Female character is """autistic"""

>female character is """autistic"""

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White girls are so desperate for a personality that they've just decided to pretend to have mental illnesses. I hate white women so much. Like goddamn bitch, just read books or learn to cook if you want to develop some personality.

>wants to dick herpessheboon

I have a 4 year old niece who has been diagnosed with autism. And it kinda shows.

>reeeee only fat incels like me can have autism

>guys im so autistic
>i only have sex once a week

Who is this bitch?

The sad thing about autistic girls or most disabled girls is theyre usually molested by their early teens

so women do have autism after all

I hate women so much it's unironically unreal.

have sex

Have kids.


But white guys do this kind of thing constantly, they're always talking about their depression and anxiety.

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You can be autistic and have all those things user. It's just about how you manage the sensory issues, social differences and hyperarousal that accompany autism.

that's because white men are actually depressed. white women saw white men being depressed and tried to co-opt it, but in typical female fashion they turned it into something gaudy and attention-seeking instead.

>that's because white men are actually depressed

women don't suffer from autism only males suffer from autism

every autistic girl i've ever known doesnt shave their legs and i can't handle it

non-whites and femoids will never understand the responsibility of creating and maintaining all of modern civilization. you have no idea how privileged you are, nor the irony that you have widespread public platforms created by white men to claim the opposite.

I think I hate female gamers more than I hate fake female autists but it's a tough call, they're both offensive to me on a personal level

nice blogpost


There is fuck all wrong with these women. Its all an attention grab and an excuse as to why nobody likes them/is attracted to them and how they are unique.

you are a porn addict NEET who plays too much video games. none of you have anything to be upset about. grow the fuck up and pick up some weights. depression is not real. i hate women but i hate weak mopey faggy men even more because they're how we got to this position.

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if I hear a girl say she likes something "nerdy" for social purposes or to attract attention to herself, I hate her. On the other hand if I incidentally discover that a girl likes something nerdy over the course of getting to know her, something she wasn't using to attempt to attract attention to herself and something she's dug beneath a shallow, surface-level interest in, I like her even more.

I just hate females in general. Every day a little more.

imagine tattling on yourself this hard on an anonymous mongolian basket weaving forum.

Same. They're pest animals.

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Not gonna lie I no longer care about women,I haven't for a while and I'm not going woman-hating but something better - COMPELTE non-caring. They're not funny. They're not smart. They aren't interestnig, and the more and more tiktoks I saee of "I'm autistic" or "I have anxietY" I just want to bash their fucking skulls in

not cuz they're liars nad attention whores but I know as a man I just gotta suffer adn I'm a fag if I talk about it. how many men here have just been shit on their whole lives ACTUALLY depressed and NO ONE gives a fuck cuz ur not a hot girl

take away womens pussy power and they go tNOTHING. but beta males exist, hence women allowed to do this shit.

Redditors aren't people

I hate women.

I hate women so much it's unreal

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I heard the one on the left got chased off TikTok for mocking the posers like this

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Not in real life, weirdo

Fucking walled

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steve o transitioned?

maladjusted is the proper word to use

is this that Awkwafina everyone keeps posting? fuck she's ugly

it's so easy to spot the posts where the user is just screaming to be called based by someone. pathetic really



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Black neeger

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>he's serious
fucking pathetic

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This user knows what he's talking about. It's honestly pathetic looking at anons here moaning about their "problems".
Women aren't the problem
Society isn't the problem
YOU are the problem. Sort it the fuck out and stop blaming your failures on everyone else

Well hes not referring to what is or isn't autism but to attention-seeking foids.

Goes to show girls do have autism and ppl with autism and automatically based.

>its sexy and hot when they do it
>get treated like a child/retard and ostracized from relationships/sex when men do it

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no they definitely are part of the problem and rightfully should be critiqued. that doesn't mean you as an individual should allow yourself to wallow in misery and sink with everyone else.

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I hate to say this, but all of the girls in this thread aren't autistic. They would just be considered scene when I was in high school. I know one autistic girl and she's quirky in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way with limited interests and she's only capable of bagging groceries. She's the type most incels could get but would refuse to go out with.

stop using tiktok

crying baby nigger

holy fucking blue pill cope

>woman w/ autism
>gets breed repeatedly w/o question
>man w/ autism
>"What if your mental illness gets passed on? We should see a specialist and get some advice first."

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autistic white women will be subsidized with black boyfriends
autistic white males will be routinely exterminated and casterated and put to work as slaves

So what are you doing for civilization?


Thanks, I'm autistic and missed the context.


How is she autistic? Her mannerisms just make me want to fug her

>hyperarousal that accompany autism
Holy shit is this real? My gf has mild autism and has a fucking hair trigger for her horniness and almost can't control herself once she gets going. That explains so much

>female autism is attention seeking online by acting 'quirky'
>male autism is posting on this shithole website for (you)s

same thing desu

>autistic girls
>"tee-hee i'm so quirky"
>autistic boys
>*starts a world war because the lack of rules regulating great power relations unsettles him*

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So every female is autistic?