God i hope so

god i hope so

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>comedian-turned-war time leader

he's just begging for more gibs from western countries, tired of this dude already, handle your own shit or get conquered, not our problem.

Lol Ukraine is sending dead pics of Russians to their families, Russia looks so pathetic

100 seconds to midnight

>kike and literal actor lies for attention
No, I don’t believe it, he would never

Live video feed from Keev.

Did the ghost of Keeeev tell you that?

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I still don't understand why Russia is doing this. Tempting MAD because you miss the Soviet Union is just retarded.

>New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London are all destroyed
>Most normal people are unaffected
Wow sounds terrible

the face of a pussy faggot that forced 18 year olds to die in a war while he sits in Tel Aviv like a king snorting coke and fucking whores
what a pathetic faggot

The Kremlin has its own truth.

yawn what's this.. oh the Russia war? I thought that shit was over.. it's still going? Lol crazy. oh well good luck to the good russians or whatever.

Revelation 9:6 : During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

Clown world

>*Mainlines State Department propaganda for 16 hours*
>Heh, how could those dumb commies in Soviet land blindly believe everything their government tells them?

based. nuked ClAkraine scum AND ww3?

god i wish

thanks globohomo universe

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Putin has a terminal illness. He's gonna make his name mean something before he goes.

What? "Despot and war criminal"? He sure managed to make it mean that.

Putin has dementia

a russian nuclear strike would almost certainly result in retaliatory invasion by NATO forces. moscow would be occupied or reduced to a crater within days if not hours. their military is already fucked.

His histerics stopped being funny 2 months ago
And everyone besides CNN stopped caring

Reddit: the post

Putin is fighting the globohomo

Not before every western city is a smoking ruin, also China doesn’t want to be the only major power standing against ZOG; they would lend much more substantial support.

>I still don't understand why Russia is doing this
Nigger, NATO is forcing nuclear missiles down their throat
They're doing it because you left them no other option

Nope, Russians did. Same with how they said they were fighting Nazis in ukraine.

>normal people

I just don't care about ukrain

Hello Ivan

He should fight the homo in his own shithole first.

Is this the thread for people who got laughed out of /k/?

No you HAVE to care, don’t you know Putler is literally bombing every Ukrainian child but also somehow Russia is 2 days away from losing the war??

lol cope harder ivan


Learn more about the Jewish takeover of Ukraine through their coup in 2014 and the Jewish oligarchy such as Kolomoyskyi. Check out the radio show

>the libs hate putin? Well now I love putin!
You niggers are literal children

nuking Ukraine would guarantee an invasion
nuking a NATO member would result in retaliatory nuclear annihilation. the question is can we stop russian missiles? would they be using chinese hypersonic weapons?

Agreed. Should have let Germany wreck the Russians like the subhumans that they are.

Imagine doing this for free

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>implying Gherasimov and Shoigu didn't steal half the microchips to sell them to China
At this point I'd be surprised if the little subhumans had any real nuclear capabilities

Enjoy your ban Ivan, pushing literal genocidal far right fash propaganda.

This is your brain on reddit

At this point i wouldnt really care, and I'd doubt we'd retaliate with nukes

Wrong, should've stomped the G*rmans and keep moving East like Patton wanted, shouldn't have stopped until we reached the Pacific

>Enjoy your ban Ivan, pushing literal genocidal far right fash prop-

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Russia invaded a white nation and kills white women and children in crossfire for natural resources that will benefit Jewish Russian oligarchs while you cheer it on
You are the most useful idiot in this history of idiots

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>I'd doubt we'd retaliate with nukes

Those American soldiers would be considered Nazis today btw

And betray our faithful Russian allies in the middle of their rape campaign? How unamerican of you!

leftists like:
>fuck nazis
>go ukranian nazis!

>trust me boss, this will get the far right to support the literal kike figurehead ruler of a ZOG puppet regime!

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1. Slavs aren't white
2. Ukraine is Russia
3. That's terror

is it even possible to get laughed out of /zog/ now?

wow what a noble creature you are.

Great reset, same reason why biden is crashing the economy and allowing migrants to freely enter the country. Hope you own an ar-15 and a lot of 5.56

lmao Ameripigs absolutely terrifies that the game is up for them

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>no other option

or they could just not invade other countries, there's that too

realistically speaking, which countries would be safe if ww3 started tomorrow?

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it's OK when USA does it