There is no good Wendigo / Skin-Walker horror film or show

There is no good Wendigo / Skin-Walker horror film or show.......

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because they dont exist. how would you make a movie about them if we dont exist

The Thing


Supernatural had a good episode with one

Antlers but the final act is kinda shit.

Supernatural S01E02, that's the best one I've seen.
Also skinwalker obsession is peak reddit.

It was big on/x/ for a while.

The Ritual

The movie-game "Until Dawn"

By Troma

Then make one faggots

first season of supernatural had a great wendigo episode

There is Until Dawn, a movie game. Worth a playthrough if you're interested.

I really wanted to like Antlers but everything about it just felt underwhelming


Read 'Wendigo' by Algernon Blackwood. Its a great story. All the greentexts you have read have been very poorly adapted from this 112 year old story. After you finish the story, you should feel bad about yourself for enjoying the shitty greentexts and wanting them to be made into even shittier movies.

Good game if you’re into movie games. I had everyone survive my first play through too :)

>popular monster zoomers talk about alot has not good movies
Yeah OP no shit. It's like slenderman or that dumbass siren head shit. Any movie made for them is going to be trash because it's a cash grab in the first place


I can’t remember the name of the episode, but one of the Masters of Horror series did a good take on Wendigo myths. Antlers wasn’t too bad. There’s so many ways to interpret it.

there are so few let's plays where the commentator isn't dominating to the detriment of the story within the game, the best i've found is dansg08 (final fantasy, the last of us, bioshock) wish he would do more story based play throughs

we don't deserve such kino....

its just werewolfs but with injins aka crap

>tfw no adaptation of The Man Whom the Trees Loved

its "Skin and Bones (Fear Itself)" and it is fucking excellent. great atmosphere as well. like the Hateful 8 cabim

I felt the same way. I was excited for it for so long and it let me down. Too much building up, not enough of the wendigo doing it's thing, then a rushed final act that was kind of dumb.


Unironically the greatest horror film of all time.

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The Other was good for like 3 episodes

Supernatural monsters are shit.
It's just humans with makeup.
At least Buffy had decent creatures like the mantis or the monster of the sewers.

Is there a sleeping bad for me

it worked for a wendigo though

>there are so few let's plays where the commentator isn't dominating to the detriment of the story within the game
get the fucking game and play it yourself zoomer fuck

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Negro watch The Ritual
Not quite but close enough


Listen to the 4 part podcast on Skinwalker Ranch by Astonishing Legends. Comfy listen.

those were Jotunn

Not much difference but ok

Antlers came out recently. It wasn't kino but it was a pretty good popcorn movie.

I HIGHLY recommend Lost Tapes. They have a Skinwalker and Wendigo episode and plenty of other spooky shit. It's probably the best cryptid movie/show out today.

I wouldn't worry about it

the fact that anybody could look at this and think it's human meat is astonishing

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fucking THIS

well obviously they can't use real human meat

they could at least use red meat, not pink porky shit. human meat is verifiably dark red

I thought human meat was supposed to be really similar to pork?

Skinwalkers are boring.

Kys boomershit

that's a "everything tastes like chicken" type misconception. Especially the "leg" in the video - the upper leg is probably one of our toughest cuts, there's no way it would come out anything other than ruby red. And when he slices it (and it's visibly overcooked) - this cut would be all but inedible due to being entirely along the grain of our thighs

>goystation exclusive
I don't think so


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i only tolerate them if they're hot chicks or funny bro dudes


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Pet Sematary

At least in the books. I don't know if they changed it in the movie




I know who you are

Until Dawn is a pretty good movie/game

Was also disappointed with it...