That just seems like slavery with extra steps

That just seems like slavery with extra steps

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This has been the main criticism of capitalism for YEARS now, that it is just slavery with extra steps. Wagies are treated like shit.
Wake up /pol/sheep, the Bourgeoisie makes us fight like animals while they enjoy the fruit of our toil

Did you take your meds today?

This is how they get you, turning you into tired and fearful NPCs who turn their shoulders on anyone who questions the status-quo.
"They" aren't jews or some bs, there isn't a central authority. It's the system, we're just puppets.

Capitalism is good

The mega giga capitalism we see today is bullshit tho.

>You aren't deeply unhappy with society because of how the parasitic elites set it up to torture and debase you. You're unhappy because you didn't take your meds.
Unfortunately the snowballing effect of reinvesting capital means capitalism mathematically leads to mega giga capitalism.

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>capitalism mathematically leads to mega giga capitalism.
Not really, a well regulated market stops this sort of shit. Pretending like economics is a hard science is stupid. Classically growth rates are supposed to be at 1% max but boomers need to pretend like 8% is normal.

The only reason they find themselves there…. Is because they choose to keep coming back though

Survival is based on doing work you don't want to do. If you are the last living human on earth in the woods, you work all the time to keep yourself alive.

Society is built around organizing that need to work in a way that productively improves the material and technological conditions humans live in. If it's not slavery, fuedalism, indentured servitude, it's wagie work. Someone has to do the work.

The only real flaw is the politically connected who exploit democratic institutions to impose a fictitious financial system that allows them to prosper off of "funny-money" monetary system. It's one where they use exploits in the currency to shore up all the hard assets while the rest fight for the scraps.

1% growth is still exponential and still leads to infinite accumulation.

I would routinely shit my pants right before getting in the elevator.

Daily reminder that this tweet is fake and you are a retard for posting it

>Uh actually that's been debunked!

Reason capitalism is horseshit now if because every investors want growing revenues. The problem is you always reach a certain plateau, like Moore's law for computers. You could be selling your product at a maximum price to every single human being on the planet, and investors would jump off the boat anyway because your revenue growth stagnated.

is because*

lol no.
you can make up for it by printing a lot of extra money and giving it to banks to buy all houses

>imagine going to work and never leaving the office.
>every time you exit the elevator and you think you're going leave the building you just end up on your floor where it's another working day again
>you never get to go home to rest.
>you cannot imagine what it's like to sleep in a bed for 8 hours
>all you know is work
>over and over and over.

I can see why wagecucks relate to this

why does capitalism need conglomerates?

>printing a lot of extra money and giving it to banks to buy all houses

That's closer to socialism, though. The subprime mortgage crisis was partially caused by what I wrote.

but of course it’s so simple

hunter gatherers work a maximum of 4 hours a day in order to survive

And they live in huts shitting in the forest, then die of dysentery at 35.

so you admit it was a stupid comparison to make

Yeah but imagine the other you. You never have to do any work. Your day starts walking out of a building and driving to your comfy mountain home. You never have to go home, carrying the work drama or all the other shit on your back. And so on.

No, it's just you point was a stupid one to make.

so you admit it was a stupid comparison to make

Eco friendly.

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It's honestly not that far of from an actual wagecuck's existence.
Work doesn't begin when you enter the office and end when you leave. It begins when your alarm clock forces you out of bed to "get ready for work", and it ends when you've run all your errands of the day.
Wagies probably work 12 hours total on an average workday, and sleep 8 out of the remaining 12 hours.

These aren't wagies, they're salaried meaning they spend all day pretending to do work

sexy dasher terminal

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You are in only the first stage of sheep wakefulness. If you wake up more you will realize that it not the evil bourgeois that exploits us, we exploit each other's labor. Why? Because we have desires that need to be fulfilled. We work in order to satisfy our desires and others work for us so that we can satisfy our desires. What are those desires? The desire to be free from pain and not be a subject of the whip, the desire for coolness and warmth, the desire to be free from hunger, the desire to love and be loved, the desire for entertainment and leisure and even the desire to be a heroic martyr in the narrative of ourself in our life.

These desires are a consequence of the real bourgeoisie: The two bourgeoisie who collided their genitals together in order to foist those desires upon you, against your will.

>My feelings don't care about your facts!

innie wagies trying to revolt and fuck up the comfy outie neets gig

"Capitalism" is a marxist buzzword describing the natural state of the world. Nobody owes you anything. If you are unhappy with your situation, do something to improve it. There are plenty of systemic problems to be adressed in the West, but what remains of the free market after regulation, excessive taxation and soft socialism isn't one of those problems.

Holy fucking based, imagine waking up as your outie with a pants full of shit starting to run down your leg, and the best part is that your outie has to clean it up before going back down the next day which means that your innie never has to deal with the aftermath. Fucking genius.

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If you are in a western county you can work 0 hours a day and live at a much higher standard than a primitive hunter gatherer.

Except I said 1% max, not 1% exponentially, every year, forever. Plenty of years you will have negative.

Welcome to politics where feelings trump facts 9 times out of 10.

regulation of the market doesnt work, they tried that in soviet union buddy

I agree that life is struggle and demands work, but there is a huge difference between pounding corn and laying strips of venison out to dry in the sun and the current grind.

yeah living in a pod watching youtube on your incelphone is much preferable to having community and a gf /s

And yet we are so fucking miserable.

Innies can't actually do skilled work though can they?

Like you can't have them be an engineer because they do not have the background for it. Which would also make them useless as an employee at another company because even if you trained them to be an engineer then the outie doesn't get any of those benefits.

The whole thing is just an experiment on how to make the most productive working environment right?

Also why the fuck did Helly even get severed? She could had just faked it and went down there for a few photoshoots for a week.

Is the show kino or is it just another nigger worship show where they pretend the show is about something interesting and then they just shove negroes and ''muh racism'' down your face?

This whole show season could’ve been condensed into two or three episodes. There’s way too much filler.

Irving is interesting. He’s the most dedicated “company man” as an innie at first. But his comradely with the others and love for Burt makes him rebel too

He keeps having naps at work which gets him in trouble. He blames it on just being older but I disagree. Similar to how Marks innie kept coming to work with red eyes not knowing outie mark was crying over his wire

When he briefly escapes at the end he searches his apartment, finds a picture of his dad in the military and he has medals himself. He probably has PTSD and can’t sleep well. Which is why he got severance to keep working to begin with,

His outie also has notes on Petey and Burt, showing he was investigating them as his outie. How and why?

Irving keeps having hallucinations and dreams revolving around his painting in the real world, and in the real world he paints pictures of the office hallways he sees. He must be having some bleedover from each memories side.

Also means his outie will actually know Burt already when he is at his front door next season

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>There’s way too much filler.
Seems like 99% of new streaming shows are guilty of this.

sounds better than whatever (((this))) is

they also tried it everywhere else and still continue it today, except the wheels are falling off

The slaves of ancient Rome had more free time than modern western employees, please kill yourself before your brain rot gets worse

>The natural state of the world
look at this dumdum.
You're not entitled to anything? What about the fucking air they pollute? What about the cock sucking plastic and oil they dump in the oceans? You're not entitled to buying a house because some oil barron has bought up every property in your hood?
More regulations against parasitic billionaires, more taxes...
>You're not entitled to a thing
You want everyone to go back to the stone age? Scour for clothes and food and fight each other like tribes?
That's already happening, though.
So who are you? You're the bourgeoisie.

It only doesn’t work when you have neoliberal subhumans letting companies do whatever they want for donation checks. Modern governments are universal failures

Yes goy, ignore the natural world - reject your humanity - eat the bugs and live in your rental pod, you fat kosher swine

My theory on what they’re actually working on via the numbers.

Based mainly on

>it’s implied multiple times the only reason it has to be kept so secret is because it’s horrifying
>Burts department talks about how they’ve made particularly violent objects like hatchets before, but today they’re just making watering cans
>these cards showing some kind of instructions. Seems like violent images

And finally, the Lexington Letters free ebook they released as extra content for the show tells a story about a severed worker in an office like Mark’s who managed to pass notes back and forth between their innie and outie. They noted they finished a macrodata packet at 2:15 pm and the outie saw on the news that two minutes later a truck from a rival company to Lumon exploded

I think Lumon has a bunch of people covertly severed. Essentially to act as spies, terrorists, assassins or whatever they need.

The macrodata is involved in building up the severed innies mind without the usual required time and real world experience the innie office workers take. Instead they seamlessly take over.

In addition all of the people at Ricks book party are clearly severed considering their odd childlike nature. And the town itself is named Keir so it’s some kind of hub for Lumon. An incorporated work town like Hershey in Pennsylvania

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Plentsy of people on social security have girlfriends/wifes. There are plenty of women that are useless pieces of shit too, you just have to lower your standards.

And yes, living with a roof over your head, food readily available and relative security beats being a primitive tribesman, that's why normies allow the elite to fuck them sideways. Their basic needs are met, why take a risk? You are romanticising something that you do not understand.


Nothing is stopping you from fucking off into the woods. But that would require you to leave your mother's basement.

You really have no grasp of how the modern world is ruined and what you said is simply impossible now. Thanks for being a brain slave to people like Elon Musk, you chump

This is your brain on being a soi drinking mindraped faggot tranny.
Capitalism is a jewish buzzword. It doesn't mean anything. People own things and they trade them.
>b-but muh plastics
>b-but muh billionaires
>b-but muh taxes
If you have an issue deal with it instead of whining about some buzzword that a jewish piece of shit fat faggot came up with.
If you don't like plastics go ahead and support outlawing plastics, don't like the way people are making money do something about that. There are real actual problems you could be tackling instead of going ''muh capitalism.'' The concept of people owning and trading what they own will not go away.
No one sat down one day and wrote the capitalist manifesto where they detailed how they will pollute the air and dump plastics in the ocean. Overpopulation and technological progress did that.
Are you insane tranny commies even aware that there are other words you can ever use instead of ''muh capitalism?'' Do you know that words like ''overpopulation'' or ''scam'' or ''pyramid scheme'' exist?
Why does the communist vocabulary consist of two words: capitalism and bourgeoisie.

coping ignorant retard

samefag tranny

>Nothing is stopping you from fucking off into the woods
Yes there is. The government owns that land and you're fucked if you think they're gonna let you live there rent free.

You are not entitled to anything you can not take or create yourself. Nobody owes you a house, a clean ocean or even air to breathe. Adapt or perish. You have chosen the socialist path of banditry backed up by state power because you are a coward and a weakling, unworthy of anything.

>In addition all of the people at Ricks book party are clearly severed considering their odd childlike nature
I think they are just idiots. The type of people that will just eat up anything they consider to be intelligent. I think they were used as alight comic relief but also to show how ignorance is bliss even without severance.

faggot cope
The streets are public property owned by the government yet homeless people live there rent free.
There is nothing stopping you from living in the woods.


no wonder boomers hate the new generation. they built the country after a fucking world war and you fucks cant even hold an office job without complaining to the entire world

technology and capitalism are closely related, technology is craated by capital to serve capital, capitalism is oppressive in nature since who has the most money has the most power and control over you.

you go work in an office with a bunch of niggers and karens for 12 hours a day then see how you like it.

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