belief in a higher power is something that will improve your life even if you don't specifically believe in Jesus, or Allah, or Jehova.
A higher power could be something like the unknown of the universe itself.
The need for this in the human mind is for the following reason. The ego. There is nothing more destructive to the individual than the ego. When you become your own god and the center of your universe, this is when everything will collapse around you.
The simple power of belief is it keeps you looking up and aspiring to be better, from wallowing in your own human misery about your own problems.
This is why it works so well in things like twelve step programs. When you focus outward and away from your own narcissism you inadvertently heal yourself of all those ills caused by the ego.
You don't even have to believe in a man in the sky, all you have to believe is that there are greater things out there in the universe than you and your problems.

>wall of text about believing in imaginary friends
ok retard

Stop being so anti-semantic

I believe this is a thread for the discussion of Star Trek.

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Why are you asking gnostic / agnostic question instead of theist / atheist question? You just proved you have no clue what faith is.

It’s about God and believing in pixies and goblins or some shit

>I just realized that humans don't celebrate any holidays in Star Trek. How boring
Christmas celebrations are shown in TOS aboard the Enterprise (the science lab Christmas Party mentioned in TOS: Dagger of the Mind) and in GEN (pic related). First Contact Day is also celebrated by the eating of a tasty salmon per LOW: No Small Parts, not unlike Thanksgiving and turkey. Beckett Mariner dressed up as Toby the Targ every Halloween per LOW: Crisis Point, and IIRC Kirk mentioned Halloween TOS: Catspaw. But Halloween wasn't a universal holiday and seems to have mainly been celebrated by Americans by the late 2300s, since Picard didn't know what it was in one of the Dixon Hill eps (can't remember which one).

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Gene didn't even realize it but in his utopian fantasy, people had fulfilled this same purpose that religion used to fill through a fantastical removal of scarcity, and the realization they had nothing left to do as a species but better themselves and help others.
The humans of star trek have ironically achieved the same enlightenment that comes from belief in a higher power.
Their higher power is exploration of the galaxy and the unknown and the betterment of all mankind.

>desperately avoiding the question

Any answer but "I dunno" is equally irrational and purely faith-based

He's too retarded to understand.

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an absence of faith is not a practice of faith

>invent imaginary friend
>”well if you can’t see him and don’t believe he exists that’s just a belief you can’t prove he isn’t real”
hurrr durrr debate my circular logic

You'll cut yourself on that edge user.

No, retard. You asked knowledge-based question. A faith-based question would be
>Do you believe in God?

Here we go.

This is some basement level trolling right now. Like this shit was passé in 2012.

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Could God create an argument so circular, even he couldn't counter it?

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Welcome to the star trek general on 4channel!

No. Americunt Protestcucks are just this dumb.

There is a limit to how much I will tolerate and that is where we are presently standing.

The belief that there is no God is a belief. Since there is absolutely no empirical evidence for or against God's existence, any belief is therefore based on faith.

>hur dur!

The existence of God can't be knowledge-based, because there's nothing you can know that could prove whether he exists or not. Until someone empirically proves the existence or nonexistence of God, which is impossible, if you have a belief one way or the other about it, you are operating on faith.

Atheism *IS* a religious belief because it is impossible to prove God does not exist. A belief in something unprovable, of a religious nature, is by definition a religious belief.

Agnosticism is not a religious belief, and it's the only rational position for someone who is not convinced of God's existence.

Digits confirm

irrational atheists BTFO yet again

the only faith worth practicing is faith of the heart

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Atheism is just another ism.
Communism, socialism, fascism.
It's just another social hierarchy based around an ideological position. And like every other one of those it began to move toward genocidal thoughts toward the outgroup and imploded.

>he still cannot distinguish between theist / atheist and gnostic / agnostic dynamics
>despite having a chart above
You really are fucking dumb. Holy shit.

>and DS9 could have never existed if he didn't blast off
Or if they didn't have the chance so steal ideas from the superior show, Babylon 5.

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>blah blah blah me me me my feelings
Who cares

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>empty quip
Typical narcissist defense
You don't need to believe in a nonsensical fairy tale to be a good person.
>And this is why Atheism failed
What a crazy statement. Failed what? To convince you to stop being brainwashed by religion? lol
>it was a social construct formed around
human narcissism.
It has nothing to do with narcissism.
>It ultimately elected new terrestrial gods based on a criteria of oppression and functions exactly the same as any other organized religion.
Nonsensical statement. Dismissed.
>If you have a definite opinion about something unprovable
It's very easy to prove that any religion is wrong. Easy example: the Earth is older than 6000 years.
>The most one can rationally say about God is that there's no 100% clear evidence for or against his existence.
"You can't disprove god exists" is a logical fallacy. The concept of god is completely nonsensical and clashes with observable facts in reality. It's a fairy tale.
They're insane and very brainwashed.
>The concept of belief in a higher power is
akin to believing Santa Claus is real.
>A higher power could be something like the unknown of the universe itself.
If you are "believing in a higher power" you have already determined what you think it is (a higher power). The rational approach is to realize you don't know one way or another; only by logically observing the universe can we discover facts about existence. Anything else is bullshit. Your "power of belief" is simply illogical, immature delusion.

Will the holodeck make women powerless?

Agnosticism is not a state between theism and atheism, you retarded mongoloid.

Finally, a post I can get behind.

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18 to post.

Religious drones are so insane that they tried to apply an ism to the lack of believing their propaganda. HOLY SHIT

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Is there a trek themed didn't read gif?

I accept your concession.

They don't even know what belief is. They keep confusing it with knowledge. This technically makes them heretics, since that subverts the very concept of faith itself.

And I yours, good Sir.