>Fabricates a event that never happened


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Cope anglogermcuck

>my face when learning that the farmers all had planes and were flying to find out where rifle sniper blacks were on rooftops and not dropping bombs
lol this video

Let me guess, they left out the beginning where a bunch of black dudes killed 10 whites?


sup schizo

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You can post a reply immediately after making a thread fyi

yup like always with leftists, the love to lie and distort facts

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my biggest regret in life is forcing myself to finish this utter abomination
the only enjoyable part was watching ozy escape

Remember when they revealed that Trump's dad led a faction of the KKK that used subliminal messages to make blacks go crazy.

They always tell you what happened to them, but they never tell you why

Trump isn't in the show.

Why are you poisoning the well leftypol tranny communist?

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No, but his dad was.

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My favorite thing about the show is how it hammers certain points and themes into your head because it's written by and for morons. Like when black guy walks by a foreigner at a news stand selling comic books and he sees a superman comic and his origin being a baby that got put in a rocket ship by his parents to escape his planet being destroyed, then black guy goes "OOOOOOH HE'S JUST LIKE ME!" and they show a flash-back to the first episode where child black guy got put in a truck leaving town by his parents while the town was being destroyed.

take your meds schizo

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I like how they see a movie about a sheriff doing justice before the massacre.

>"we want to have nice things too"

Sadly, the show is not engaging enough.

sorry genghis, you're just not european

no fucking way

has nothing to do with Trump in any way

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, you took the bait like the stupid faggot you truly are

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Reparations when?

called it that your stupid low iq schizo ass would appear, hours ago, kek you are one deranged retard
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>white doc man wears diaper bc white dick bad
>black doc man immediately whips dick out bc bbc good
>gay black man top
>gay white man bottom
this show was written by black fetishists


why are you defending niggers and a event that happened in the USA you know nothing about?
also why did you take the bait like a gigantic faggot? are you really this stupid and low iq

anglogermcucks are whiny asian larpers and Watchmen is the second best show ever made after LOST. I'm just happy there's a Watchmen thread.

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Libtards are still suffering from TDS to this day, not surprising they are still obsessed and shitting their pants over orange man

Trump's not in the show

yes it has, why are you lying on Yea Forums?

So? you're still suffering from TDS? jesus christ

It has nothing to do with Trump. Just because his name is Fred and is associated with the KKK doesn't mean he's Fred Trump who is also associated with KKK.

you have been saying the same shit for over 3 years you insane retard, slit your wrists and bleed out in your bathtub communist tranny

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yet here you lying and still suffering from Trump obsession,do you want to fuck Trump or something? damn...

sounds to me like you have a problem with choosing good leaders.

why do you want to fuck Trump after all these years?

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>we want to refer to this historical character

>for that you have to create a pastiche of this historical character. you can't refer directly to him.

>ok, then we will only refer to him by his first name

At the end of the day, you have to trust your audience.

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Such a good show

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Making this show is so embarrassing. So many modern shows are shockingly retarded I can't stand the modern world and its retardation.

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>this show was written by black fetishists
So jews? They’re just so fucking weird about niggas, man. Ugly, awkward, bisexual NBA-loving little creeps.

>Such a good sho-

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>De spite being numer i cally at a disad van tage, black Tulsans
fought valiantly to protect their homes, their businesses, and
their commu nity. But in the end, the city’s Afri can-American
pop u la tion was simply outnum bered by the white invad ers
wow what a wonderful source

you have such shit taste is pathetic, literally pretending to like a show you can own "the fash" you're absolutely mindbroken schizo, slit your own throat please

its gotta be tha stank


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This is an edit, right?

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>Are you a member of or do you associate with members of the white supremacist organization known as the Seventh Kalvary?


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I always hear from anons that this didn't happen but I've never seen any evidence. Can someone post a good article or video?

Obvious samefag, 1 minute apart. Stop posting this shit you nigger asswipe.

you should kys.

I mean, it happened. But it wasn't anything like that shit. Leftists seem to love blowing things out of proportion to give more drama to it.

I was there. Trust me

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Blacks need subliminal messages to go crazy? I thought they just did that anyway.

By leftists you mean jews. 100% jew controlled narrative.

Panda was a very good character. The Procedure was a great concept too. I like it. It is ridiculous but they executed to perfection.


nope, it's literally a schizo from another thread that spams tv threads calling whites asians
I knew he would show up cause he always shows up in these threads defending this event and claiming it was real
here's the thread where's sperging out and calling whites asians

Totally agree. They managed to expand on the world of Watchmen and take it into the modern world in such compelling ways.

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Sup, I really hate black people. That's all.

there is none, leftists lie and worship niggers, they need to constantly portray niggers as victims so a steady stream of gibs flows into black "families" which are 70% without a father and are highly dysfunctional

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No, I mean leftists. Fuck off with the Jew shit. I mean, for fuck's sake, there are Jews who are republicans.

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Republicans are nigger worshipping faggots

this is all one person, holy mental illness what compels someone to act like this? he's talking and discussing the movie with himself, holy shit

>fuck off with the jew shit

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