Why does the existence of Christians bother you so much?

Why does the existence of Christians bother you so much?

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Make sure you study for it

Because they impose themselves on me at every turn.


Can't post images on an image board?

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I'm jewish

Ok. I can't make threads.


Literally the last 1000+ years of human history, you fucking retard

They make me live in a western society where I can't have anyone thrown in jail or lynch them for doing something that offends me

Tetrodotoxin thread

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I'm more bothered by frogposters TB h

t. Dracula.

They don't. I'm something of a christian myself. Its also needed in western society. Boomers abandoned christianity and everything went to crap.

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>zoomer tradlarp christian

this is america today lmao

How have they imposed themselves on you?

>anybody who has faith is a zoomer or a larper
Reminder atheists are higher in autism. I'm a millennial and not even catholic

It's a mental illness. He probably sees Nazis everywhere as well. I dare to say that he's a kike

Nigga you don't bother me. You're the one that made the thread. You just have a massive victim complex and nobody cares lol.

protestants are not christians, they're zionist pets

Friendly reminder the biggest genocides of the last century were all atheist


The catholic church is super corrupt as is the orthodox. Protestant churches as well. Its not the time to squabble over sects. Christendom is at attack on all sides.

>"bless you"

>wake up in the hospital
>"thank god you're okay."

Atheists impose themselves in my life far more than Christians ever have.

Orthodoxy doesn’t centralize itself around churches

Because their bigotry puts LGBTQ+ folks at risk. They just can't help but be evil, because their outdated book and their sky daddy tells them.

You understand what I mean. I've seen orthodox priests saying we need more immigrants.

The projection here is cringe. Religious nuts like you literally created the thread feeling offended.

Oh, well if we agree to civility and respect then God bless :)

No, I don’t because it doesn’t make sense. You are clearly a retarded person and most likely American.

Goes both ways

>something bad happens
>"uhhh you can't blame God for this because...uh....well you just can't! "If God real why bad thing happen?" "

>something good happens
>"See? This just proves how amazing God is!"

The thread is bait and you're the one getting angry.

I’m not angry I’m laughing at you

Who are you talking to? This board is full of Christian larpers.

>Hey atheists, if god isn't real why are you so mad at him LMAO
>Hey man, if the accusation of rape is fake why are you so mad? LMAO

>I’m not angry I’m laughing at you

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Oh shut up, you posturing ninny. Orthodoxy has the same ability to become corrupted just as the catholics and protestant churches have. All institutions to degrees have been corrupted by babel. Stop posturing, its not the time for it.

Sounds like you’re mad

>comparing discussing god to accusations of rape
You can't be real.

Nah you're the one that sounds booty blasted

>they impose on ME
>for the last 1000+ years

>Sounds like you’re mad
>Religious nuts like you
>Because their bigotry puts LGBTQ+ folks at risk. They just can't help but be evil, because their outdated book and their sky daddy tells them.

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It makes the demon possessed people feel better if they can downplay your belief.

How did a middle eastern religion take over all of europe?

Orthodoxy is not a centralized institution that’s the thing you American brainlet. Orthodoxy literally has this principle called hesychasm which means to pray/worship on your own in private and to keep your spirituality inward and to yourself. It’s literally just basically following Jesus’ teachings without any of the instructional larping so any individual can practice orthodoxy and not need a church or to be a member of some club. You have no understanding of what faith is even supposed to look like.

I just hate you christians. I hate you and your goddamn god pervading everywhere. It doesn't mean I worship satan but I can't bear your self repetitive platitudes

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poltard "christian" detected

Tell me all about how worshipping the Jewish tribal god and his Jewish incarnated son is based and redpilled.

It makes perfect sense. The beliefs are under attack hy faulty interpretations. Being pedantic is of no use to anyone

*institutional larping

I don't even think hes possessed, hes just retarded.

So do props and catholics retard. Faith is always supposed to be a private thing. This doesn't mean that those with more authority can't spread a poor message. Youre too concerned with appearing smart and knowledgeable you've forgotten to be wise

No it doesn’t. You’re just an American who is also uneducated

Cause they brought their shitty religion here, old school beliefs were much cooler. Christians are also insuffetable moralfags even though most of them are pedos

Catholics give infallibility to a pope and a church. Not even gonna bother with criticizing Protestantism because it’s just wannabe orthodoxy with retarded larps

>proving my point
Lole demons can't help themselves they have a compulsion to respond
I am a Canadian who spent 4 years in university studying religion. There are absolutely figurehead in orthodoxy and they can absolutely spread a poor message. It's not like catholicism where you are compelled to adopt it, but it's influence is still there. Feel free to quote some orthodox literature proving me wrong though

>something bad happens
>blame god and become an atheist
Many such cases.

There’s no figurehead in orthodoxy. Sorry.

it's an accurate representation of what discussing about god with a Christian is like.

I'm not stupid you faggot. Churches in orthodox communities still exist. Churches can still be corrupted, people still follow the advice and directions of the priest they see regulalrly. If they can become corrupted, so can their flock. I'm protestant and protestants do not have the same levels of centralization of catholics, and the same logic applies to most prot groups. That doesn't mean tons of prot churches aren't corrupt.

gay atheist right?

Churches aren’t a part of orthodox teaching sorry

>what is the ecumenical patriarch
Why are you talking about things you don't understand. Again, orthodox aren't compelled to follow his word but his word definitely holds weight and carries influence.

> orthodox aren't compelled to follow
You answered your own question dummy. Whatever centralized institution you believe exists in orthodoxy doesnt actually exist. It is a larp that isn’t orthodoxy


I have never once said it's centralized. You just aren't as smart as you think and are having trouble with incredibly basic concepts. It's okay ^.^

You do know that’s not referring to an actual singe church right? You do also know churches are not needed in orthodoxy right?

Not really. Just Christian larpers. Whole site is filled with them. Especially Americans, who think their extremely diluted versions of Christianity mean anything.

:-| what is church user

Discussing God with a Christian is fun, mind-expanding, and spiritually nourishing.

Discussing God with an atheist always devolves into insults and ad hominems.

because christians are the only religious group leftoid faggots are allowed to hate and Yea Forums is little r*ddit now. the ack! poster is the only thing keeping this board afloat

A larpclub for the insecure, needy, and esoterically challenegd. The only use churches ever had was serving as hospitals and shelters, but you can actually build hospitals and shelters instead.