What was the most kino episode/moment?

What was the most kino episode/moment?

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They peaked with the Vietnam episode, but I also like "The Bridge over the river Kok"...

I think the Africa special is the best, but Bolivia, Vietnam and Burma are great too.
S07E04 Budget Supercars is kino as well.

That episode where they drove junk cars through a jungle.

British Leyland Challenge

Did Communism Ever Make A Good Car? for me desu
The answer is no

Source of the river Nile was the GOAT

Tie between Africa and Vietnam
The one where they nearly fucking died in Argentina or in Alabama

A recent favorite of mine is the mini-cabbing challenge. Without Clarkson's influence they made a very entertaining and comfy segment with Taxi Driver references.


the bit where they offended a bunch of people

The farm show ruined top gear forever for me, its just too obvious its scripted after rewatching the old topgear and grand tour
Jeremy and Caleb is just better

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The Faulkland Island license plate incident in Argentina was the zenith.

Any episode that features a buy a car for £1000 challenge is kino, any special is kino, any episode where they offend minorities is kino. Truly the greatest dadcore TV show of all time

you mean SNIGG?

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Chinese Stig was based

For me, it was always the cheap car challenges.

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they deleted the slope joke

I don't have deep nostalgia for Top Gear or the boys like a lot of guys do, I didn't watch it growing up. But the Funeral for a Ford sendoff was so kino it gave me chills the first time I watched it.


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The Economy Race to Blackpool
Train v Car across Japan
Secondhand Cars for your teen
Lorry Challenge

I like pretty much all of the challenges that involve buying cheap cars and doing stupid stunts

>best episode
Teenager cars
>best moment
Aston Martin Vantage V12 review. Really through a curveball after laughing at the diesel scirocco segment in the same episode

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cop car challenge
lorry challenge
crossing the straits
train vs gt-r
driving around london in a limo
car vs bike vs boat vs public transport

the teenage car challenge episode
the pink spray paint in the vietnam special

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All the specials are kino as fuck

The original cut of the Polar Special is probably my favorite

>james may is .... THE EXORCIST
funniest shit ever

>Aston Martin Vantage V12 review
That was one of the best reviews ever done and the Eno soundtrack was a perfect accompaniment. Everything about it was just all the perfect pieces falling into place.

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World's Greatest Driving Road

Why does everyone hate the news and interview segments?

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I loved the news, especially the Christmas gifts. I wasn't a fan of the celebrity interviews though, seemed like a waste of time.

Is there a way to watch uncut episodes? Conversation is cut a lot for run time.
Are the dvds or something uncut?
I love the cheap car challenges. Would kill for a new grand tour season desu. Season 3 was really good. Top Gear has more energy.

News segments were fun, but celebrity interviews were so fucking boring. I don't know if it's because the guests were out of their comfort zone, but they were not entertaining,

I remember seeing this and thinking that it was a low-key send off for the show as a whole. This was fuelled by the rumours that the BBC were thinking about not renewing the show.

Autostrada.tv has the whole series, although some of the newer ones have been taken down

The news were alright because there was still banter among the three of them but the celeb interviews where all boring and shit-tier.

I never like the public transport races. The boat plane train bullet train plane.
Never very fun except the 1920s(?) one where Clarkson is on a coal train may is in a car Hammond on a motorcycle.

I always enjoyed when Top Gear was at Nurburgring and Sabine was there. Especially when she was giving Clarkson shit.
Too fucking early...I miss you Sabine.

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News is fine by me, celeb interviews are just bad because in most cases they're there to hock a product.
Fiona Bruce and Kate Silverton was the only interview I enjoyed.
Otherwise the laps were the only good part of the interview.

Some of the specials. Africa (first one) was kino, so was the second, but the Vietnam special with BOOOOOOOORN IN THE USAAAA was absolutely fantastic.

James Blunt was surprisingly funny and based.

>when they take time to explain that no they aren't breaking the law to have him and tonic because they are currently in international waters

Tom Cruise had a really good interview, I thought. Back when he and Diaz were promoting that Knight and Day movie, but Cruise just exuded happiness and fun at doing the interview, it really felt like he enjoyed it as well as the lap.

>Are the dvds or something uncut?
The North American DVD releases are edited, not just scenes but music as well -- most notably "Born In The USA" and the A-Team theme song are replaced.

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Since celeb laps are in the discussion, wet laps > dry laps.

Because I don't fucking care about celebrities.

When they did that 70s supercar thing. Captain Slow shows up with a fucking metallic purple Lamborghini. Which just didn't start up. Classic keks.

Like others have said, it peaked with the Vietnam/Bolivia specials. Amphibious cars was also very kino.

His music's awful but he definitely has bantz. He went through a phase of flexing on people who tried to roast him on twitter.

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Is there anywhere to buy all the uk seasons? Or even torrent them? The mid-2000s episodes are peak comfy nostalgic kino

>2010 was 12 years ago
Same year I graduated. I'm 31 now. It feels like a lifetime ago.

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S2 when?

Did Grand Tour ever reach a similar level of greatness?
I know Clarkson's farm did.

>Actual kino
The Senna Tribute
The celebration of british motoring

>Kino cause it's funny
Almost any of the roadtrip specials

Ive never watched an episode of Top Gear because cars are boring as shit but I still know for a fact that the funniest bit is the Caravans, the overall best bit is when they have their mothers on, and the best single joke in top gear/grand tour history is
Prove me wrong

The one where they run out of fuel in the ukraine

>The Amphibious vehicles
>Budget Supercars
>When they made their own cop cars and ambulance's
>Jeremy and James driving Puegots
The fuckin Puegot one kills me every time.

The 24 Hr Endurance Race...
...especially when they crossed the finish as you could tell Jeremy loved that Beamer.

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To this day, I still don't "get" this show. I guess the deal is that, in the rest of the world, cars are rare and if you own a car that you're somehow a manly man or something. I dunno.

Can't tell if actual retard or poor bait.

no, she died? fuck ;_;

Cancer in March of last year.