This is the cutest hapa I've ever seen

this is the cutest hapa I've ever seen
and her tits are beautiful

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Im dating a kind of ugly hapa but her body is rockin

too petite, next

She's a hapa?

Real life FLOOF.

and that's the most important thing

False - pic related is more talented AND cuter...

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Isn’t that a boy though?

everyone goes on about her fast times scene but she went fully nude in skinny dipping, shower and sex scenes in the movie “paradise” in the same year and that gets overlooked for some reason

seething female hands typed this post

gross. do you genuinely think that?

Jew dad + Chinese mom

Nah this is the cutest hapa I've ever seen.

her ex machina scene was next level hot

Might be the worst opinion I've seen posted here this year.

The Fast times scene a lot more iconic, the music is perfect plus every teenage boy can relate to seeing his sister's friend and instantly needing to fap.

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her face is meh

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She's right, though.

Ella Gross is a very cute hapa too

lmao white roastie calling Asian and hapa women manly the irony

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i liked her in Drop Dead Fred
Charles didn't deserve her

Is that Cigar Frog?


who is she

my daughter/concubine

Sure, I'll eat the Bugs.

> He wants to breed with subhuman animals.
Many such cases. It's all that plastic in the food chain. Turns people into faggots.

ok tranny loving faggot

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I have Paradise on DVD somewhere. The guy in it was so fucking annoying.

more of her?


Lol. This spook.

A man of taste, I see.

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Huh, had no idea thought she's just Italian or something vaguely "ethnic", never noticed its Asian

The Mayli combination

And the supreme gentleman admixture

*blocks your path*

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is she one of these three? I can't tell.

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first one obviously

The world needs more cute gook girls and also more Elliot Rogers

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ngl that's pretty impressive

hope those teeth won't ruin her life

more of her? pls

*pushes her out of the way*

Every famously bad hapa, Rodger, Balthazar, Spencer, etc. have a Jewish father as opposed to a white father. Jews are something like 40% more susceptible to schizoaffective disorders so it’s no wonder they make terrible choices.

>Jews are something like 40% more susceptible to schizoaffective disorders
Thats bullshit, they are just studied more

I will now date your race

you are just like your father, who was a liar

What did the Jewish Illuminati mean by making it normal for people to say phrases like "invalidating our heritage" ?

they meant take your meds

Found her

No, her daughter is the cutest hapa ever known

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hapas are nothing but trouble

Some rich white daddy will pay for her braces.

it'll need more than braces i'm afraid
those gaps are like the grand canyon

This kinda face is what ruins men souls

Oh no Phoebe bros ...


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plastic gook face, falls apart after a few hours

is that Woody Harrelson in a wig?

too chinky

for me, it's Daisy Summers

*mogs all other hapas in her path by being apart of an entire race of hapas*

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What's Kristin Kreuk ethnicy background?

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my nigga

Someone is jealous

Paradise is a shitty movie, all it has is the nude scenes and she wasn't famous at that point.


Anymore waisians like her?

the chad stacy vs the virgin ladyboy

They have no heritage by being offspring of dysgenics. While I'd put my dick in them, I'd still laugh at them having any heritage