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I'm so excited for this to be trash.

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Mad Larry is BACK BROS

Is there a stream link

just google it

doctor who in under 15 minutes lads.
It might not be shit this time


>It might not be shit this time

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>It might not be shit this time

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>Still hoping shit from Chinballs

>le magic space tranny
i'll pass

My lovely hotwife!

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>whoa where are we?
>whoa what's up with the sky?
>Yaz: dude doc let's kiss*smoosh*
I just saved you 40 minutes of your life.

after this there's only one more episode of chibnall left

by the end of the episode
>5 people on twitter will cry over muh thasmin
>most fans will be screaming at the Regen special teaser trailer and will have forgotten the previous 45mins

one more episode of chib
one more episode of yaz
one more episode of jodie
thank fuck
and one cameo from the legend bradley walsh


>It might not be shit this time

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>might not be shit this time

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>It might not be shit this time

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well there goes another classic, i must say
that slo mo scene felt out of place.

Will thasmin become canon today?

>It might not be shit this time

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will they fuc?

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>"Goodness me so there's only 1 episode left of her now!"

streaming sea devils in cytube's unlimitedricepudding room

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Tennant in 80 days???

Stream is here

You're whatwife?!

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stop spoonfeeding the boardies, judy

Acting prowess best to worst of the New Doctors.

1. Tennant - Brought so much energy, emotion, and weight to his role, he really made you feel like he was a man suffering from PTSD and he made you feel like he lived a thousand lifetimes. Nobody will come close to David's prowess.

2. Smith - Again, he brought that youthful, but elderly weight to him, lots of great energy.

3. Whittaker - Female Tennant, lots of energy, quirkyness, brilliant acting when in dark emotional scenes, i.e Rosa, Sontaran ep, she oozes a perfect mix of Tennant's light and dark sides, with a dash of matt smith.

4. Eccleston, pretty decent portrayl overall. Bit too serious all the time for my liking, he didn't quite manage to balance the PTSD darkside that Tennant brought, with the light.

5. Capaldi, boring, unenergetic, downright laughable gasping acting from this guy, don't know why people larp that he's one of the best. There's a reason the casual audience didn't click with him and it wasn't the writing it was his awful performance too.

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Refer to:

Is it over yet.

Yes and they will use the sonic screwdriver to go ass2ass.


They sound so fucking stupid with their regular British accents lmao

Thread is DEAD. Doctor Who is DEAD.

why are the effects so cheap lookin

Wtf is this cgi, haven't watched in a decade

More close-ups please.


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Shoulda kept going.

Was that meant to be funny?

Those effects are...something.

>these camera angels and quick shots

Imagine the cute yuri kino we could have had

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The Sneed Devils

I should be watching Jesus of Nazareth or something.

What the fuck was that dragonball ass jump this is terrible

>cant make masks have moveable mouths

100% they just sat the camera down and had the guy swing the sword a few times and then said they'd figure it out in post.
If they're making these so-called "Special episodes" so cheaply and poorly then I shudder to think how bad the regular episodes have become.

This editing is ass wtf

alright i hate chibs as much as the next guy but i dont think we should complain about fx in doctor who
editing yes

Jesus, who thought those mouth movements were a good idea?

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My can't thier mouths move

Doesn't exist.

Probably the last time I'll laugh during this crap.

Okay you guys better explain what the fuck this is.
How did they set up a net to catch the Sea Devil, why can't they show the creature next to the actors, why the quick cuts, why are the effects worse than in Matt Smith's run, what the fuck

Only people complaining about effects are people that have only seen new who.

Soz about yer dad.

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the editing is awful

I'm just confused considering series 11,12 and 13 all looked pretty decent. This seems like it was thrown together in a couple months.

Jodie is the one asking all the questions and the companions are just standing there. This is the show now, isn't it?

They have no money and the production is run by hacks or even bigger hacks than usual.

>let's just leave Dan stranded so we don't have to film as many expensive scenes with John Bishop

even the stream doesnt want to see it

>considering series 11,12 and 13 all looked pretty decent
No they didn't. As someone who has an interest in cinematography, the S11-13 visuals are nauseating. The green screen effects have been good though I agree.

>11,12 and 13 all looked pretty decent.
Not for long

>replaced the GIANT ORANGE captions with shit green ones

Oh yeah the cinematography was and still is pure ass I just meant the CGI/greenscreening was fairly good.

This director does not have the first idea of how to film comedy. Every single punchline has been fucked up so far.

Has anyone else read No Future by Paul Cornell

Chibs is achieved speed beyond our comprehension. If we're making Dragon Ball comparisons, this is like when 2 characters are fighting so fast, they can't even be seen by less experienced fighters.

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Bloody P&O

Anyone know when legend of the sneed devils will be available on amazon prime?


Nicely done.