Who are the best ginger actresses?

Who are the best ginger actresses?

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Lindsay lohan pre-cocaine
I just imagined her (BDH) dipping my hand in chocolate sauce and then stuffing my chjocolate-hand in her mouth and licking my fingers
why are redheads with huge tits so hot?

Bryce Dallas Howard is hot mainly because her father is a billionaire movie producer.

based. got me into redheads as a youth.
also based

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would love for her to have my 7 kids

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Gingers are God's most beautiful creation.

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tru and gingerpilled

that's a man

BDH forcibly imprisoning my hapless face within the suffocating post-workout morass of her flabby ass, relentlessly grinding the blistering humid jungle of her sultry dainty parts against my unshielded nose, irrevocably etching the corruptive code of her filthy nether sweats upon my olfactory cognition and indelibly terraforming my neural pathways in tyrannical deference to her asshole, irretrievably enthralling me as the slavishly obeisant on-call face-cushion sweatrag for her obscene essences whenever the need should arise

Yes they are the best. I love gingers, but you risk having freckly ginger boys if you decide to breed with them. Or freckly ginger girls, which is equally bad for entirely its own reasons.

ill take those chances, who never has to sacrifice for good things ?

who is the best red headed porno actress?

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Dani Jenson, Lauren Phillips, Lacy Lennon to name a few. It depends what you're into. idk

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In to red hair and green eyes but red hair and blue eyes and big pink nipples are just as good too

what are some good porno actresses like that or actual Irish ones with real red hair and not dyed?

Why are gingers so fertile?

I recommend the London detective series Strike (C B Strike in NA). It's based on J K Rowling's detective books and it's got this actress as female lead and she's great in it.

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fake gingers

Ella Hughes has red pubes so I don't think her hair is fake.

>J K Rowling's detective books
Huh, I always assumed she cashed out and coasted after HP.


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for me it's Kate Mara

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>Lauren Phillips
Patrician taste

>t. dark-haired "white" man

She writes these under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. There's five so far. The first four have been converted to television, and the fifth is in production. They're good TV.

Always fun to encounter a fellow Chad. Much Love!

Holy fuck it's anglo jia lissa 12/10

For me, it’s Madelaine Petsch

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Can you get sick if women were to spit in your mouth, like a lot?

>countless gorgeous gingers have dyed their hair or avoided the spotlight all together thanks to Southpark
>Even worse, deliberately avoiding having kids with sometime because they might be gingers had become a thing, limiting their numbers forever more
When will they pay for their crimes?

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isn't she the one with the great butt

I wouldn't mind having ginger sons. Any moderately attractive ginger guy can pull brown pussy easily (so I'm told). They might get bullied in primary school but after puberty the world is theirs

Whatever you say, shitskin

pic with her bra off?

I dont know what in that statement makes you assume I'm not white. I took the gamble with a red head and thankfully my son is as blonde as I am. He might get his moms freckles as he gets older but at least hes wont go through the hassles of a full blown carrot top.

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nice LARP shitskin

made for facefucking and throat swabbing

*made for hand holding and cheek kissing

oh mommy

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i need to demolish an irish PAWGs freckled ass so bad bros...

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imagine if she had tits like
that haha that would be so funny because of how huge they would be right ahaha just bouncing around all the time? lmaooo

Faye Reagan and Justine Jolie

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imagine her fat sitting on your face with her fat ass and tight jeans

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I want to aggressively mould my face into the fleshy cavern of her wide ass like a liquid metal cast, the ripe stench of her hot sticky perspiration clinging eternally to every hopeless pore on my skin. Boring deeper and deeper until Bryce's ass juices are a fundamental part of my very being, like the alchemists consecrated path to becoming one with god. I want every vulnerable and innocent nasal receptor I have bound to the ineradicable fiery sting of her reeking sweat molecules lurking there forevermore like a miasmic plague of demons, loitering, hooking their abhorrent talons into my brain.

for me it's bella

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whats the best redhead sex scene in porno?

awful taste

>Cunny from seven to seventeen-o are lining up for my Dunc-

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i know :)))))

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Find me a ginger with a better body. I'll wait

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i think red heads are more attractive than blondes