Its ANOTHER br*tish period drama

>its ANOTHER br*tish period drama
why do they make so many? is it because they're desperately trying to cling onto a time when they were relevant?

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Have they shoved a nigger character in this yet

already did in a tv show

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My theory is its popular because these shows have fans from both sexes. Men watch the stuff because history is interesting, women watch it because "muh royal love xd"
Same with the Crown. The historic episodes they have(like that London smog episode) is very interesting. Too bad they are only side attraction.

I've never met a man who watches The Crown or Downton Abbey. You're a fag.

Yuck, they just can't help themselves.

And you must be a Mutt.

>they're desperately trying to cling onto a time when they were relevant?

no he's right you're gay

>why do they make so many?
Because amerimutts eat it up

>it's an English royalty period piece with several nigger aristocrats

Actual brit here, only poofs and closeted poofs watch these shows. They are 100% targeted at women and there is nothing wrong with that, there is something wrong with YOU if you decide to watch it how ever.

Foreign people just love them. This series was also popular in the US. Go figure.

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who is making the shows? is it (((them)))?

Get your head examined.

Why are you faggots all about nationalism and traditionalism and then shame every foreign country when they try to engage in these things at all?

Other Brit here. Most of my mates have seen and quite enjoyed The Crown.
But yeah Downton is exclusively for women, in fact I don't think I've met anyone other than women over 40 that have admitted to watching it.

is it???? this feels like a confirmation..

I watched The Crown because I want to FUCK Olivia Colman and no other reason. She is my guilty jerk actress.

Yes obviously

Yea Forums is populated with low IQ schizoids, that's why.

user she's like 85



Because retarded mutts lap them up, duh

Because Americans love watching them and certain British people aren't above whoring out a fake version of our history for amerimutts.

itv is literally peroid drama or crime drama with the same people every fucking time
no wonder no fucker watches tv anymore

I'm glad they are shooting new content.

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Based Colman enjoyer.

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Guy here, watched Downton Abbey on Netflix off my Wii when I had a CRT. Its really good and all the male characters are kinda someone you hope your be plus the bong girls are cute. Agreed that the historical dynamic aspect of servants and Lords kept things interesting. Also there is a new movie? I'm hyped now.

Wolf Hall was the last good costume drama I watched. It's a 10/10.

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Is the dog a lead character

>She didn't do any nudity because she was self conscious
God I wish she had done nudes during the Peep Show era. I'd fuck this Brit bitch.

she did

>No "urban" people
This is why people like them

wolf hall is indeed kino

The new film comes out on the 29th April.

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Based Viggo.

No she didn't. I would have jacked off to her already. Unless you mean that ONE nudist camp movie or whatever that was.

Damn that's real soon. Also I will say Downton Abbey has such good fucking music. I can literally hear the theme and the strings right now.

women will never admit it but they are the sole audience for this drivel and the reason being that despite being full feminist in current day, they long for a time in which a woman was a simple thing and just wish to have man after man after man compete for a chance to court her and make her an honest wife, where all she'll have to look forward to is cooking, cleaning, and occasionally getting choked by a cock (by a man who knows her well enough to not go too hard, and with her consent of course ;])

basically women are mental hypocrites and their power fantasy is basically being a normal woman in an older society.

thats a dog

Was Morgott protecting Godrick?

>not a single brown in the cast photo
I don't even like this shit genre but I might watch just for some escapism from my heavy negro fatigue as of late.

they make money

> Also I will say Downton Abbey has such good fucking music. I can literally hear the theme and the strings right now.

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>I don't even like this shit genre but I might watch just for some escapism from my heavy negro fatigue as of late.
i literally started watching hallmark movies just to get away from all the blacks, gays, trans, and racemixing in mainstream media. even still, some jewish propaganda company has recently started making fake hallmark rip offs with coalburning in them and attaching "hallmark" to all their descriptions so they get listed in the same category as when you're searching for the real ones.

Projection of soft power, shows like this promote uk tourism as advertising and give the world a fondness for British culture.

You're Jewish obsession gets irritating after a while. Get a trip, so I can filter your shit.

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Only one i ever enjoyed was Poldark , that shit was epic.

When they have to ship out his friend in the cove , because he murdered his wife.Kino

Even worse than (them), the BBC

Woah I've seen some of those. I'll check out Macbeth as it's something that keeps getting recommended to me by the algorithms

you're gonna be shocked when you learn it's not just one person who's tired of your shit, chaim. if you want heavily ADL-censored speech perhaps you should fuck off back to r*ddit

I love this, whats the movie called? Just imagine one of those fancy tv-shows about upper class british people, and the love interest is a thuggish black man, all those wet british cunts when watching it.

t. jew. please kys

wasn't the head of all BBC programming a jew for like 8 years. i dont know if he's still in charge, but the nose tribe obviously has a firm grip on their company and content in general.

Too bad you can't really discuss anything on this board, especially stuff that is not from the US.

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Too Many Ways To Be No. 1

It's kino.

And? I'm so glad I got into BBC/ITV shows like 10 years ago. I can't imagine what life would be like only consuming Hollywood/New York garbage. It's how I got into Red Dwarf and Sharpe.

>Unless you mean that movie she spends nude
Why the fuck would you need more than a goddamn nudist movie if you want to fap to her nudes?

Good, good.

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The original dog was, she's got the most time in the intro and everything, but her name was Isis and then when the terrorists started using that name they had to cut back her screentime and then killed her off.

Cus there's literally only one scene with the goods. Plus I like fapping to hit ladies during different times in their career. Like young bronzed Helen Mirren and saggy big nipples Helen in Calendar Girls.

Do you also fantasise about rubbing your frenulum against her gums while she smiles her gummy smile?

Oh yeah this is another I need to check. The pilot was good.

wow literally every single show and movie

Upstairs Downstairs is better than Downton.

lmao it is
when they say have sex or incel or pol it’s a confirmation