A Sarah Silverman thread

A Sarah Silverman thread

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Even knowing what a disaster she becomes later in life, I would marry in her prime Silverman in a heart beat


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I like how her tongues always out

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fuck kikes

Rent free

I'd hate fuck her so hard I'll turn her into a Christian

I'm trying!


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would lap her up

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unfunny kike

would lap her down

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she's like a hot, female Adam Sandler

Anons hate this woman because she is jew but she is literally sexy as fuck

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that one gif of her nude shower scene in some shit movie really opened my eyes to the trickery women pull off with their clothes, I thought she was actually pretty hot until I saw that like 10 years ago. absolutely disgusting naked

>51 years old
>never married
>no children

Gross kike. I would have sex with her.

A Boobah Milkyman thread

she would love that

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I like how she admits to watching her friends jerk off and enjoys watching them cum.

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>stays over
>pisses in your bed
nothin personnel

current job is talking to herself (podcast) and other losers

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someone post the shower scene

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There's something about her face that makes nuts, activates my almonds

No it’s because anons wanted her body to be hot and in that one movie where she gets nude she looks like a circus freak

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Her personality makes her a 0/10 but her body is a 10. I have coomed so much to her. She is a rare opportunity to coom to a jewess since she does get nude in movies and wear revealing outfits.

wtf i love kikes now

Her show was funny, at least that's what I thought at the time.


somebody post it

Viddy the set of bolshy bazooms on this groodykorova. Imagine going shlup shlup shlup and drawing her sweet moloko splosh into you rot, O brothers

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pls no

Don’t ruin their dreams

She's the hottest unfunniest comedian out there. Usually they look like Hannah Gadsby



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God this woman

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OMG! Silicone tits!!!

*posts 15 year old pictures*
wowie zowie!

What did she mean by this

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she was only 30 years old you sick fuck!

>spmeone plz post the FRIDGE shot nao

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Are they actually

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Does she have a thing for peeing?

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Yes. I heard she pees.

it's still pretty funny, especially any part with jay johnston

bet this jewess is a throatgoat

You just know she celebrates Easter.

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What? Do girls really??

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she was bedwetter till she was like 15 or some shit

She can wet my bed

anyone have pictures of her nipples? what color and how big are they?

It's too bad she never got knocked up before her eggs went bad. I would have done it. That uncured ham Amy Schumer popped out a piglet so why not a crass comedy hebrew goddess like Sarah?

The important questions

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That day at camp, the young eagle scouts took the milfpill

I've just saw her shower photo and I can tell she's the perfect example of "Instagram woman": perfect in certain photoshoots but quite a letdown in average photos and IRL. Truly a disgusting trend

Dunno what you're talking about she's beautiful. I want to get lost in that bush.