Wtf did I just watch

Wtf did I just watch

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two of the top 5 nicest tits in jewrywood

Repulsive Jewish propaganda.

utter kinography

>ywn wake up to Eva Green licking your eyeballs

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>T.D. He Reamers
strange title


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But it makes mostly sense once you watch it. I don't get the TD part but, He Reamers, accurately describes this faggy trash.

A French period piece

Imagine calling Bernardo Bertolucci "repulsive Jewish propaganda." I hate this board.

Wtf happened to Michael Pitt bros? Dude looks so strung out

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Bertolucci was an atheist.[41]

Bertolucci's films are often very political. He was a professed Marxist and, like Luchino Visconti, who similarly employed many foreign artists during the late 1960s, Bertolucci used his films to express his political views; hence they are often autobiographical as well as highly controversial. His political films were preceded by others re-evaluating history. The Conformist (1970) criticised Fascist ideology, touched upon the relationship between nationhood and nationalism, as well as issues of popular taste and collective memory, all amid an international plot by Benito Mussolini to assassinate a politically active leftist professor of philosophy in Paris. 1900 also analyses the struggle of Left and Right.

On 27 September 2009, Bertolucci was one of the signatories of the appeal to the Swiss government to release Roman Polanski, who was being held awaiting extradition to the United States.[42]

>Imagine calling Bernardo Bertolucci "repulsive Jewish propaganda." I hate this board.

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a Marxist criticizing the 1968 movement for their "bourgeois values an youthful naivety"

...or just an excuse to make softcore porn

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>not "udder" kinography
missed it

is this a wax figure?

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This causes me deja vu.

>perky young woman big areola small defined titties

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I could smell the sex in a room with her

kino if it's the unrated version.
real surface level take. It does nothing but shit on the 68 generation.

I always found his face kind of repulsive, not sure why. Can't stand the dude.

what's up with marxists and loving the jewish child rapist Roman Polansky?

He was a marxist jew pedo but he wasnt a rapist

>Devil's threesome

What is the chance that The sex was unsimulated


eva green touches his cock on screen in the unrated version.

>I hate this board.
then go back to réddit, neo-marxist scum

except for that one time where he drugged and raped a 14 year old at jack nicholson's house

these new fucking tranny mods actually soft banned that word now, marking it as spam
god I can't wait to hunt you commies down, on my minecraft servers

>Partner: Asia Argento
What do you think? His performance as Kuze was one of the few redeeming aspects of GITS.

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Un film de Bernardo bertolucci, can't you read?

i am disappointed we didnt get Eva to act in Antichrist by lars von trier

Where do you see anything about him being jewish in here?

NEET kino

It was consensual


Pretty fucking high. In the sex scene in the kitchen, there's a brief moment that shows that the dude still had a boner. I wouldn't be surprised if that whole scene was real sex.

in later scene he even puts his mouth on her pussy and plays with her pubic hair sort of.

>he even puts his mouth on her pussy
For his sake, I hope he didn't suck while eating her out.

conceptualize the fragrance

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i wish there was more may '68 kino.

they use clear plastic shields for those scenes. James Franco got in trouble for taking one off.

He has a cold demeanor like that of a vampire

>clear plastic shields
yeah right

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>James Franco got in trouble
This is normal when James Franco does any tv show or film where there's a female opposite him in a scene.

>yeah right
A man could die from asphyxiation from all the hair that she has.

It was consensual and she enjoyed it

not for this one, watch that scene

Your brain is completely fried by porn if you think those are small.

certified zoomer moment

movie trivia :
Director Bernardo Bertolucci was so impressed how the actors so naturally acted naked, he penned an uncredited lengthy extra scene in the script where all three main actors are overtly nude. It ended up on the cutting room floor.

>Lel France is in turmoil
>muh revolution
>muh turbulent times
>let’s all sit in an apartment and fuck each other(only one woman though lel) and talk about it

When I was a retarded college student I thought it was amazing. Then I realized how utterly banal most sex is.

Eva Green was surprised when the film was edited down to removed some of the nudity and sexual content.

its his fucked up lips

Camera operator Luigi Andrei said he was a little embarrassed about filming in this movie: "In one scene I had to bring the camera closer to Green's naked body, or to Garrell's, just at 20/30 cm, and I showed some hesitation in doing so, until Bernardo screamed "Run on those bodies, do not be afraid!". In another scene Michael kissed all of Eva's naked body, starting from her feet. At that moment I was just stuck to her, and I was running a cart along her body at 20 centimeters, and I really saw everything about her, in the smallest details, almost like I was a gynecologist."

Huh? I can't say reddit anymore?

go back, tourist

Based take
I'm no casanova, but I've probably had more than my fair share of sex considering my level of autism and non competitiveness
I've been with virgins, whores, vanilla missionary good girls, freaky girls who liked getting hit, choked, and facefucked and everything in between
I can categorically say that sex is one of if not the most overrated human pursuit there is
I haven't had sex since 2017 and I don't really crave it or think about it any more