Remove bam

>remove bam
>movie is terrible
wow who would've guessed

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it wasn't terrible, just underwhelming. and when the "finale" hits your like... thats all?
its not the same without bam though

>earthrocker cope
it was kino

>Coping after Bam dropped that lawsuit
Keep seething earthrocker.

No bam no watch

>no faggy segments where he's a jerk to his parents
>no omg doods i'm fricken scared of snakes cringe shit
>don't have to see his faggy face
yeah I'm thinking it was 1,000x better without that gaylord. fuck HIM

what is the difference between this and gay torture porn

>this thread again
Bam's exclusion is his fault and his alone. He dug his own grave.

They are just working so hard to have moments I couldn't get through 10 minutes. Half of that was the unfunny intro. Damn

>pretending this soulless piece of shit was any good
fuck you knoxville

This movie needed to be a tv show ironically

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Neck yourself Bam.

TV series > 1st movie > 2nd movie >>> Soulless 3rd >>>>>>> 4th

>Not allowed to do any drugs on the filming of Jackass
>Bam agrees
>Covid happens
>Filming of Jackass is postponed
>He does drugs because they aren't filming and it's his choice, a job shouldn't change your entire life outside of the job because Steveo said so
>Dyude it's his own fault
Fuck yourself you controlling nigger

should have brought back ryan dunn

doean't matter if it was a soulless piece of shit. it was infinitely better without the gayest nigger on planet earth Bam Margera being a turbo faggot with his niggertry

>agree to not do something
>do it anyways
When a project is "postponed" you can't slack off because it can be put back on track at any moment, it isn't cancelled. If the rest of the cast had to put up with the rules, so did he.

Why does this board have such a hateboner for Bam? Is it because he reminds you of the skater/alt kids that rejected you for being a spaz, and seeing his downfall is cathartic because it's as close as you'll get to seeing those kids fail?


>>remove bam
>>movie is terrible
>wow who would've guessed
boner boy been riding bam's coattails for decades

Do r me it's because he's a shitter to his parents and he ruined tony hawk underground 2

looks like reddit is here begging for updoots again

how about he's a faggot and you're a bigger faggot

see that video of him vomiting and sobbing while asking people to venmo him a dollar so he can make a better jackass? do you really want to see bam getting the shit kicked out of him while he's got the cold sweats and jittering around like a crackhead?

You really need this spelled out for you? He's a cruel crybaby manchild asshole who takes himself too seriously and can dish it out but can't take it.

He would happily set your house on fire as a "prank" and start sobbing about how life isn't fair when the cops come to arrest him.

This Also you're a bigger faggot for supporting him.

>do you really want to see bam getting the shit kicked out of him while he's got the cold sweats and jittering around like a crackhead?
so much so that ive venmoed him several bownes and i recommend you all do the same

bam's breakdown was more kino than jackass forever

it would be the bum fights follow up that we deserved

Hell yeah I do. They should have dug up Ryan Dunn's corpse and put it in Bam's bed while he was sleeping.

>remove bam
>movie terrible because of diversity hires and everyone being senior citizens
>it would have sucked with bam in it (he is actually in a scene) but bam just got lucky and got booted by happenstance
Jackass is dead, it’s been dead since 3, anything past 3 is just milking it’s corpse till it’s sand


What's left for Bam now that he dropped the lawsuit?

>skater/alt kids that rejected you for being a spaz
I don't think anybody in the history of life has wanted to fit in with skater kids

>What's left for Bam now that he dropped the lawsuit?

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I never hated Bam but he seemed really fucking cringe and immature despite the subject matter. You could tell the other dudes enjoyed it but just ultimately saw it as a paycheck where Bam really was a dipshit and wasn’t in on the joke. Also, he is the worst member but for some reason gets as much credit as Steve-O or Knoxville. The combination of these left a really poor taste in the fans mouths and he’s one of those dudes that doesn’t realize people are laughing at him and not with him

Ryan Dunn was the SOVL of Bam and Bam was the SOVL of jackass


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Becoming Don Vito

>He loses his castle

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he was always the worst one

Remember when Bam ruthlessly mocked fat people, Vito's lazy eye and drug addicts?

you dont have to own a home to be an earthrocker

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Back in the 00's Bam trying to murder Tremaine would have been the plot of the movie

Being rich and alone

The contract was so unreasonable. Daily drug tests for 8 months, even though no filming was going on.

Threatened with termination for one adderal, which definitely fucked with Bam's head and made him relapse hard as hell.

Bam didn't even want to get sober. Could have totally kept him on a much more realistic and healtier intoxication program. Cold turkey can fuck you up if you have chemical dependencies.

he dropped it cause they settled . the retard probably got like 5 million

>Being rich and alone
he's married with children (but not custody) also a millionaire earthrockstar
and you are?

>Just change your life cause of the film being on hold bro
Nigger it was years, it might as well been cancelled.

3rd film was an exceptional theater experience. 4 was very souless and akward.

>and you are?
better than Bam because I am not an alcoholic and don’t have a huge hole in my heart

He found an adderall pill in his car and took it. What terrible luck!

the purpose of the contract was to get rid of bam because nobody likes him.

>5 million
No fucking way he got that. The entire movie budget was $10 million

i saw the 3rd recently before forever came out, maybe it's cause a lot of time's passed but it's not bad. it's still sanitized and a bit soulless, but it wasn't a bad conclusion. ending with the childhood photos is kino
the original guys don't even do the final stunt in jackass forever.

>No fucking way he got that. The entire movie budget was $10 million
and now you understand why BONERBOY and his CONTRACT were BULLSHIT

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>the "new generation" is a million black people, some annoying white twink and a woman

Why didn't they just end it? Are they really that desperate for royalties on the franchise


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i unironically love bam but if he ever gets himself sober the love affair is over

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Bam was particularly hard to watch because he had every opportunity in the world to just calm down and take his millions and beautiful wife and ride into the sunset, but he threw it all away to become a crackhead married to a hooker.



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