Is there a documentary on the topic of spelunking?

Is there a documentary on the topic of spelunking?

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the bottom image is completely unrelated to the top

it was on the google, it's real

this story always give me the shivers
his last words don't make you feel great either
if it were me, i would've just said "just break my fucking legs you plebs"

There's a movie based on the nuttyputty accident but it's not remotely good so I wouldn't bother trying to watch it. The real question is when are we going to get an adaptation of David Shaw's final dive? It doesn't even need to be punched up for drama or effect, as it happened it's some high grade deep water kino.

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humans are not roaches
they dont secrete grease to squeeze through things

what, so they could pull him out one piece at a time?

What was this idiot doing down there in the first place?

they would've been able to bend him enough to get him out if they'd broken his legs
instead, they didn't want to and he ended up dying

gay ass music you made me listen to i thought this was going to be kino but its faggotry

That is criminally negligent. Just shoot him up with anaesthetic and crack them walk twigs.

This channel is cavekino

i thought by the time they reached him breaking his legs would have killed him no matter what? because he'd already been upside down with little oxygen for hours. or could they have still done it?

It's also just a pillow

I actually for the first time actually bothered to open wikipedia to read about the stort. The thing that surprised me was not that he actually died but that Nutty putty is in a fucking Utah. It always gave SE asian wibes for sure reason

>you are going to die lmao
>you'll probably die and we'll have to try and resuscitate you

>this went from some obscure tragedy to having hundreds of youtube videos gawking about it
>now it's babby's first creepy story
I hate the future


what's crazy is someone must have went that passage john jones did and made it back out because its mapped up to that point. i mean all the dead ends on that map means someone got to that point then backed their way back out.

Worst fate imaginable, terrifying death and then your remains and your ghost is forever stuck in cummy tummy tunnel

That's right. The fluid pooling and position had already strained his heart nearly to its limit by then and the shock from the breaks let alone the effects of anesthetic would have killed him long before they'd have been able to drag his busted body back up to the surface. And that's assuming he doesn't bleed out into his legs from the shattered bone scraping around in his legs cutting up bloodvessels on the way back up. When it came down to it the geometry and the length of the passage prior to where he got jammed meant he was never really getting out of there alive.

Unironically white people shit.

>whites must explore
>whole world is 100% mapped
>can't go somewhere new unless you have billions to go to the bottom of the ocean or outer space
>average joe might as well dive into this hole because he can no longer head out on a frontier
blacks have always just liked to get high and kill each other, and that hobby still has ubiquitous accessibility to them

Wait... you guys don't do that?

He saw a hole and it called to him. "This is my hole, it was made for me" and he couldn't resist entering.


Is spelunking a German word like poopenfarten?

Could they of not injected the vein in his foot to put him to sleep, then break his legs and drag him out?

neither of those are german words


you sound like a cockenfarter

lmoa keep shotting each other on crack Jamal

How the fuck do people get stuck?
If they get in, why can't they get out? Did he eat some hamburgers halfway or something?

White people are crazy for doing shit like this

he'd just die in his sleep. they'd need to inject him with epinephrin or whatever jason statham got in the movie Crank, then break every bone in his body and pull him out like a ragdoll

>he was almost out at one point but the equipment fucked up and he ended up still stuck
The world is a cruel bitch

What did he eat

What a retard

how new

any deepwater kinos you recommend?

Why didn’t they just dynamite him out

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The funniest part is them being ultra religious and praying with him and shit.

Although obviously a much quicker death but I knew a guy who died in a silo. His safety harness failed and he fell into the corn which like quick sand sucked him down in. Once you exhale the pressure of all the kernels on your body all around you won't let you breath.

i dunno I'm pretty greasy

>When John realized that it was too narrow for him to turn back he decided to go a little forward because he felt that the chamber in front of him was a drop to a more open space where he would ideally have enough space to maneuver and turn back around, so he could head on up again.

>At this point, John Jones was crawling head first into a cave that was essentially getting narrower and more perpendicular to the ground, which meant that there came a point where he was at an almost 90 degree angle in the cave, and it was so narrow that he was held between the columns of the cave.

>John Jones felt in this part of the cave that he would perhaps not be able to move forward unless he sucked his chest in a bit, or perhaps he did it instinctively, it is not known, but rescuers believe that his sucking his chest in at this point was the reason he went farther than he could have had he not done so, and right after that, when his chest expanded again because of his natural breathing rhythm, he got stuck.

>The reason this happened was because having his chest sucked in caused him to go into an even narrower portion of the cave, and because of this he was jammed at a point where he could not possibly go forward from and could not come back out either.

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why didnt he just breathe out again?


Adrenaline/fear/panic, take your pick

What's the point of going through such caves? What's the appeal?

What a stupid way to go. What did he expect to find down there? Gold?

The only places left unexplored on earth is under water and in caves. Cant keep autists like this away, like people who go to everest or the poles

>it was too narrow for him to turn back he decided to go a little forward because he felt that the chamber in front of him was a drop to a more open space
a gambling man i see

To be fair, it sounds way more exciting if you say you were on Mount Everest or stood on the South/North Pole than claiming "Yeah, I was in the Nutty Putty cave".

Why didn't they fill it with water so he floats up?

Why didn't they dig him out with a jack hammer?

Very nice

well yea that's what the sign says

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just blow up these caves so no fuckers can get stuck again?????

I filled my gf's cave with my nutty putty last night

it's not

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they filled this particular one in so no one can enter it ever again

soý mountain

They did that but zoomers keep watching youtube videos about it so I guess we are going to talk about this until the end of time.

i feel bad for the cave
it's basically like it has constipation and can't shit out the stuck human

>t. wasted his time in the Nutty Putty cave

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