Tucker Carlson coming out as gay

With the most homoerotic video of the decade:


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It’s kinda hilarious how the lowest test individual on TV is concerned with the t levels of modern men.

Tucker Carlson making videos with oiled up muscle men wrestling eachother is going on.

He wears a bow tie. What do you expect?

kill yourself

>I'm uncomfortable with naked men therefore HE'S gay!!!

Do you want to touch Tuckers low test man titted chubbyness faggot?

He's got pretty stiff competition in the form of Stephen "Pizzagate is a hoax" Colbert

He’s higher test than you, you fucking tranny freak

If he wanted to transition he didn’t even have to take hormones. Look at this chubby low test pussy.

Kek repressed homosexuality is a hallmark of chuds

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>article includes le tweets from literal whos
I fucking hate when they do this

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The people that hate gays the most are other gays. A story as old as Fox News.

>Kek repressed homosexuality is a hallmark of chuds
>The people that hate gays the most are other gays. A story as old as Fox News.

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Do you want to suck in Tucker Carlsons tits?

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smells like axe wound in here

This just in: Nazis secretly wanted to be Jews, the Hutus wanted to be Tutsis, plantation owners wanted to be African slaves, etc

And Tucker not so secretly wants to suck cocks.

Project more Colbert.

Great gay men show interest for the the T levels of their potential partners.

>you must want to fuck spiders

All evil people are gay, agreed

I don't think Tucker is gay but whoever made that video does reveal repressed desire. Pretty sure 99% of all tradfags/gymbros/etc have extremely repressed homoerotic desires.

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>I don't think Tucker is gay but whoever made that video does reveal repressed desire.
You now realize Tucker literally made that video.

Just like how most leftist virtue signallers are all pedophiles

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Stop replying to me groomer

I don't even know who that is

Reminder that the first homosexual politician in the world was Ernst Rohm

Conservacucks can be gay too, even gayer

Actually true, they suppress their gay urges and resent those that don't, percieving them as weaker.

They unconciously believe that all men have gay urges but that they are 'real' men for suppressing them.

That's why the most staunch anti-gay activists always end up getting found in an airport bathroom sucking someoneones cock.

Many such cases.

So people who don't like gays secretly want to have gay sex? Including Muslims who throw gay people off buildings? Is there anyone in your mind who isn't actually a repressed homosexual?

shut up and post more hunter biden dick pics

Shouldn't you be worshipping niggers right now?

Not all of them no, but more than enough for it to be a correlation.

Like you for example, you little gay boi.

I don't know man, makes no sense to me. I think those people genuinely hate gay people.

>thinks there is something inherently sxual about muscular men
>therefore everybody else is gay
Leftists evrybody

>oh my god dude it's 2022, you can't use gay as an insult any more, the world has matured and moved on! Even if he was gay, nobody cares


Pizzagate is a hoax though

The whole "negative opinions about homosexuals means you are a homosexual"-thing is freudian pseudoscience anyway.

According to whom? Tucker Carlson?

>bro it's a hoax bro
yeah, that's why alefantis (a man unknown to society at large) immediately drove straight to fox studios to do damage control the second the story broke

Yes, that's literally why he did that.

According to science. Freud's theories have been disproven, including the pseudoscientific idea that "negative opinion about x is a sign of repressed urges about x".

putting a name/face on a hoax is a surefire way to validate it you stupid bitch

>get accused of running a child sex trafficking ring
>publicly deny it

imagine simping for another man let alone tucker fucking carlson

Imagine being this retarded

Freud didn't originate that theory, moron.

>The people that hate gays the most are other gays
yes, this is correct. There's no other explanation for being obsessed so hard if it's not personal to you. Normal people who dislike gays just don't think about them and avoid them. Gays in denial have gays in their mind 24/7.

What's fake about it?

bitchute.com com/video/kftvQhTH08U/

>Including Muslims who throw gay people off buildings?
read something about afghanistan, mate. Gayism is hilariously common there.

>accused of heinous shit
>oh man, i better go and show everyone what i look like
jew logic

Homosexuality is punishable by death in Afghanistan.

If a bitchute video says something is true it's a pretty sure bet exactly the opposite is actually true.

>be accused of heinous shit
>better wear a bag over my head before I deny these allegations
That's real good optics user, do you work in PR?

Says the guy who didn't bother to actually watch the video and think for himself.

Post body soimanlet

Sodomites are so desperate for anything and everything to be gay. Don't you faggots have something better to do today like shoving eggs up your ass and trying to lure children into finding them? Fuck, I wish AIDS worked faster. All faggots and trannies are predators, rapists, and pedophiles, and all of them should be doused in lighter fluid and set on fire. Fuck you.



If I was thinking for myself I wouldn't need to watch a bitchute video to tell me what to think.

>the adl
You ever think mouthy Buddha uploaded it to bitchute because he couldn't host it anywhere else without it being taken down?? Crazy thought, I know.

So instead you blindly trust some article you read saying it was "debunked." Got it.


Muslims legitimately do fuck little boys, but that's more a result of how fucked their dating market is, due to the multiple wives thing. Imagine ours and multiply it by 10.

No I think he uploaded it to Bitchute because it's the right wing video host of choice. although less so lately since the UK has started cracking down.


You know you can watch a video and decide what you think *after* you watch it, right? You're allowed to think.

I know bacha bazi is a thing but to pretend like Afghanistan is some gay friendly place is just bonkers

You know you could post arguments yourself instead of relying on e celebs to think for you, right?

What crazy tinfoil theory is it that makes you think bitchute is somehow more truthful than the MSM? Or is it purely based on your gut feelings?

>Tucker will never powerbottom for you and destroy your dick with his tight ass
why even live

never say never, user, Tucker could come to YOUR hometown soon for a live remote.

and yet it's common as fuck. It's so common that american soldiers who were training afghani fighters had troubles maintaining morale and discipline because afghans were constantly buttfucking each other.

Definitely not common anymore, the Taliban outlawed it.

source on this?

an innocent person releases a statement through lawyers and sues everyone who dares report something so heinously false
a guilty person goes on tv and tries to aw shucks their way out of it

It's simply a platform that won't take anything down. If scary "right-wing" content creators upload content there it's a mere coincidence.
It's a compilation of visual evidence like social media posts and such. It needs to be seen to be understood. Like in a video, perhaps.
Again, it's called watching it and deciding for yourself. How was pizzagate ever "debunked" anyway, aside from people just saying that?

>source: your feelings

You asked and I answered.

Dudes high t bitch