Chudpost again and you will be neutralized

Chudpost again and you will be neutralized

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Wasn’t he grooming kids?

he's a leftist so yeah

it's more the phenotype than the political alignment you projecting tranny

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All of your bones will be shattered

/qa/ won

By who? You?


keep it up, see what happens

Yes and many anons called it months before it was exposed. These vitrue signalling demons are pure fucking evil

And now it's CONVENIENTLY memory holed and threads about this guy NEVER bring it up

Just looking at the guy and seeing his attempts to be viral were enough to make me think he’s a child molester.

Yup. And The State will do nothing to stop me. Expect a knock at the door shortly, chud.

Come over faggot.

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You WILL be sawed in half. You WILL renounce chudism before your death.

This man has to be a serial killer or something
>no father figure
>abusive mother

Get help

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You will be harvested

Proof? Source?

i doubt it. chuds will label everyone they dont like as pedophiles.

Your views represent a threat to the future progress of humanity. Why should you be tolerated? Why should you not be flayed alive to serve as an example?

Every single time. I remember the days of 2020 when we'd post this fucker all day every day.

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i don't recognise the 1st and 3rd ones

take your meds

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you can only push a man so far, demonrats
we outnumber you 1000 to 1, demonrats
just how do you figure this will end for you, demonrats?

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did this age well?

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>anti_hyde posters are also cuckold spammers

Kids kids or teen "kids"?

post this fake news again and i will see to it that you are burned alive

Bruce's fall from wildcard has been the most demoralizing of it all. What the hell happened to bushland adventures having Aussies, you think they'd have taken it lying down like that? they'll have set that grey bitches head on fire with 40s. Did they carry these people away in the night pre 2020 or what?

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all leftwingers are child abusers


all sodomites want to rape little boys

18 year old men


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I remember he was abusing or harassing some women but dont remember him being a pedo,I might be wrong though

>sodomite pervert telling men how to act

even more useless than listening to women on how to act

Sick fuck!

He wasn't doing shit with women
He was asking kids how soon they'd be able to BnB with him
He was also a church dude

Was this shot before he played CP2077 on his launch PS4 from 2013?

i'm not sure what point you're trying ot make by posting a young man next to a fertile, physically mature young woman.

Can someone explain what is the exact reason for such behavior on camera?

>internet tuff guy
lol u won't do shit pussy

turn your phone over and examine the logo

I’m not going down a rabbit hole of TikTok shit but I remember he was accused of grooming teens.

I'm from PC, what do you mean?

the wonders of modernity

turns out aussies were fags all along and they were just pretending to be men.

there is clearly a sizeable audience for people like this. how can they not immediately see through their veneer?

he's a mentally ill homosexual living in a privileged western society ruled by jews who encourage open displays of mental illness in order to sow chaos and division among goyim society.

>Born on 13th August 1993, the 27-year-old
Wtf,I thought he was like 40

>t. groomer

There! Who cares?

We're a British settler colony. A cultureless, Anglo shithole. Our gods are sensational news media and familiar brand names.

Kys libshit

are you vaxxed?

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>grooming is based if /myguy/ does it
Sam Hyde fanboys are literally fedora-tier atheist types

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The people you are talking about are rural people. Blame urbanzation which has given all the power to people living in cities. There are no free speech laws here - I not even "allowed" to defend myself properly if I got attacked at night. I love my country but it's simply not the same. The people have shifted, heavily altered by american identity politics.

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>British settler colony
no, you were a bunch of petty thieves the British dumped there

you know he's a "comedian" who gets kicks from upsetting people, right?