Show or movie brings up schrodinger's cat

>show or movie brings up schrodinger's cat

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>show or movie brings up quantum mechanics to appear smart

>I'm a brainlet

>I have been places your little brain wouldn't understand.

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throw it at a wall

Wow and you're not because you watch media with writers who read Wikipedia

Truly you sir are not a brainlet

>moobie do somefing i see before and i'm mad now

i hate when movies tries to spit incomprehensible words just to appear smart, when in reality it just appear more stupid, ase it isn't treating his audience as smart persons. Fuck that just keep it all a mystery. It's a movie and concepts can stay fantasies.

>show or movie explains wormholes
>rolls sheet of paper
>pokes hole trough the paper
wow I actually get it
>feel hella smart
>feel like I now have a PHD in Physics

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>scientist talking to another scientist
>one still says in english please

>murphy's law
>what can happen will happen

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scientist to scientist talk in movies really piss me off. they explain shit that they would obviously know for the audience. i hate when they do stupid shit like that. if the audience isn't smart enough to understand the movie then they should feel stupid. stop trying to placate dumb people. this is how society gets dumber.

>we cannot know if the cat is dead or not...
>therefore it is both dead and alive!!!
Fuck i hate science

>get in the car there's no time to explain!!!11
>1 hour silent drive to the location

>how worm holes work?
>wait a sec. let me demonstrate

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>hacking scene
>"sir I need 120 secs"
>"you have 10!"

>how long will it take you?
>sir i literally need 7 hours it's physically impossible to do it in less time
>i can do that

>folds piece of paper in half
>pokes pencil through paper

scrum meetings be like

>character a doesn’t tell character b vital information
>his reasoning, "I was trying to protect you"

confirmed brainlet

she spilled some of her worms. dirty girl


>i can explain!
>says nothing while they spend 20 seconds walking away

>character gets told what’s happening
>audience still needs to be filled in
>character repeats what he was told to feed exposition
>"so you’re telling me....."

>hacking scene
>character randomly and quickly touches the keyboard

>character is impossible to kill or capture
>suddenly gets useless because the story calls for it

>character has motives that are complex

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>...and then you unpack the zip file and run the executa-

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>"It's a long story."
>it's not a long story you could say it in one less than 10 words

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>on the phone
>repeats back everything they say

>all doors are unlocked unless the story needs it to be locked

>poster posts in defence of Schrodinger's cat, to appear smart, anonymously.

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for me it's lovecraft's cat

>hidden VLR thread

Dark is indeed the worst show I have ever seen

>now enhance and rotate
the number of people who post burry images to /wsr/ and want them enhanced is retarded, they literally think there is information stored in that blurry jpg.

>zoomies are retarded
what a shocking revelation

its called exposition you fucking genius

>explaining things makes society dumber
you can stop posting now

at least they don't fold it over and pierce it with a pencil for a visual explainer.

that's not science it's jew logic

>jew logic
still living rent free i see

Woah you sound smart

yes, making people feel stupid will make them want to become smarter, that's how it works

its circle jerk philosophy wearing an i fucking love science badge

If These actually bothers you, reddit might unironically be more your speed

Name one (1) flick where this happens

is that a heckin troperino i see?

>Well you know about Schrodinger's cat right?
>Of course, I got a PHD in Science at Harvard and scored all "A"s
>Well we found the cat... and he's NOT happy!
Giant interdimensional cat bursts out of portal and kills assistant
>I fucking hate science!

I'm available for scripts but I want final edit.

That's literally Schrodinger's point about the cat.

>10/10 bombshell smoking hotty
>unpopular because... reasons

>Commander I need 24 hours to fix the Stargate
>You have 12
>Sorry, Sir it doesn't work that way
Based SG1

Name Five Kinos

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interstellar for fuckin up murphys law

>character walks in on other characters embracing
>"It's not what it looks like!"

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>well actually schrodingers cat is supposed to be retarded

with schrödinger's cat it's especially funny because they all use it exactly the wrong way around.
all schrödinger wanted to show with it was that you cannot observe quantum effects through impacted macroscopic properties because obviously the cat is always either alive or dead and never both, regardless of an outside observer.
even the fucking wiki page explains it, yet people still keep using it as an explanation for quantum effects.

>show references a post I made on Yea Forums 3 years ago

>ugliest girl in school
>is actually the hottest when she takes off her glasses and gets a makeover

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>Well, in laymen's terms *science explanation
>That was laymen's terms?!
>Fuck laymen's terms, do you speak english ya damn nerd?

>hot girl finds the shy timid guy attractive and wants to be with him