The Northman is a flop

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There weren't enough blacks.

aaaah fuck

>selected markets
It hasn't been released in any important country yet.


lots of good movies have flopped when they were first released desu, i still have hope

box office watchers are predicting a 4-8m opening weekend domestic next week
definitely a flop

why yes, I did pay to see The Northman on its opening weekend because it's an all-white , unpozzed historical movie. How could you tell?

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Vikings are boring.


It's not even out yet?

reading this made me the happiest i've been in a while
if you unironically had any hope for an eggers movie, please go to reddit

> Go woke go broke

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>90mil budget
Uh oh bros

Why do black people want this to fail so badly?

>noooooo muh stronk muscly white bros bein stronk noooooo how could no one be interested nooooo

It's not a blockbuster. It wasn't supposed to make money.

been out a while

A dog contributes to society.

demoralization thread

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surprising literally no one.

some pretty big markets tbf

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It's not out in the US and most of Europe yet but I think historical films generally speaking have a high risk of flopping, just look at The Last Duel

I just want to see Bjork act again she's so cute

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m8 if this movie isn't doing so well in the UK or scandinavia, this is definitely not going to do well in the US

>R rated $100 million arthouse historical epic

It was always going to flop. Doesn't mean it's not still KINO


As soon as Eggers does his usual bit of placating redditors with some phony shit that the film is about feminism or toxic masculinity, they will flock to see it.

70-90. Never trust the low number. Movies arent made with the least money possible anymore.

This. Only sub-human mongoloids care about the box office. If I like a film it is good. Doesn't matter how many normalfags paid for it.

ye just know.


Vikings haven't been interesting in years.

The world is sick of medieval fantasy. It's like if someone tried to make a zombie movie now

The dog asks nicely

she's so beautiful

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Did it open in China yet?

>Jews make a movie about white Vikings
>whites go in droves
>Jews use the profit to buy another media company

>90 million budget
>3 million box office
lol at white peope

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The dog is more likely to pay child support.

What....this is an action movie

>These niggas thinks the fucking guy who made The Lighthouse actually cares about the box office

Yeah, the Mexican box office is where the devil lies in the details.

holy crap is that real?

Amazing how people forgot about this bitch the minute the Squid Game shill threads stopped.

>seething Eurofags blaming Americans when it's not even out in America yet
Why are they like this?

It's the end for you people.

nonamericans are subhuman

She looks like Gaara in the thumbnail.

there's definitely a market for it, vikings valhala hit some decent numbers, but yeah, not 90mil budget at the theaters numbers

>twitter reaction pic
you have to be 18+ to post here

Colour me surprised.

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passaic eurofag pretending like their country means anything

Looks like things went SOUTH for the Northman, am i rite haha

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Very kino. Pagan pilled and Indo-European

White guy historical fantasy is a dead genre

maybe people are fed up with muh vikangz shit

>Pagan pilled and Indo-European

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based. Eat shit, (((hollywood))) and (((shills))).

was going to say it doesn't have to do well because it's a low budget flick but apparently this cost 90 MILLION DOLLARS to make, which is a almost a capeshit budget. the eggman won't survive this and actually it's probably the reason why they pulled the plug on his nosferatu remake at the last moment.

Who cares if he did an AMA
Some retard keeps posting this but its a cheap way to market your film
I would do it too

>male feminist and redditor
Happy that his career is over.

No woke, go broke

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