How did it get removed from tmdb as well as letterboxd?

how did it get removed from tmdb as well as letterboxd?

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you will never have sex

way too long and its propaganda


I tried watching this since it was shilled hard by /pol/ and there's just too much bs on it to finish it. Mayve if you're a braindead chud but that's a no for me chief.

this criticism can be applied to practically any big budget film of the past decade

bs such as what

>and it's propaganda
So? "Propaganda" doesn't equal untrue, where are the lies?

Virtually every single piece of media about Nazi Germany you are subjected to is either Allied WW2 propaganda, Western/Jewish post-WW2 propaganda or a mixture of both, yet this one propaganda film from an opposing pov evokes this reaction from you instead?

Hitler's Mein Kampf only gets reprints with some Jew deboonk comments added to every page, with nobody (let alone Hitler himself) being there to challenge them, but instead having his magnum opus brutally subverted to serve a completely different political ideology. Is that not a significantly worse example of blatant propagandism, where is the outcry?

yeah except in this case the movie is 6 hours long and makes redundant or overly meticulous points that often are misleading or false

not every youtube/bitchute video needs its own imdb page

it's still on imdb fyi

Propaganda nonsense that has been debunked numerous times

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actually that pic has been debunked already

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Wait really? Can you post the debunk?

If the commentary is wrong... then shouldn't it be easy to refute? It seems like you just don't want your nazi propaganda contested. Not happening btw, fascists never win.

>then shouldn't it be easy to refute?
Doing so gets you jail time in many countries

Your debunk has just been debunked... by me
Get rekt


So you can't refute it then? Didn't think so.

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I don't want to go to jail

Sounds just like the Michael Jackson "documentary".

>too stupid to know a thing
>doubles down when its abject ignorance is spotlighted
This is your brain on leftism, folks.

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You will never get a real answer to this. Every single point in the doc is sourced at the end, I have never seen a single on convincingly refuted.

>sources: Wikipedia
Jesus Christ m8 at least try. Two thirds of the sources regarding the Holocaust in Wikipedia are citations from a book by a man who himself admitted later in life that he wasn't actually in the camps.

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I haven't seen the film but if it's 6 hours long are people really gonna try and explain why things are wrong on an anonymous message board where you'll just get called a fag no matter what you say?

high iq post

brainlet cope


>10 out of 12 sources are wikipedia

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No, they just refute it without having even seen it, let alone researched the talking points in it. That's the issue, people are retarded.

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you really think all historians who have studied and spent their lives unearthing and researching hitler's life are wrong because some guy made a doco? seems kinda of silly

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Ah yes because that's what happened

what happened?

Friendly reminder that a confession under duress is not considered a legitimate confession by any legal standard.

Literally everything made after 2012 is propaganda

God damn youre stupid. Do yourself a favour and lay off the internet. It's embarrassing

this fag jewing out has convinced me to buy this. Does the filmmaker still sell it or do I have to pirate it?

Bitchute I think

>hitler was actually.... LE GOOOD

he sounds like a loser desu, didn't he blow his brains out? sounds like he was scared to go to trial. follow your leader nazi chuds

Historians who spend their lives researching the same topic have different conclusions about what data they allow and what conclusions they get to.

And also who funds them.

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>Germany sank the Lusitania

I thought the guy on the left was the leftist, because liberals look like that and conservatives look like the people on the right.

Using civilians as meat shields for your arms shipments is totally alright when we do it

He was a saint...

you realise any european historian who would say such things would go to jail ? as it actually happened

and the US ones would just lose everything they have aswell as receiving death threats for the rest of their lives

>noooo! just let me spread my hateful disinfo!!

>hateful disinfo
>Robert Faurisson getting jailed for simply "questioning" the fact that gas chambers had been used

Is that why the chemist who did the tests in the gas chambers and concluded there was no trace of anything lethal in them was jailed?

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He was a prophet

Europa: The Last Battle is better.