Is his Norwood going to affect his career?

Is his Norwood going to affect his career?

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I think his poor acting is going to be a greater barrier, he could've aged into buffer Jude Law type roles if he could actually act.

he is almost 40 so he will probably just get a transplant, also he is probably on finasteride

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why are modern men such effeminate little girls that obsess over hairlines, balding, jaw, chin, etc.

No, all actors use wigs.

>hairlines, balding, jaw, chin

men have always cared about beauty and looks, its nothing new. You just fell for the fake tough guy who doesent care about anything role

hey Yea Forums look who I met!

no they didn't. you are mentally a woman.

>no they didn't.

men are a trophy sex, we present ourselves for women because they are sexual selectors. Having beauty helps and men have always cared about beauty, anything else is cope

Did he have sex with that?

You are most likely browsing too many anglogermcuck sites like Yea Forums and reddit. Anglogermcucks are very effeminate in general and have lots of balding genetics.

whats the problem with finasteride

no, henry only likes when twinks are cute

>whats the problem with finasteride

nothing, so much guys fall for the fearmongering and scared of it

highest rate of balding is greeks, italians, germans, iranians, czech. Balding is a defect it is natural to want to fight it

Yes they did, Julius Caesar was insecure about his balding

I'm NW5 and at some point i wished i used those dht blockers but then again, I'd have to be hooked on some drug for my self fulfillment... Sounds gay so I'm sad but at least I'm myself and it dependant on some drug for life.

If balding is so undesirable and ugly then how come the gene has survived throughout all these millennia?

>be hooked on some drug for my self fulfillment...

lel you make it sound like heroin, you can take it 3 times a week and keep your hair. You dont even notice it and you can get a year supply for 40$. Thats worth it to keep your hair

because before people were having children younger and they didnt know if they would pass off the balding, gene. It still is ugly and gross

What is that thing on the left?

>you can take it 3 times a week and keep your hair.
I rather not. I barely accepted supplements into my life and i get off them for a month every 2 months. Just doesn't feel right to mess with something my body wants to do. It sucks but that's life and aging so better accept it than cope with it since my life/career isn't dependant on me looking like I'm still in my prime.

the fact that so many "men" on here are so worried about balding and height says more about you than the women who claim they all want chad

then again I stopped caring long ago, I suppose most normal men would be annoyed with these things. Personally I think it's foolish to cry you weren't given the genetics you wanted. You're here deal with it.

>You're here deal with it.

and I did deal with it by getting on finasteride and limb lengthen surgery

Look at the legs, that's a biological female

Ugly men and ugly women eventually get together and many of them have kids, it's really that simple.

why aren't you wearing a mask and keeping the social distance, Henry?

Gives you ED.

I see bald men with beautiful women daily. Is hair really that important? For what it's worth I don't think I will go bald before I turn 50

>Gives you ED.

the studies done on it that were 50+ men saying it gave them ED, ive been on it for 2 years and have no side effects

literally just got on it broh, I sussed it and got a script, everyone do they same its a fucking wonderdrug.

i wish he would hold me like that bros...

I shaved my head bald when I was in highschool and mad girls were hitting on me.

Keep in mind most people who care about hair are insecure men and women, and by women I mean vapid whores who think they have a semblance of pussy power by saying ">when his height starts with 5"

good job friend!

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You will soon enough, it also give you penile shrinkage.
Better to hop to a topical before it's too late.

The invention of the hat killed the gene pool.

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>You will soon enough, it also give you penile shrinkage.


He's more or less had the same hairline for years now.

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bro my head is not shaped for baldness count yourself lucky.

The Romans use the make fun of balding people. Men have been insecure of balding for fucking ever.

Is this a Warhammer store or model shop? I wonder what Henry's been painting recently.

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>oh no my hair is falling out because I keep washing it with toxic chemicals arrggghhh
>welp better just take some more chemicals to help it grow back!
When you look at some people and they look normal, but really they're just retarded, that's you guys.

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Weird how balding is prevalent in every country, you forgot to factor that into your retarded hat theory?

In the old testament, God sent bears to murder some kids who made fun of a guy for being bald, I'm not kidding

The real answer is men used to have stronger skulls with more prominent facial features, particularly brow ridge and nose. Hair is inherently feminine, it hides their dainty skull and drapes their face giving it beauty. A man shouldn't need to hide his face or who he is though. So baldness used to look fine on men. That's why

t. greasy fatass

>saying "I'm not kidding" when relaying a Bible story

Based user not falling for the vanity demon

>Hair is inherently feminine
Jesus Christ, the retarded shit you people spout all day.

Native Americans don't go bald.

What a creep, he's raping her!

He does have a point. Dolph Lundgren looks just fine with a shaved head whereas someone like Tom Holland would not look great without hair. Has to do with bone structure.

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That's only one specific Native American tribe, not all Native Americans and they're pretty much all extinct, besides aristocrats wearing hats/wigs for century does not change human genetics worldwide forever.

Holy cope

But it's the same for women; a beautiful woman with a good craniofacial structure will still good with a shaved head whereas an ugly one will not.

Natives are nearly extinct

>That's only one specific Native American tribe
Wrong. Pure natives don't go bald.


Not in the same way. To look good without hair you need robust features.

Genetics is what cause balding no amount of nopoo will help

no such thing you dumb tranny

Cool, now explain to me how nobles in the 1800s wearing hats had such a far reaching impact that men all across the world in 2022 who's ancestors did not wear hats/wigs are now balding.

You just need well-proportioned ones.

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they really need to hook up ciri and geralt in their trash show thats the only way to save it

Came back from the dead on Easter Sunday. Does that make you seethe gaytheist?

That's a different person.