INCOMING KINO IN 3...2...1 more day


You've made your prediction bingo boards, right?

Will we finally get a full episode devoted to Kim's feet?

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I predict Vamanos will make an appearance to help break into Howard’s house

nothing happens and then in the final episode walt and jesse show up and they are like "we need a lawyer" and then executive producer vince gillian show up on screen

the end

I rewatched season 5 and now I am watching the whole shoe from the beginning with my brother. A non-standard viewing order but it's all good, man

I want to see todd come back but the actor is even fatter, I'm talking huel size
but nobody says anything about it and he plays all his scenes like he's still young and fit

if walt and jesse are coming back, WHY the fuck would they spoil it beforehand?????? why ruin that surprise??????? please explain i honestly don't understand this at all.

I would explain, but you are a zoomer so nah

because they hate you and want you to suffer

at least we get to suffer the spoiler collectively

>walt and jesse cameo episode
>jimmy's car gets dirty after a con on howard
>needs to get it cleaned
>goes to the car wash
>sees a meek, nerdy looking middle aged man at the counter
>pays for his car to be washed
>"hold on, sir!"
>jimmy turns around
>"You gave me too much, here's your change!"
>"wow, gee thanks"
>"I thought about keeping it, but then I would be Breaking Bad"
>jimmy and this stranger share a laugh
>"haha yeah, those kinds of people are cancer!"
>suddenly a 40 year old looking teenager with a hairline as high as the empire state building walks in

Jesse Plemons is great. I think most people would be fine with it

They want to boost viewership and subscribers to their streaming service. Also somebody spilled the beans on Twitter in a way that it pretty much couldn’t be denied. Still, though. It fucking sucks that they spoiled it.

I think either these two possibilities:
A) Peter and Vince goofed by spoiling their cameos in that interview so the announcement was made because why not now?
B) It was all intentional to hype up the season

I have this lame ass prediction that either late in Season 6A or early 6B there will be a future episode set before Gus’s death where we see Hank poisoning Brock and Saul hating himself for participating in it.

Or maybe it will just be during season 5 who knows

to get the reddit audience

I believe this

>Hank poisoning Brock

It was ASAC Schrader all along huh

Saul invents ricin poisoning before Walt and uses it on Lalo via poisoned Horchata after fishing with Mike on a hot day

yeah this is believable considering this fits in with that breaking bad line

You’re goddamn right

i predict that season 6 part 2 (the last 6 episodes) will be all breaking bad / Gene timeline

They could play it off that he loses all that weight since it's a prequel, then he puts it all black in El Camino, then loses it again in the Breaking Bad finale. Mad cut and bulk cycles.

That's probably the case. I'm thinking Walt and Jesse make the appearance in the finale of 6A and all of 6B is what happens "behind the scenes" in Breaking Bad.

Jesse does wear a fuck ton of hats throughout the show

yeah i think many people are wrongly assuming that walt/jesse will appear in the bcs timeline. that doesnt really make sense temporally though

I didn't know that so you spoiled me, faggot

Surprise? we've already seen breaking bad, Jesse and Walt are sure things, it's more important the fate of the other characters, it's not a surprise.

Maybe Gene will say fuck this and join his buddy Jesse in Alaska

I can't wait until tomorrow, I NEED BETTER WATCH KINO

Does this show get better after season 2? It's just okay right now.

if you dont like it now you'll never like it. they do get more into the cartel side of things if that's more your speed (which means you have absolutely shit taste)

My head cannon is he was stung by a bee

Season 3 is great and works towards a climax of it's current arc, season 4 is slow and a lot of build up, picks up in its second half.

Season 5 is kino.

No it only gets worse, s1-3 are the good seasons. S4-5 so far are the "you enjoyed s1-3 so you might as well" seasons.

The show gets much better after season 2 but as other user said if you thinks it’s just okay you probably won’t fully enjoy the rest

Didn't watch Better Call Saul for years, wanting to binge it like I did Breaking Bad. Still started too goddamn early. At the start of season 5 now and having to wait soon will be an absolute bitch.

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Season 1-3 is for patricians
Season 4-5 is for redditors that can't watch a minute without explosions or le epic cartel shit.

same, not to that extent, I just rewatched season 5 and fuck I'm so blueballed

Not sure if I'm the minority here but what I enjoy about better call saul the most is just how goddamn comfy it is to watch. I enjoy listening to the characters have natural conversations.

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>filtered by season 4
Every damn time


for me, it's the girl that runs the bingo machine at sandpiper

So far every episode is titled with the format of "something and something." Is the last episode going to be Jimmy and Kim?

Sneed and feed

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad


Has Mike ever met Kim? Iirc the only time Mike sees Kim is with the sniper during lalo’s autism scene in the apartment

How old is Jonathan Banks now, anyways? 87?

This show has and always will be trash. Let's give the quirky side-character lawyer his own origin story! All the returning actors have aged like milk which completely ruins the illusion of a prequel. Most of the new characters are utterly forgettable. The show is a complete nothingburger but it's the closest you fags can get to moar BB so you slurp it up.


nah fuck off i'll take more bob odenkirk any chance i get

>you slurp it up

I can't imagine the level of midwittery to get caught up on actors ages.

>"I thought about keeping it, but then I would be Breaking Bad"
>jimmy and this stranger share a laugh
>"haha yeah, those kinds of people are cancer!"

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This really annoyed me, seeing these old people be used in the flashbacks of this prequel series ruined it. Chuck was the worst offender.

Definitely. Idk if it's my favorite thing about the show but it's something that I really noticed and enjoyed on my rewatch.

how many hours left?

Are you stupid? Season 4 is the slowest season of them all. From what I remember there's literally only one scene with intense action (Salamanca Twins killing everyone in tha gang) but even that was mainly focused on character moments.

More than a day. It's gonna premiere tomorrow night at 9pm ET

I also said cartel shit
The lawyer aspect was the strongest point of the show

5 = 4 > 3 > 1 > 2

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AMC exec here
I predict that in season 6 I’m going to coom whenever Mrs Wexler or Mrs Kettleman show up on screen


I agree that the lawyer aspect was stronger but you have to admit that the cartel shit picks up once Lalo shows up.

Indeed I find Lalo enjoyable, however I still think Jimmy's main conflict with Chuck was far more entertaining and I find that most retards calling the show boring pushed them into leaning more into the Breaking Bad stuff. Which I resent.

Bait or you've never seen it/stopped watching during season 1

>you will never
>as long as you live
>no matter how hard you try
>you will never, ever, EVER, as long as you live, no matter how hard you try, bury your face in Rhea Seehorn's beautiful armpits
I am legitimately contemplating suicide