What happened to all the vax freaks?

what happened to all the vax freaks?

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It's over. Trump lost.

The tv told them they need to support Ukraine now so they are busy supporting Ukraine

they realised it was all a play by big pharma

Vaccines are the old thing, they now support the current thing (escalating the Ukraine war).

I'm still here and I'm still unmasked

They all became CORNERFOLK

>refusing an experimental "vaccine" is now a political statement
seek help

They're dead.

No they didn't lol

>still desperately pretending half the world is going to die

My brother in Christ you are the freak

>nooooooooooo stop ignoring my bitchute videos!!!!!!!!


They craved browny points and got aids

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>son got uninvited to the Easter party because he's unvaxxed
>he's crying right now and my wife is furious af at me for refusing to vaxx our son

You know, I can take getting ridiculed for being unvaxxed but when they do it to my son it just hurts a lot.

Fml ;_;

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The vaccine went through all 3 phases of trials, why are you calling it experimental?

What are your thoughts on the fact that they made it the manufacturers immune to being sued in case of complications?

>refuse to look after your child
>he gets socially outcast as a result
it's the world that's fucked up, not you user

yeah sham trials

stop gaslighting good people into harming children

>get BTFO
>shift onto next pre approved talking point
do you have like a script you're following?

I'm not him

Oh, so you're the pedo from the other thread

phase 3 ends in 2023 so you're full of shit

feel bad for your kids desu

Average reddit strawman

>feel bad for your kids desu

Yes retard, put your kid on antidepressants because the doctor who CARES FOR YOUR HEALTH not the paycheck he gets out of it from pharma told you to

and failed miserably. Are you that stupid that you'd risk your personal health over Pharma profits because some brought shill told you to?

Why are you lying about things that anyone can google?

you are the clinical trial dumb fuck. you got it for free because you are the data

Why do you think google gives you legit info?

Do you think vaccines are for depression? LOL

Why do you?

too busy sucking putler cock

Dead from heart attacks and strokes that are completely unrelated to the experimental MRNA vaccine that couldnt even be pushed through animal trials because it fucking killed 80% of them and was bribed through the FDA in 6 months

All that is true except change "kill" to bankrupt and "evil" to financially coerced.

>vaccine doesn't make you immortal

>duhhhh don't trust anything unless it comes from an anonymous anime forum
alright buddy

not sure but i was in the gayest parts of california tonight and didnt see or hear about a mask at all

Still waiting to die /pol/, how much longer?


bro, just look at history and stop being brainwashed by multinationals.

>Taking the Trumpcine.

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Imagine being such a midwit you let Pfizer fuck you over again

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Any day now. I have been waiting since last September

>tfw got vaxxed and moved on with my life because it's of no repercussion to me if conspiracy theory schizos get sick/die
Feels comfy.

Right wingers are fucking schizos lol. You retards gonna fall for flat earth next?

No dumbass I was making of of your reddit sarcastic post that is unironically true.

I've had three Pfizer shots. When will I keel over and die randomly, Doctor?

Exactly that

If it's such amazing tech that it warranted being forced through any review process yeah I'd expect it to make me immortal. Or at least give me powers like the stuff in bioshock, but no all it does is kill you prematurely and cause major organ failure. 0/10 wonderdrug and I'll be contacting pfizer for my refund

>I was posting a non sequitur because I have no argument

When I'm put on a respirator and eventually succumb to some meme flu I imagine. The good news is we'll both be marked as a covid death :^)

Kill him before they do.

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Why would you get them though? I mean your sole argument seems to be "it didn't kill me"

Antivaxxers, wasn’t I supposed to be dead by now? Been vaxxed for a long time

>they now support the current thing (escalating the Ukraine war)
They support more military action from Russia? Ukraine is merely defending itself against invader, so only Russia can escalate things since they are the invaders.

God is good

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This. Heart attacks and strokes were pretty much unheard of in my village before this.

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Covyid-109 doesn't even exist.

mate it's the first result on google. It says it's estimated to finish at 2023. are you perhaps retarded?


or probably different google results if so sorry for calling you are retard

Vaccinated and proud of it.

Hitler lost
Trump lost
Putin is losing
you lost
get over it


Why didnt you get J&J?

Get the vaccine chud

>tfw still alive
I just wanted to end it all.

stay strong user, and tell your wife to fucking can it.

Me too. I got my booster in December and still nothing.

Imagine being this much of a loser.

Lol at the angry replies

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>January 2021: Parler will kill Twitter!
>February 2021: Gab will kill Twitter!
>July 2021: Gettr will kill Twitter!
>March 2022: TRUTH Social will kill Twitter!

Lmao rightoid chuds are embarrassing

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Don't reply to me coward.

'jak on the catty

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I'll get it as soon as the manufacturers agree to assume any and all liability for harmful side effects. Can't tell me it's perfectly safe and passed all required tests out of one side of your mouth while telling me I have to sign a waiver absolving them of liability before I can get the shot they're shilling.

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are you gonna ignore all the cases of antivaxers dropping dead because corona was too spicy for their immune system?

Lol I never got the vax and now that this shit is slowly blowing over I have even less a reason to ever get it. Get fucked vaxtards

yeah don't be retarded and cruel like that. It's not obvious that the vaccine is safe or necessary. And even if they get covid they will most likely be completely fine. They are resilient.

What about the part where the POTUS/the White House told me I was in for a winter of death yet I'm still around?

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all dead by now

what gay fucking country do you come from, man up for fuck sake! No wonder your wife treats you like a fucking cuck.

They died

>get covid
>feel like crap for a couple of days
>get better naturally because it's just a fucking cold
Hey Vaxxers I didn't get the jab and I'm just fine. I thought it was necessary or the entire world was going to die from the coof?

Enjoy your lung and heart damage

>it didnt happen to me, so it didnt happen to anyone else

Bolt on your brain before posting.

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>ad with BLACKED breeding
couldn’t be a more perfect screenshot

Top kek I forgot all about this. Literally a goverment telling you you're going to die

That guy got smashed in the head
Same, got three shots and i am still waiting to drop dead
2 more weeks?

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It's not my fault fat retards that eat corn syrup and drink vegetable oil die, now keep fighting capitalism by giving Pfizer record profits you little resistance fighter you

he said he DIDNT get the jab

go back

they're in the mass graves in ukraine
chalked up as victims of putin's aggression

And I'm unvaxxed. Wasn't I supposed to be dead by now as well? Guess it was just a lot of bullshit on both accounts.

It didnt happen to me either...

If you didn't get the covid vaccine then you didn't finish the pandemic.

stop acting like a bitchy school teacher

Correct, I don't care what happens to anyone else. My health is my problem. Your health is not my problem and my health is not your problem. Social contracts were severed long ago.

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no, it only happened to people above the national death average for some reason?

>No response
Kek, typical

Yeah, he should enjoy his lung and heart damage, as should you.

theyve moved on to seething at Elon buying twitter

Take your booster you fag

Why are red states so much more unhealthy? Is it just the lack of health education? Poverty?

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>he had to summon help instead of beating the boss himself
No you didn't beat the game.

>trust me bro the 600th booster will really stop the spread

>Same, got three shots

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i never got the jab