Dinosaurs have feathers now


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>dinosaurs have feathers
>mars isn't red

Why is everything becoming lame?

I don't care whether they are feathered or not. Lizard or bird, dinosaurs are cool.

Just wait till their homosexual tendencies are revealed. Trust the science!

dumb frogposter

>find 1 dinosaur with feathers
>OMG it's the missing link between reptiles and birds
>some time passes
>actually all dinosaurs had feathers
>no we didn't find any other than that 1st one

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Whatever you do, don't look up homosexuality in birds.


The Tyrannosaur family tree is one of the ones that have been found with feathers though.

>make dinos realistic to what they could’ve been
>autists bitch because they’re not like the movies
This is what happens when you think with your feelings instead of your dick.

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This looks pretty cool

>The Tyrannosaur family tree
Literal headcanon. Paleontology is a scam.

it a standard pepe, but thanks.


ofc they do, have you never seen a chicken before? damn city slicker.

Wait a minute. How does the T-rex know it's his offspring? Aren't reptiles total retards? He would probably have eaten his own kid, not cuddle it like that. Whoever made this is a hack.

All birds and crocodiles(their closest living relatives) take care of their babies you retard.

Are you sure? I thought crocs eat their own kids sometimes

only when they get bored

Male crocodiles don’t care for the young, the females do the rearing

Would that really surprise you? Homosexuality exists in animals like lions

>analogizing dinosaur behaviour with modern-day crocs
Bit of a fallacy, innit. Next, you'll be saying T-rex lived in swamps.

yeah, cancer too

>He believes dinosaurs are real
Earth is only 6000 years old. Read the Bible. Repent and believe in Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

There are countless Christian scientists who would disagree with you. Let me guess, they're all apostates?

were also the center of the universe and have an extremely strong field around ours that weirdly protects us from everything

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AYO this guy thinking about dinosaurs with his dick

They're cowards who have no faith in their own faith.

There's a few species of crocodile where males also take care of the young.
Keep in mind it's closer in relation to birds than it is crocs, and birds universally take care of their children. Obviously there's no real way to tell, but it's not in any way unlikely.

Science has been a scam for the last 500 years. Why do you need to trust these """scientists""" when you only need to follow the teaching of our Lord Jesus?

don't at me you silly nigger, I just said it was a standard Pepe.


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Read the Bible you globalist faggot

You’re just mad they made dinos more realistic now and can’t accept it. Get over it nostalgiatard

>Read the Bi- ACK

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You ever have dinosaur puss before? Best shit ever.

>birds universally take care of their children
I don't doubt that dinosaurs took care of their young, it's saying "because birds take care of their young" that I have issue with. We'll never know their true behaviours or even what they sounded like.

Inaccurate and misleading art. Jesus was crucifed by the wrists not the palms. The nails would’ve slid off his palms. You’re a bad shitposter.

we are a species with amnesia

The sperging over dinosaurs having feathers is retarded
>grow up watching dinos portrayed as giant lizards all throughout childhood
>learn that some dinos has feathers
>wtf this is bullshit, dinosaurs are no longer cool or scary waahhhh!!!!

I will beat you with a bible as a fellow christcuck, you ever respond to me again, you're toast, kiddo.

>but the noose is fine

I don't normally respond to Christphobes and I can tell by the hatefulness in these posts that you haven't accepted Christ into your hearts

But I'm optimistic today. Read the Bible. Now. Now. Now.

Sorry mate. Here is a more accurate version.

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right, address, FUCKING NOW.

I'd still fuck an anthro dinosaur if they had feathers

It's uncanny how the smallest things will make /pol/cucks fly into a rage, exactly like niggers.

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Are you faggots really adopting SJW nu-speak to try and prolong your dying religion? Sad.

I'm a subject of the Kingdom of God, you can come here but only if you let Him into your heart

I'm leaving the thread

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>italy being invaded by Africans
>jews wonder about and then take land from Palestines
who won?

The suffix -phobe comes from Latin which is the language of God. We're reclaiming it from Satanists.

Why do Christcucks like diddling little children so much?

I see the cuckernings new staff are busy.

>Language of God
>Invented by a bunch of gay pagans

Why do you believe in a desert-religion?


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I take it none of you are actually interested in talking about dinosaurs.

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So cute but also looks like it could kill me if it want to

Atheists are the kiddie diddlers. Its why they try to gaslight themselves and others into believing God doesn't exist so they don't feel guilty about being pedos.

The initial fad of feathered dinos when they were first discovered did get out of hand, artists were giving fully grown Tyrannosaurs full body coats rather than proto-feathers or spines, and were assuming every theropod was a potential feathered boi.
I've got some reservations about the new show related to that. They're showcasing some kind of line of air sacs on the sauropod's neck. I haven't followed trending paleontology that closely, but it seems like the sort of theoretical biology that will get misconstrued as fact and spread around despite not having enough physical evidence to back it up.
I could be completely wrong, but it's just the impression such a radical change in a known dino's appearance brings.

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