ITT: scenes that made you say "how did they do it?"

ITT: scenes that made you say "how did they do it?"

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How did they do it?

I remember when i was young this scene made me laugh harder than i had ever laughed. I wish borats actor didnt get political, kind of ruined the fun of it all.

He was already a very political zionist jew running a smear campaign on the Muslim middle east and trying to make America seem antisemitic in general. However it was a very funny

There were already several parts that took jabs at conservative behavior in his first Borat movie so I have no clue what the fuck you're talking about. The entire character is basically there to make fun of the regular american in general

How did they do it though

He was always political though it was still funny. Everything he's done in the last 10 years has been complete unfunny shit though. I can forgive being a funny kike schemer but I can't forgive being an unfunny kike schemer.

He has always been a huge douchebag.

So do jews actually live rent free in your head or is it just an act you people keep up to sound edgy on the internet? Kind of hard to imagine why the regular basement dweller on Yea Forums would dispise jews so much, you surely don't even know any personally

2% of general population. 40% of billionaires. They own 90% of mainstream media. Take that for what you will.

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I mean when he spoke at that AIPAC thing and said anti semetic jokes should be banned. I dont care who he makes fun of, but when he says his people are off limits then hes a faggot

You have got to be new here in order for you to ask that question. Holy shit.

Get back in the oven

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Ah, I see youve never seen the documentary made by a Jew trying to find antisemitism, and being unable to find any.
Here you go, fren

Do you think they got boners during this scene hahahah imagine lol it would be super akward though hahaha

>makes fun of goyim
>goyim makes fun of the chosen tribe

Unironically hope him and his daughter die in a fiery car wreck

Pretty much this. Kikes are tribal scum. Not all of them, but Borat is definitely one of them.

>Dad walks in

So it's basically just jealousy? Maybe try to find a job and move out from your parents place, that way you might find fullfillment in things other than hating on others peoples success.

40% of my company is jewish, am i screwed?



Depends, are you Jewish?

>Sacha Baron Cohen
>Never politcal

Borat is less the product of a jew thing and more of an anglocuck thing. Anglogermcucks seethe over Romanians because Romanians literally buttfucked them and used their corpses as roadside ornaments.

It's not just a biiiit suspicious? I don't need a billion dollars to feel satisfied in my life, but any group of people who have that much power should be carefully watched.

>didn't get political
Sasha has always been a slimy zionist.

Speaking of mockumentaries like Borat, what happened to mockumentaries?
I've been waiting for good mockumentaries of shitty modern documentary styles in the vein of VICE for decades and nobody is doing them.
Then again, VICE kinda does it to themselves nowadays with their own content.

>I wish borats actor didnt get political
He didn't "get" political. You just grew up to become a retarded chud.

Sure, if it gets you off then watch, we don't judge in here. But don't expect to get taken seriously in the real world with any of this

mockumentaries are really hard to write and the few that have come out basically perfected the genre (spinal tap, best in show, borat), and it finally concluded with portlandia and there was basically no where else to take the genre.

it's a pretty limited genre honestly, there's only a few jokes you can tell.
>look this guy is stupid but doesn't know!
>look at how awkward this scene is!
>oh my gosh a social faux pas how hilarious!

Ok Sandu Ciorba

It's not their fault that white people aren't as smart and business-savvy as them. Or would you like some affirmative action to go with your tears?

Jew-hating right-wingers as such fucking hypocrites.

>I remember when i was young this scene made me laugh harder than i had ever laughed. I wish borats actor didnt get political

You do realize Cohen did THIS specific scene because he was seething about BDSM fetish and muh violence against womyn, don't you?

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That genre has been milked to death (especially on TV with shows like The Office and Parks and Rec). People lost interest I guess?
Hollywood doesn't make comedies in general. Judd Apatow killed the genre.

Why do you hate white people? Is it because they are superior to you in every way imaginable?

>Is it because they are superior to you in every way imaginable?
I mean clearly that's not the case, otherwise "white people" wouldn't get so hilariously triggered by jews owning everything of relevance in this world

>He didn't "get" political. You just grew up to become a retarded chud.

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It's funny to see how you use said superiority to rant about the bergs and the steins on a chinese image board.

There really needs to be one that mocks the shots, framing, music, sound effects and other effects though. Like there is blatant low hanging fruit there.
Especially the arrogance of many doco journos. Vice is actually better than a lot of crap out there, but even they need someone to slap their shit.
Documentaries are becoming boring because nobody is doing this enough.

I think MDE and some youtubers did tries, but they could have gone all in with it. Make it so the audience couldn't tell if it was serious or not.
Borat and other mokumentaries are a little too on the nose. I like the ones that make you really wonder if it's an actual doco or mockery.
You could even push it well beyond reality like a supernatural horror film, just to fuck with people. No one does it.

There's low fruit that no one is picking right now.

Same. This was the funniest movie I ever watched by a mile and it's sad that I have to distance myself from it now that I know the kikery involved in making it.

Youre fucking retarded dude, like jesus christ this is the fucking tv board and you didnt know cohen was always political? I bet you dont even know who ali g is you fucking dumbass zoomer.

>ignore the men behind the curtain
Zionist shill

Jews arent white?

he's a fucking hypocrite. he's made his career off making jokes at the expense of gay, muslim, french and working class people. his movies have helped cause hate and violence against minority groups but i guess as soon as this shit is turned on him it should be illegal.

He was political as fuck in Borat, you were just too young to understand it

It must be hard to live life with crippling paranoia

>if you are suspicious of nepotism, cronyism, disproportionate representation and influence, and censorship of criticism, you are a jobless loser
Just stop posting you completely retarded faggot.

>a bunch of fraternity meatheads driving around the country in their own RV

Lmao I wonder which term brought in the JIDF, or if they're just at the ready to blow up Borat threads 24/7.

>zomg do you really think about Jews 24/7?
>yeah they DO own all media, haha ur jealous
These threads really fill up quick with that petty shit and even the most pathetic trolls have better uses of their time. Sounds like a job for the jannies of the internet, JIDF

every ethnic group in the world has a built in desire to look out for their own. Jews are winning hard on that front. Noticing that which is barely even hidden is not paranoia.

>everyone in the world is actually racist, its natural
>wtf this is white genocide!
Make up your fucking mind.

It needs to be like a proper subversive thing though, because doco styles are not really lampooned nowadays.
It should be done in a way where the effects are basically 100% accurate of modern "cutting edge" (more like 10 year old) documentaries.

I'd like to see one that doesn't even show the interviewer. It just focuses on the interviewee and frames it really strangely to the point where it looks actually legit. I want something that really fucks with my senses like that.

Why am I thinking "Malignant" that recently came out? That had horror shooting that was typical Wan perfection (like in SAW or The Conjuring), but the whole thing was fucking ridiculous, like he was mocking a style he sort of started in the 00s. Like that but with documentaries. A ridiculous premise, but shot to absolute perfection.
People would be totally unaware if it was portrayed in a legit doco, like how "Malignant" was marketed as a typical modern horror thing.

masterful bait

Why would those be mutually exclusive?
>Everyone in the world is violent
>Ow, that hurt!

False dichotomy my semitic friend. It makes perfect sense that jews, being a small group with disproportionate power, would use media to obfuscate their acts while demonizing others from aggregating power in the same way they have.

>every ethnic group in the world has a built in desire to look out for their own. Jews are winning hard on that front.
I mean sure, if you ignore how often and hard they were fucked in human history then you surely could see it that way

Look, there's another one!

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Can you cope please?

>tribalism is justified
>how dare you replace me
Sounds like immigrants are just taking care of their own.

>it makes perfect sense for me to be a hypocrite cuck
I guess.

I don't have to ignore it. I can agree to every story you tell me of jews being marginalized and oppressed, it doesn't change that their small population possesses vast influence over media, education, and government. China is a world power right now on the ascent, nobody pretends otherwise just because they were held down and fucked by each other and various invaders for millennia.

How has the evil Berg influenced your life personally? I mean he must have touched you somewhere real special seeing how hard and passionately you voam at the mouth

It's understandable and expected, but right now whites are conditioned to not look after their own group. You agree then that they should do so, right?

>WW2 was almost 60 years ago
Much holocaust still works for now, but it won't last forever. Eventually people will realize they've been doing

I finally found it, the most retarded post this board has ever seen. hard to believe a human being, let alone an adult one, has written this. congrats, user

When's the last time you went hungry for more than 30 minutes?

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So if I agree that tribalism is justified and might makes right and you admit people are being replaced, are those people not justified in taking whatever actions ensure they're not replaced?

I agree that holding that the view that tribalism is justified while crying about being displaced is a massive cope.

They just crashed a helicopter. It's not very difficult.

Sasha is the the most entertaining spy to ever have lived. Prove me wrong.

One is a country and the others are individuals you for some indoctrinated reason perceive as a secret society. It's merely in your head therefore I rightfully call it paranoia

>So if I agree that tribalism is justified and might makes right
Then you really shouldn't have a problem with a more capable people being able to displace your own. You'd have respect for them.

>I remember when i was young this scene made me laugh harder than i had ever laughed. I wish borats actor didnt get political, kind of ruined the fun of it all.

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Goalposts, my abrahamic ally. An irrelevant attempt to distract from the undeniable fact that jews hold disproportionate power in the west to a far greater degree than any other group. They acknowledge the importance of tribalism, they're on top of the game, and they discourage other groups from using their tactics. I don't hate them for this, it's in their nature, but it has rendered us enemies.

>WW2 was almost 60 years ago
Not that I'd expect historic accuracy from a neo-nazi but that's kind of a big dum dum

Everything he does is political and pro-jewish. His father was the B'nai B'rith UK President and Hillel Director.

Borta: Makes whites look like fools. Portrays anti-semites (Borta) to be backwards and stupid.

Bruno: Makes Europeans appear effeminate, homosexual, weak, and depraved.

The Dictator: Muslims bad.

The Brothers Grimsby: English are dumb, low-class football hooligans

Who Is America?: Whites bad.

The Spy: Portrays Eli Cohen who was a spy for the Mossad

The Trial of the Chicago 7: Portrays Abbie Hoffman, a communist jew.

>refuses to answer a simple question
Needless to say, you've never struggled in your entire life.

>one is a country
Chinese expats all over the world support China over their host nations, because like jews, China is more than a country because it possesses an actual Nation.

>I wish borats actor didnt get political

Then why do whites trigger you so much?

You're missing the point. Whites were nice enough to treat jews as equals. Jews are nepotistic as hell and prioritize their own. Jews didn't get to where they are by merit. Look at jews anytime they actually have to make something themselves: Israel is shit. Jews are parasites, and whites only suffer for their generosity.

You're dodging here. If your previous posts have any substance, you have to believe that either all parties are justified in tribalism or none are.
The problem right now is that people can't decide if tribalism is universally good or bad. White people are trying to detribalize themselves, allowing other more tribal people to take advantage of them. Would you agree that white people ought to be more tribal or that other people ought to stop being tribal?

Yeah kinda blew that one, you win this round Schlomo

The mask slips. If a people are being replaced, they're justified in taking any action to stop it. I do agree that if they don't act and let it happen, half the blame is their own.

Was this faggot always a literal mossad agent?

>you have to believe that either all parties are justified in tribalism or none are
One of them has to lose, but I don't think you've reached that ideological bump just yet, which is why you refuse to see yourself as the loser.

There is still not a single Jew that could refute this

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my nigger, Sacha is a Mossad agent, everything he does is Israel state propaganda

Let's go with that. Your point?

They don't, I'm a fucking german so I'm pretty sure I'm whiter than whatever creatura you are. If I'm triggered by anything in this thread it's the delusion of the regular conservative conspiracy theorist. It has just gotten so old by this point, it's like watching a comedian to the same skit over and over again

>If a people are being replaced, they're justified in taking any action to stop it
What if you keep losing?

You do know you can very easily google these things and be wrong right?

"A study done by the nonpartisan wealth research firm New World Wealth found that 56.2% of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world were Christians, while 6.5% were Muslims, 3.9% were Hindu, and 1.7% were Jewish; 31.7% were identified as adherents of "other" religions or "not religious".

Kind like how whites literally killed their own to free black slaves, and yet they still resent us. Clearly it wasn't worth saving blacks from slavery or jews from WWII.

>I remember when i was young this scene made me laugh harder than i had ever laughed. I wish borats actor didnt get political, kind of ruined the fun of it all.

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>One of them has to lose
That's not the argument. Do you believe everyone has the right to fight to begin with?

Tons of pathetic shills in this thread
Jidf is losing the plot hard, they've been trying hard for over 6 years and people are only getting more aware
Get a grip faggots

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You're trying too hard to be seen as oppressed. The biggest hurdle you'll face today is the slider on the captcha box. That's my point.

You sound exactly like a nigger complaining about whitey. You are a nigger. Seethe and cope, you mentally ill incel.

Notice how when called out, the Jew shrieks and changes to more desperate tactics i.e.: suggesting antisemitism will cause a lack of sex life, or in anonymous settings such as this very thread they will throw out racist or sexist or otherwise offensive terms that they usually cancel people for in mainstream media in order to try to blend in more.

The key phrase of the day is: goalpost moving.
>omg jews live rent free in your head they don't control anything
>ok fine jews control an awful lot but they do great things and your just jealous
>ok fine fine Jews do awful things with that power but c'mon which white people are without sin right fellow whites?
All of this circus is a strategy to bury some original off brand comment that they can't suffer to let others read. Unchecked knowledge is too risky!

Isn't it Funny how the discourse went from "Jews being over represented in positions of power is anti semitic conspiracy" to "Jews deserve to be over represented in power because of their work ethic"?

Who cares. Fuck jews. Fuck you too. Blow me.

How exactly are you suffering then? Do they tax your favorite cheetos exceptionally high or what keeps you up at night?

If you're German that means you've been brainwashed your entire life and you aren't even allow free inquiry. You're like a christcuck getting mad at the notion that god might not be real. Your ancestors were right about jews.

>I wish borats actor didnt get political, kind of ruined the fun of it all.

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>Do you believe everyone has the right to fight to begin with?
Sure, but even peewee football is stopped once the score goes into the hundreds. It's clear your personal brand of tribalism lost.

He said billionaires and judging by his population stats was talking about the United States specifically

>Jews arent white?
Jews are only 'white' in the US. It's how they massage the demographic figures so to still appear as country with a white majority.

He is suffering because liberalism is a mental illness that has spread among his people. I feel for him and you too because you suffer from it.

Yeah, this sums up the degeneracy of the """"white"""" conservative pretty well I guess. No wonder Schlomo keeps on winning, you guys should be happy they don't keep you in farms like cattle.

They destroy white society and extract our resources, like a parasite. America would still be a white country for white interests if not for the poison of jews.

Or do you like the idea of subsidizing your own displacement you brainwashed bugman?