HBO Max's CONSTANTINE Casting Call

>CONSTANTINE [Lead Male, 25-20, Black British]: A troubled man whose life is upended when a chance encounter with a young girl pulls him into the dark and treacherous world of the occult.

>AKARA [Female, 10, Cambodian]: A young girl hunted by sinister forces who becomes the emotional heart of Constantine’s journey. SERIES REGULAR. SPEAKS ENGLISH WITH AN ACCENT. THIS ROLE WILL ALSO SPEAK KHMER, SO PLEASE NOTE LEVEL OF FLUENCY.

>PICH [Male, 60+, Cambodian]: Akara’s stoical grandfather. Though he doesn’t look it, he is at times stunningly strong despite his age. POSSIBLE SERIES REGULAR. SPEAKS ENGLISH WITH AN ACCENT. THIS ROLE WILL ALSO SPEAK KHMER, SO PLEASE NOTE LEVEL OF FLUENCY.

"Akara" is most likely Astra Logue.

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Crappy capeshit writing with none of the attractive white people what can go wrong

>[Lead Male, 25-20, Black British

>CONSTANTINE [Lead Male, 25-20, Black British
lol jj abrams is not really fucking around

he really wants to destroy every single franchise

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Bring back Keanu. I'm still waiting for a sequel!

More blackwashing. Just the thing we need. This is going to bomb so hard and whitey will be as usual.

Also no cool monsters/aliens. Anti-me people are incapable of cool monsters/aliens for some reason.

Its all so tiresome.


First for Buckblazer

What’s with obsession blackwashing?

Hollywood likes to look straight at middle-America and make /pol/s argument for them.

"Hey we just got the film rights toa beloved existing IP, what should we—"
>" Race and gender swap all characters and ensure that no one who enjoys the source material enjoys it, we're targeting people who don't like this series."
"But how do we make money?"
>"Make money?"

It gives them social credit with their friends. They don't care about the shows or the company at all, and if they fail, they just blame 'racism' and some other media company hires them.

The big problem is that the people who get hired to make these shows make money regardless. If it was the old studio system, they would take the hit and the network would just cancel the show. But with streamers and cable, they get paid upfront to make the show. So they make whatever show they want, even if they know it won't go over well with the audience.

I'm still not convinced it is entirely performative with the intention of rekindling sales for old IP.
>"Upset about Black Mermaid? Be sure to buy the new commemorative Disney Vault 4k original Little Mermaid box set, only $50 with access to 2 months of Gisney+!"

The problem is I think Disney went a bit too far now. The people that might have appealed to are about five seconds from holding mass rallies burning Disney memorabilia.

>The people that might have appealed to are about five seconds from holding mass rallies burning Disney memorabilia.

Yea Forums truly is delusional.

>black British
Kill. All. Leftcucks.

i will watch this but only because the lead actor is black usually i hate dorky shit that involves heroes

>Female, 10

No, I think you are. Going against a bill with 60+% approval nationwide and offering to give kids genderswap surgery was a bridge too far and it's been tying up the phone lines for days. They're going to get their self-governing status revoked and they're losing millions in lost subscriptions. It doesn't matter if they make millions more, any lost money to a company opens them up to action from the shareholders who have not been happy with Disney for years now.

>You're delusional!
>Of course parents support giving 8 year old top and bottom surgery! How could they not! Only a /pol/tard could have a problem with that!
>Parents love adults talking to their kids about sex!
This is what you people actually believe. lmao.

Oh boy, another show where some disheveled goon has to be a father figure to a precocious scamp
Definitely not fucking tired of this trope

Doesn't really matter if Constantine is black or white. They're not gonna make him the asshole jerk he should be. He's gonna be a lovable roughish hero.

It didn't matter when they did it in 1-in-1000 casting choices. It matters now that they do it in every fucking thing.

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>take character with niche/cult fan following
>remove all familiarity
>show or movie tanks
>blame anything other than your own lack of self-awareness
Reminder the original John Constantine character design was based on Sting


Post him.

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dead in the water before it even starts
they'll never learn

>it's real

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Are they seriously blackwashing the roman emperor Constantine or is it some other Constantine?


>leftypol, reddit and twitter spam Yea Forums with shilling
You forgot this part.


Disney stock has been performing terribly lately. Investors are starting to realize that the company can only produce charmless garbage that only roasties enjoy. Hardly any males can stomach their shit. Only a small demographic has a positive opinion of disney nowadays.

>offering to give kids genderswap surgery
They actually did this?

>Lead Male, 25-20, Black British
But why?

They've tried to make John Constantine work several times now, his best moments are either tied into the thatcher years or a series of his friends being murdered and when you divorce him from that to make him another quip guy with magic powers you lose a key part of his character

I think they believe that it will get us to watch the show just to argue with them. Jokes on them, though, I've been in every Watchmen and Lovecraft country thread, and never seen a single minute of either show.

they hate nature so much they will take any chance to pervert it


Who cares, Constantine is shit anyway

you never picked it up
imagine your luck

I think they're about to get a bunch of hostile work environment lawsuits from any religious people who still work there.

Shame they're not bringing back the actor who played him the previous tv series. Ill probably skip this one

lmao, they truly are obsessed with blacks, its almost never an asian or arab raceswap

To the children of their workers, yes.

they used to be blacks but the racemixing turned them pasty

>he doesn't know The Police
Do zoomers really?

>Black British

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Keanu Reeves is Asian.

>Black British
Seriously? FUCK

Having qt asian girls in movies would make white men happy, and disney is ideologically committed to avoiding that.

What's the problem?


Its racebending bullshit. Constantine is white!

Zatanna should be white then

if we turned every jew into a nigra we'd never hear the end of it

>we wuz kangstantines
who is the audience for this?

>CONSTANTINE [Lead Male, 25-20, Black British
Good luck finding one who can do a Newcastle accent lmao. Even Matt Ryan didn't have it down perfectly but he was close as dammit.

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When they tried to cast Preacher they wanted the lead to be black too. Ended up casting someone white. Wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens here.

> Black British

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