What was Yea Forums‘s reaction to this?

What was Yea Forums‘s reaction to this?

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Started a new tradition of killing off your highest paid actor at the end of your first season because they have fulfilled their purpose of audience bait

I knew about it because I read it back in the 90s because I'm not a faggot zoomer

I thought would he die as soon as I saw the first episode and his 10 fucking children. I knew it was a long series so I assumed they would be the main characters. Having said that I was surprised when he died here, because I was still unsure if he would die in this moment, or if something or someone would come save him.

your brain subconsciously connected sean bean with death

game of thrones wasn't very big season one

>OH N-

Did this episode start the whole thing of youtubers reacting to a "shocking" scene in a show?

>hiring an A list actor for a multiple book series
it was too good to be true

are you british or american?
he was never an a-lister by american standards

Remember when everyone was so invested in this show that we all collectively came together just to decipher what Ned mumbled?
I think we all settled on "I kept my promise, Lyanna" or something.

Now no one at all mentions this show in real life conversation, except when they're pointing out how shit the ending was. Truly the most catastrophic ending of any show, compared with other seasons.

He actually mumbles "I should have dicked down Ashara"

He said: "I die in this one too"

He's chanting an ancient First Men spell and wargs into a pigeon

Didn't watch game of cringe

Nah nah I'm pretty sure it was: "Forgive me, Zanzibart.."

I was unironically upset even though I knew it was coming. S1 wasn't perfect, it was bogged down by clunky exposition and kitsch, but it was miles above any Season that came after it. I remember a single "big" moment after this one resonating with me at all.

This. It's a great money saver/maker.

I could see it coming from miles away,it's Sean Bean after all.....

Currently rewatching this series but have given up at S5 because Dorne/Stannis in the Norf is so fucking shit and boring. The drop in quality is immense after S4.

Yea Forums is a Joffrey board

At the time the bookfags knew what was coming and were just waiting for the salt. A good chunk of showfags insisted on speculating that HBO might keep him alive because they did the same thing with Layfayette on True Blood.

the first season wasnt that popular here

Did Yea Forums have true blood threads?

what other shows even do this

Wow - he was in the pigeon pie that killed Joffrey.

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I think he said "one does not simply get decapitated"

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unlike most of you i actually read books so i knew this would happen

lol, he fucking told her what he was planning and handed over the last thing Robert signed.

Yes it was, i started watching because some autist kept spamming threads several weeks before it started airing. The normies didnt know but it was popular.

Disappointment it wasn't fully shown.

I mean, I’m not a 90 iq brown person so I had already read the books and knew what was gonna happen.

Unironically the beginning of the downfall of GoT. At least that show gave me one of my biggest crush's I've ever had.

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Another bean bites the dust

>reading book series before they're finished

It wasn't everywhere on here like it was from about S3 onwards but even before S1 there was probably more talk of it than most other shows.
Pretty much every new casting announcement would get posted and discussed endlessly.

>Read shitty fantasy books wrote by a leftist fatso
>"I'm not a brainlet, i swear"

seeing a generally good person like Ned get cut down while the rest of the evil people lived hooked me


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It's Sean Bean, of course he dies at the end. The only things I can think of that he doesn't die in are Sharpe and Cleanskin

S1 Dany was a 10/10. How did GoT have so many perfect girls?

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I mourned him all afternoon after I read that chapter in the book. Then I became a huge Starkfag until I realized they were all retarded, then I became a Baratheonbro.

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Doesn't die in National Treasure, but he is arrested.

His name is funny. Two words spelled the same, yet pronounced different.

You know, I never actually saw the National Treasure movies. Are they worth a watch?


Virtually every actor under 30 was a complete unknown that was desperate for a part on primetime HBO.
At that point you can basically just pick by appearance.

"Not again..."



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They're fun, especially if you're into Beankino or Diane Kruger.

True, I didn't know who anyone was on that show except Sean Bean.

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He also survives the Silent Hill movie despite his character dying in the games.

Peter Dinklage was already a name.

Renly and Robert were both retarded and Stannis is autistic

>, except when they're pointing out how shit the ending was
Which enrages anyone here since the show went to shit s4-s5

Yeah but I honestly can't name anything else he's been in

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He was 'that dwarf guy I recognise from Elf' but i'd wager less than 1% watching would have actually known his name beforehand.
Charles Dance is the only one other than Bean that people probably would have known, at that point it comes down to being famous 'in their country' - Mark Addy is fairly recognisable here in Bongland for instance.

That is irrelevant since the kingdom will forever be fragmented by Robert's huge fucking warhammer who made widows shed tears of blood, children burn and men crap their pants in fear because the girl he was into cucked him.

Ours is the Fury, little shits.

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Season 4 was the last season with any reedemable parts, but it was downhill ever since S1

Is that the one with Kit Harrington? I only caught the end of that one

The way he holds that poleaxe looks really bad.

>crushing on an actress post 90s
zoomer cringe

yup and normies think it was "only" s8

Ned was a weak ruler because of Jon Arryn's influence. The Starks of old were ruthless fuckers, savage men with the mercy of Winter. Even Eddard's father and his older brother Brandon were both stern men who didn't take lightly any insult. Eddard himself was like this but repressed himself because of "muh honor" garbage they teach at the Eyrie.

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