Is Charlize a good actress

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Charlize family had a hand in the downfall of south Africa didn't they.

Gotta break those bucks early.

daily reminder that single parents should be ashamed of themselves, especially single mothers

lil gay nigha

Why would anyone give a shit?

Gaslighting kids should be punished with death.

That's fucked up

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at least she hasn't shot it yet

>That's fucked up
>...the kid isn't wearing enough rouge...

buckbros... our own white mammies be breakin us now... sheeeeeit.

Too bad bigot prebubescent boys dressed like strippers is the future, you're on the wrong side of history Nazi!

When I was young I got curious and tried my sister's clothes on. My mother caught me and gave out to me, and the phase soon ended. I didn't want to be a woman then, and I don't now. I was just a dumb kid doing dumb kid stuff. What the actual fuck is wrong with people who enable tranny freaks?

Females are pure evil.

It really is a shame that an Aryan goddess like her hasn't had any children. In my imagined world, women like her would have 10 kids and donate the rest of her eggs to be implanted in non-white women. She's only like that level of SJW craziness because of Jewllywood, in a sane world she would reject that crap.

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Her name is like a weird combo of Charlie and the word realize

buck status:

bitch got away with killing her father yet people care about some trannies

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i knew i smelled bussy juice

This is child abuse.

No wonder she can't find a man

I think it's normal for a young kid to think that putting on girls' clothes will make him look like a girl so he can jerk off. But when you look in the mirror the delusion should be quickly shattered, and shame should follow because you look ridiculous, squeezing a man's body into female clothes. It doesn't work. The amount of mental illness it takes to look at yourself in the mirror and, rather than immediately taking it off, GOING OUTSIDE like that and being seen by others, and trying to force them to call you a woman, is frightening. And the fact that society enables these lunatics is sickening.

Show me that boochie cat

It's ok, she is sterilizing the blacks with extra steps.

Based hollywood buckbreakers. Gotta keep the bucks in their place.

Did Jackson have a choice in this?

I warned y'all about mayo devils
I told y'all

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Dat bussy getting ripe fr fr

she broke baby sneed


if pedos are the good guys now, i rather be a nazi.

Kids say and do retarded shit all the time. So why would you encourage something this retarded?

What is up with actresses buck breaking their adopted African children? It's fucking wild.

never was
she was supposedly eye candy
now she's just hollywood cancer


>be Lil Nas X
>be gay as fuck
>Tariq thinks it's all a ploy made by wypepo
He's literally more schizo than any other conspiracy theorist. Muh white people are his "muh Jews"

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It's becoming increasingly apparent that this psycho whore murdered her innocent father for fun and her mother cooked up the whole 'he was abusive and i killed him in self defence' shit to get away with it.

Because owning an African child hasn't been "vogue" for years. In fact, it's a little embarrassing. How are you supposed to live with this novelty pet you bought while chasing a fad?

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how many kids of angelina suddenly became trannies?

>Implying Tariq Nasheed isn't based as fuck for being forthright with his biases and calling out hypocrisies where he can
I have significantly more respect for Tariq Nasheed than any limp-wristed liberal caterwauling about a "lack of diversity."

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Same. I generally tend to like black racists more than White liberal diversity-obsessed hypocritical fuckheads.

What the hell happened to her

It's hysterical how he's blaming white people for his own black people being degenerate retards.

for someone who hates white people so much he sure is obsessed with them. why don't these people go live in africa or something?

Tranette no passto

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because he's whats known as a "bed wench". he only sleeps with white men.

she hates men cause her mother was a stupid whore and her father was a dumb asshole

Great question, Hansdeep Nigelwong. Why don’t such people go back to their ancestral lands?

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Based af


yeah, ""white"" music execs

anybody have the image of all the female celebs with trans kids. surely it's just a coincidence

they should. theres no whites, gays, women are beaten and forced into arranged marriages, and with american education and money they could probably buy a castle over there. so why won't they? it would fix all of their issues

>Here's that shockingly single actress I was tellin' you about.

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white women are evil and satanic

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Can’t wait for these kids to grow up and murder these idiots for letting them do this.

>swede wishes he was brown

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