God i hope so

god i hope so

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It won't happen because Russia is a failed state. Ukraine will win.

Surely there is a source for this one too op. Oh there isn’t. Guess i just have to take your word then.

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this is the gayest "war" i've ever lived through

It was fun shitposting with you guys.

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why is zelensky doing this shit. most world governments are supporting him but he's doing this gay end of the world act for attention. russia isn't actually retarded enough to send out nukes so why is he fear mongering?

The propaganda is so fucking fake and gay and cringe. At least back then they got cool hand drawn art and caricatures

Why am I unironically siding with Russia during all this? Somehow, it feels more "right" to be on their side than Ukraine's.

Russia should just bomb their cities with normal bombs until they surrender.

Because he's a filthy kike. I wish Putin would behead him in front of the world.

because you're a braindead contrarian

cope anglogermcucks

Because everyone was saying "Surely Russia is just making empty threats and won't actually invade", and then they invaded. Now it's "Surely Russia is just making empty threats and won't actually launch a nuclear strike." and people are justifiably afraid they'll cross that line, too. The leadership in Moscow is obviously ran by megalomaniacs who won't stop at anything to realize their imperialist ambitions.

if their nukes have the same performance as the rest of their army i don't think we have too much to worry about

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That's what they've been doing so far.

That's what they are trying to do, its not working and they are running out of bombs

i heard the argument that killing putin wouldn't fix all this because it never worked with other dictators... but now that nuke threats are on the table idk, actually killing him makes me think russians higher ups would say "world, you know waht, lets just call this whole thing off. lets us regroup and figure out whats next for russia. sorry for the invasion.".

Mong he's just saying it can't be ruled out. No one thought putin would actually invade

Why would they launch a nuclear strike?

To force the Ukrainian government to surrender.

Reminder that putin travels with a thyroid cancer doctor and is capable of anything because he knows his time is up

When did russia threaten to launch nukes?

Holy shit EIGHT towns?!?!?!??!

There would be no-one left to surrender you dumb retard

>want to invade ukraine for reasons
>nuke it so it becomes uninhabitable

What's Poutini's endgame?

Who is threatening to use nukes?

they are

because you're a spastic


Yeah, I'm sure it works exactly like that bro. More likely that there is no plan to use nukes at all and this is just propaganda that you're falling for because you're stupid. Nuclear war isn't going to happen.

I'm just surprised theres no footage of firefights, like at all.

When Biden started saying "America℠...America℠ uh...uh...article 5 unionized NATO, sacred duty to begin WWIII". But Putin would only launch nuclear strikes if it's a full USA plus european satellites war, not against a bunch nazi slavs.

Russia isn't morally capable of doing that.

The Kremlins chief ideologue and the architect of their imperialist ambitions is Aleksandr Dugin and he has more followers in the Russian government, military and intelligence apparatus than just Putin. I'm not sure if there are enough moderates left to negotiate peace, even if Putin and Dugin themselves were out of the picture.

there's loads

5 or 6 nukes would literally vaporize every single ukranian, stop being american.

Like all imperialists, his endgame is maintaining his waning power. Power hungry megalomaniacs use fearmongering to consolidate power. Nuking Ukraine would be a huge source of fear.

That wouldn't happen though. It would start a global nuclear war. You're fucking delusional and a victim of propaganda.
>source: NATO aligned western media
I love how pro-Russia and pro-Ukraine morons both believe whatever propaganda either side spews unquestioningly. You have no fucking clue what Russias munitions stockpiles look like, you fucking clown.

I hate the retards on this site

A lot of things Putin has said have been veiled nuclear threats. I'm not sure if he's gone so far as to directly refer to them by name however, the politicians all around the world have been being very careful about their words to avoid escalation. That's why several things said by Biden have been almost immediately walked back by his handlers.

>nuke it so it becomes uninhabitable
better than have an american puppet president installing missiles and pointing directly at you in your own frontier

It's literally FBI.

Anybody that wasn't a braindead retard knew Russia was going to invade. If you actually thought for a moment that they weren't you don't know or understand enough to be commenting on it in the first place.

Putin doesn't have the tits for it.

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the US would just lauch their nukes from poland lol

>main philosophy of Dugin is creating a united Eurasia

I told yall about them genghismutts. They are Asians that want to break up the strong Eurafrican alliance in their favor.

ah yes the "nato was going to attack us" retard larp

Nobody said that they wouldn't invade. What people originally thought is that Ukraine would go down easily, but it turns out Russia's army is shit.

>That wouldn't happen though. It would start a global nuclear war.

Don't know. If the Russians get desperate enough they might just take their chances and assume that other nuclear powers won't retaliate over a nuclear attack on a non-NATO country.


Jesus Christ can we please have one summer where nothing bad happened and we can all just enjoy the nice weather? Is that too much to ask for?

Typical american projection.

Reminder that this faggot
Shills tulsa massacre conspiracy theories and talks to himself on watchmen threads pretending to discuss the show with other anons when it's just him spamming the same links and pictures over and over again

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sup schizo tranny defender

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>If the Russians get desperate enough they might just take their chances and assume that other nuclear powers won't retaliate over a nuclear attack on a non-NATO country.
Putin literally rewrote their nuclear doctrine before he came to power, now their doctrine is basically
>if we use nukes other countries will back off because they're scared!
I really, really hope Putin isn't stupid enough to believe this, but I also hoped he wouldn't be stupid enough to invade and now look where we are. If Putin uses a nuke it's WWIII and we'll all be dead, game over man.

Haha worldwide nuclear holocaust means I could die and wouldn't have to lose my virginity.
Incelbros win again.

why the Ukrainian president didn't declared the region neutral from the start?
Why baiting and flirting with the idea joining the NATO, vilifying and provoking russia to attack?
they made their bed.

Wait...wait are there redditor retards on this board that think stands a chance against Russia if Putin decides to go all in??
BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH the delusion is unreal

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this guy is a fucking liar

Is this what the FBI does now? Lurk 4chen.

why do you talk to yourself on watchmen threads and pretend you're discussing the show with other anons?
Also why are you poisoning the waters? is this your new tactic leftypol?

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no, russia was not provoked

>nazi slavs
That is all crap, they are a fake group which exists to destabilise a region. They could be either Russian or Ukrainian but their goal is to start war. Look at Operation Gladio.

Why the fuck would Russia tell everybody they're planning to invade in the first place. I don't see why that's surprising at all they lied, obviously you don't tell you opponent you plans

>h-hey russia wont invade guys
>russia invades
>commits war crime after war crime

>h-hey russia won't use nukes guys
how fucking retarded can you be?

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What's the deal with vatniks?

and a faggot too, he forced 18 year olds to stay and fight for a country he forcefully took over, shut down media channels and other politicians going against him, imagine getting your head blown off by some vatnik so this faggot can his faggy ass on a chair in Tel aviv, ukraine shills are braindamaged retards

>russia was not provoked
keep telling yourself that.
Ukranians wanted this war, they've been asking for it for years

Yeah, I'm FBI. Ur under arrest for cunny posting, a van will be at your door in ten minutes.

Had a random dream about nukes going off a few weeks ago, was scary as fuck. Windows exploding like a minute after the blasts, getting the fuck out of the city etc.


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remind me how many independent media channels exist in russia

An ever encroaching aggressive military alliance formed specifically to counter you country counts as a provacation