Moments in television and film that reveal cutting truths?

Moments in television and film that reveal cutting truths?

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He'd have been an intact retard anyway



The insanity of male genital mutilation will be flabbergasting to future humans.
sorry its on operas face now

ngl I'd probably kms if I was circumcised

Anyone have that montage of motherhood forum posts where new mothers explain their experience with hospital staff seeking to circumcise their kids?

This and also unironically.

Thank God that's a white problem

How the FUCK did they manage to get this meme so popular?
>estimated 75% prevalence in the US

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It's much easier to rape with uncut.

Americans aren't white

>evil jews running the media spread their evil baby torturing
Probably the worst one is the South Park baby torture episode
The funny part is if a jewess experienced what sex is supposed to feel like she'd become the biggest anti-baby torture advocate.

Everything will man.
We think we are so much more advanced than centuries ago
>trepanning? insanity!

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I do think cut is more aesthetically pleasing but still it's a baby who didn't have a say and thus an evil act.

frankly harrowing

Maybe the only thing more cucked than having a daughter is being circumcised.
I mean, think about it. Your father literally looked at you, held you, then passed you off before you even got to taste your mommies breast milk to some middle aged hook nosed kike to get the top of your penis removed. He actually let them do it do you, how pathetic is that, robbing your son of the pleasure of a foreskin that he will never get to experience just because he was too weak to push back against your brainlet mother and Jewish doctors.
If your not a third worlder, washing your dick head properly is something you learn very early one
The only women that prefer mutilated dicks are brainwashed mutts that have no understanding of how much smoother and glistening a nice uncut cock head looks and feels.
Not to mention the sex is way better when the skin can freely slide up and down when the man penetrates them, enhancing the feeling.

who the fuck is frank?

north american society is very sick, imagine thinking a natural penis is somehow bad or wrong. It's fucking bizarre


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Here's some good news for anons in Leafland:
When my first son was born almost three years ago I was ready to get "no circumcision" in writing and our midwife told us it is now considered a purely cosmetic procedure that is no longer done in hospital and parents must seek it out elsewhere. So there's that.

Poor little guy.

took them long enough. t. born in the 90s and snip snipped

This is rage inducing on many different levels


Same. My parents were fucking goy morons.

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I hate Jews so much bros

>I do think cut is more aesthetically pleasing
How? Seriously how can you think a big scar and nasty dried head looks good?

they honestly just thought it was just "le hygiene" and that's how I've made peace with it for myself. Make my blood boil to know how the medical establishment harvests little boy foreskins for profit, however.

Porn brainwashing/coping

Who's got the image of the circumcision study that showed the brainwaves never return to normal after the procedure?
It's got a picture of a shit-stained baby restraint they use to strap the boy down.

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Arabs, Africans, Jews, and Americans are White?

Cope harder, jew golem

No, they told me they had it done because that's what people do. It wasn't "muh hygiene", they literally never questioned it.

Fucking dumbasses. My dad is at least remorseful. My mom can fucking die for all I care.

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>men do awful shit to men women and children
wow fucking news at 11

It looks more aesthetic

I can relate. I think my dad never thought much about it since he's cut too, but feels bad after I've discussed this with him as an adult. My mother naturally hates men I think

Porn is how I learned how bad my dick is. Like "wow, that's what its supposed to look like".
Again, how? How is a massive scar and nasty dried head "aesthetic"?


>hurr durr we're created in gods image
>exept this part of skin of the cock that was a slight error on gods part

>guilt tripping your parents over getting bamboozled by a guy with credentials
people have been fooled by far less
the only reason it's still going on is because the victims of a circumcision cannot articulate the horror visited upon them. no one remembers their infancy.

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Cutfag here. I hate having a mutilated dick. I will never have sex the way nature intended.

I have an even worse story. My dad didn't want me cut, he made his position clear before I was born and my parents argued about it. When I was born my mom had the doctor cut me before my dad got to the hospital (they had separated by then). I hate that fucking cunt with my entire capacity to hate.

exactly. you can't miss what you never had. Doctors who are circumcised see no problem with circumcision, it's a whole thing

obligatory clopper

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>guilt tripping
I use it as an opener to the jq

your dick is your dick. porn is fantasy bullshit.

people are being ruined by porn, the way women are treated, fuck the entire industry. fuck anyone who tell you your body is wrong.fuck em.

The power of sheer ignorance is astonishing. You can manipulate people in an untold number of ways by sheer merit of them not knowing any better.


Fuck dude, I hope you've told her. I'd try to make her miserable on her deathbed.

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>all these women saying it looks gross
Do American women really or is this just a gay TV meme?

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Here's the thing: I often retract my foreskin below the head while my dick is getting hard, the foreskin gathers under the head and becomes a natural cock-ring, swelling it even bigger.
So it looks effectively cut, but isn't dried out. I have often been complimented for having a nice cock.

women follow social norms


Some mock it, some don't.

Kramer is so based the way he tried to prevent that child from being mutilated

Have you guys ever been ridiculed or in any way shamed for being uncut?

That's how every uncut cock works, that's why the glans is shaped that way.

>you will never experience the slack skin of your penis moving up and down the shaft
>you will always have a tight angry dry penis

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Not Jews, women.

I am cut
I'm not happy about it

Not personally, but a female coworker of mine called uncircumcised penises anteater dicks.

Most women don't even know the difference irl. They just mimic what (((media))) tells them.

You can get slack skin pretty easily with foreskin restoration. You can even get full coverage if you're dedicated, takes years though.

It is largely propaganda, pushed by our friendly merchant so that they don't stand out as much because of their cut dicks. Sure, some women may genuinely prefer it, but many have the exact opposite preference because sex is mechanically more satisfying and less dry. Ultimately, we should not give a single fuck about what women "prefer" when it comes to our dicks.

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I'm cut and have been complimented on my dick. doesn't mean I don't wish I had the foreskin

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Circumcision in the US was introduced by John Harvey Kellogg (a Christian) to get Boys to stop masturbating. It peaked in the 1950s with about 90% of boys circumcised but is now dramatically reducing as the US abandons Christianity and becomes less white. So you should be happy at the browning of America if anything, and the dramatic reduction in rates over the last 30 years indicates there’s no concentrated conspiracy to do it.

There is no correlation between levels of Jews and rates of circumcision. South Korea has virtually no Jews and one of the highest rates in the world, Russia has the worlds 3rd largest Jewish population and virtually no circumcision. The argument against this observation usually claims that this is because it only exists in areas where the US or “the Jews” have some sort of nefarious influence, but this is also nonsensical. Circumcision is most prevalent in the most anti-Semitic places in the world. 2/3rds of people circumcised worldwide are Muslim. Iran, one of the most anti male-American places in the world and has a 99% male circumcision rate

You'd get hauled into to HR for a beef curtain comment, however.

Women don't even understand how dicks work. Most American women can look at a pic of a uncut erect cock and think it's cut. Women are dumb. Imagine mutilating your newborn son's dick because some whore might have a preference.

it's just sick

And what exactly are you trying to say?

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Dumb question but how does jacking off even work without foreskin? Is the only option rubbing the shaft?

>There is no correlation between levels of Jews and rates of circumcision.

Now watch who screams out when a country tries to ban it...

>So you should be happy at the browning of America
How's about saying no to both?
Captcha KYJ00

Women's opinions and TV memes are the same thing.

>Circumcision is most prevalent in the most anti-Semitic places in the world. 2/3rds of people circumcised worldwide are Muslim. Iran, one of the most anti male-American places in the world and has a 99% male circumcision rate
Semite doesn't mean "jew." Muslims and jews have cut their cocks for a long time. Abraham was a dumb faggot.

Nobody in Finland but Arabs gets circumcised. Why do you care?

>Is the only option rubbing the shaft?
pretty much, although there's still some skin depending on how you were cut

Yeah pretty much. Takes like 10 minutes and it feels good for like 5 seconds. Then it's back to normal. It's more like scratching an itch or finally sneezing than genuine pleasure. Which, of course, was the fucking point so that I would focus more on the jews and their psychotic god.

Well prsumably you're the same guy who wanted to make sure we all knew circumcision has **nothing** to do with Jews, and now you're deflecting to Finland. Despite Finland being prevented from banning it primarily due to jewish influence.

idk you just sort of jack it, they don't take all the skin. lube is also a main option for wacking it because you don't have the natural friction of the prepuce

Women are the primary drivers of modern circumcision in the US. It only still exist because they find it visually pleasing and then demand their sons get it.

Male Americans are mutilated at birth for the aesthetic fulfillment of women. It’s like some shit out of a dystopian novel/film.

Didn’t answer the question. Why do you care if only non-whites are getting circumcised

Prob varies. Some use lube, some spit, and some swear they don't need it. Honestly glad I don't need to buy products to make masturbation better. I've tried lube, doesn't really make a difference when you're intact.

The state has an obligation to protect the rights of its citizens regardless of their race or religion.

I've been doing foreskin restoration for the past 18 months and have enough slack skin that I can do it the normal way now. Before then I had a "hybrid" grip. Basically I would grip tightly on the shaft, but loosely around the head.

>Male Americans are mutilated at birth for the aesthetic fulfillment of women.
women don't care what a penis looks like.

Why is the Jewish conspiracy letting circumcision in the US drop like a rock?

Not him, but I'm not a monster. There shouldn't be a cut penis anywhere on God's Gay Earth.


And you didn't answer mine schlomo. Ideally no one would get cut. But banning everyone from doing it would be best. So are you happy with my answer?

they are preventing us from banning it, that's the point.

>they don't take all the skin
Huh, that's weird.
Damn that sucks man, but at least you last longer.
Huh, I always wondered why lube is always mentioned in American media in connection with masturbation.
I didn't even know that was a thing. How did you do it?

It's still too high and it's still normalized.

depends how much porn she's watched and how much she's into oral