What movies do they like ?

what movies do they like ?

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bottom left looks normal, what'd she do?

My exes all had glasses what the fuck? Im lucky to be alive

Posts here

If only they knew about contact lenses...

stinky feet

Kills small animals and has a bad cause of foot fungus.

Who is the top left girl?

I want lasik doctors killed and I want contact manufacturers tortured.

that's the girl who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop on Jan 6

I remember this fat chick I was banging when I was 17 and my aunt met her and later told me "she has hate in her eyes". Ever since then I've been rather weary of women in the eyes.

This is weird but I believe it too, there's a certain forehead shape.. it's small, sometimes even has fat rolls. Look for it in porn, girls with this forehead shape are all sluts.

Fucking loser insurrectionists lol what the hell was she gonna do with it anyways

sell it to the russians lmao

weak bait

Stalked Chris chan

qrd on bottom right?

she was nasty

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wtf is wrong with reddit

How much of a pussy do you have to be to let a woman kill you? Women are made of glass, a 12 year old male could knock them out.

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I do not like black people

Sorry for insulting your "heroes" lmao

unless of course, she has a gun

umm chud you're allowed to her women, just let hem kill you

Try better next time and you'll get a lot of (you)s

Trump lost

>Look for it in porn, girls with this forehead shape are all sluts.
Give me some examples, which girls?

amerimutts, ladies and gentlemen

physiognomy is real and anyone who denies it is retarded

straight hair + glasses=psycho
ok im learning boys never stick your dick in crazy

straight dark hair, brown eyes, light skin, glasses, relatively high testosterone looking faces

How did the middle get her elbow in the middle left wtf

Seems like this image is saying cute-ish with glasses can be an evil phenotype.

No (you)s for you this time because you got lazy

tfw no crazy sex freak had taken a fancy of you
I would wreck Jody “Three Hole Wonder” Arias

>le SSRI-guzzling face

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I remember people simping over bottom left because she has big tits

Whatever's on the TV in their jail cells.

Tried to get Chris-chan to kill himself. Accidentally got him to admit he was raping his mom.

Jesus Christ I hate Americans

>Smelly feet
Explain please, I know she was involved in sadist shit but the feet keep me interested

I can fix them.

roll for your psycho waifu

I know a good taste of BBC would keep them in place

What did she mean by this?

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Rate her manifesto

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what moobies do they like, social media thread?

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Keep underestimating people and you'll end up death

what a chudette

pretty cringe

>Now I am become Death, the underestimator of people.

Why is she the bad guy again?

1 and 3 are unironically my type.

They all wear glasses wtf

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underrated post plus GET

Only the best kinos before I rape them to death for their crimes against man

Boiled a mouse or something alive desu

this and doctors that do boob reduction

Smash smash pass
Smash smash pass
Pass smash pass

fucking kek

spotted the femcel on bottom right

>both of my exes look like this
>both fucked my life up

I think I have a problem

Whites above the eyes are crazy