Which child got screwed over the most by Wonka?

Which child got screwed over the most by Wonka?

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Veruca, who was burned to death.

Probably Mike TV after his mother remembered the crux of the Richard Gere legend. You know the one.

Well, she only might've been burned to death.

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The bitch that got crushed to death. Imagine popping like a balloon and that's how you die.

>You know the one.
No, I don't.

Wonka is a liar from the moment you see him, so when he says the kids will be fine you know they're dead.

Do you know the Tale of Lemmywinks?

Slugworth, I bet Wonka didn't even pay the boy minimum wage

1971 > 2005
Fuck zoomers and fuck Tim Burton.

Holy based

Slugwoth was like 70, user.

No, I've never even heard of it.

Guys, if you were suddenly shrunk down like Mike Teevee which celebrity's asshole would you crawl into first?

For me, it's Jenna Ortega.

Trips doubles doubles of truth.

>ywn be shrunk down and put in a giantess' purse

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What on earth makes you think you'd have a choice?

Porn has rotted your brain.

Brea's stinky asshole after a switchfit session.

Who honestly cares how to smell her name.

What do you think happened to Mike Teavee after he got taken home by mom?

He never made it home, he probably suffocated in her purse but even if he lived through that the Oompa Loompas have to kill any witnesses.

How do you suffocate in a purse?

You're alright.

>If only you knew how bad things really were

I can crawl into any asshole I want.

Killed by spider.

At least in the 2005 version Mike Teavee was a jerk who deserved to be punished.

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If you're small enough and the purse is closed shut, you'll run out of air.

Her purse was never close shut though

She shoved her son into her rectum for forbidden pleasure as he asphyxiated.

No mother would do that to their own child

>Worst child is Veruca
>Yet Mike is the last to be punished
What sort of whackass writing is this?

>No mother would do that to their own child

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First off, she didn't know he was her child. Second, she didn't stick him up her fucking pooper after he was shrunk.

>First off, she didn't know he was her child
A mother's intuition told her, but she didn't care.

>Second, she didn't stick him up her fucking pooper after he was shrunk.
now you know why they call him Doc "Brown"

Violet had the only punishment that felt cruel. The other kids, something bad happened, everyone had a laugh, on with the tour. Violet, everyone stops and gathers around making fun of her, it takes minutes of swelling up before the man finally says she's going to actually inflate until she explodes, and then they roll her around to make fun of her one more time before going on with their day.

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None. They brought it upon themselves. They signed the contract and were tested. All but one failed the tests.

Charlie drank the fizzie pop though. Besides, it never really felt like Mike failed any sort of test. Kid wanted to test out a teleporter/shrink ray, and it did exactly what he expected it to do, and he was fine with that.

Just so that we're all clear, Grandpa Joe was the real villain of the film.
He first fakes being bedridden, then he says "we won!", then later he causes Charlie to sin by breaking Wonka's rules; stealing fizzy lifting drink...tssk tssk.

All work and no play makes Charlie a dull boy. Do you really want a child who gets surrounded by candy and toys and doesn't bother to enjoy it?

Do you think near middle age Charlie hunted the Oompa Loompas for sport? not to kill them mind, you, but just to prove that he *could*?

me. cause i had to watch this shitty movie and read the shitty book.

(didn't mean that extra comma)
The world was more real in the 1970s. It had dirt and meaning and took its time, but now we're in a thin neon sim without any reflection.

How was the book different?

The Oompa Loompas were african pygmies, meaning Wonka basically had slaves

None of the characters died retard.

The chicken in the tunnel died fer shure.

Yes i'm sure the fat kid who got sucked into the fudge boiler was just fine you ignorant cock.

He doesn't make it to the boiler, they get him out

>the guy that secretly puts gin into his candy always tells the truth

>Mike Teavee survives being shrunk
>Wonka decides to kill him by putting him in the taffy puller

Who was the most retarded?
Mike tv. It wasnt tv. TV means televisual. Visual means pictorial image representation.
Mike was transported physically. Different technology.
He was the only one killed by not even his character trait, only by his own stupidity.
A true tv aficionado wouldnt have fallen for the scheme so easily.
It was CLOSED CIRCUIT even. What a tiresome dolt.
Anyway I just want to say I do enjoy fizzy lifting drink posting and look forward to seeing some it.

Imagine the butt crumb collection in Grandpa's Joe's bed that he shared with three other people..that he never left.

Remember, Mike Teavee was HAPPY after he came out the other end. He knew it was a shrink ray and teleporter, and like any kid his age he thought that was cool as fuck and wanted to try it out.

In the Burton version they show the aftermath
>Fat fuck turns into chocolate I think
>Violet becomes elastic and blue
>Veruca and her dad just get covered in trash
>Mike becomes obscenely stretchy and flat

I would say the fat kid got it the worst since he can die easily from becoming chocolate. Veruca got off easy, she can just take a shower


Shut the fuck up, bitch.

Who cares

we don't see what happens to gus or veruka but violet blow up into a fucking blueberry before our very eyes so her.
miketv got fucked but who gives a fuck about him

Oompa looms mutthurt meddit maggot...

worthless post, god you're a faggot

How is that irrelevant? Mike TV got exactly what he wanted, then Wonka took it away from him, all for the crime of being a child and enjoying the things a child would enjoy.

...and you keep replying to me like a faggot. Leave now if you hate the film so much.

Charlie was sent into orbit and killed by Russians.

I don't think he actually turned into chocolate.

>If you want to Jew paradise..

Thereby creating a fetish, too.
We all got punished.

speak for yourself freak.

>miketv got fucked
How so?

His mom used him as a butt brush.

Wrong post, meant these
Point is the was retarded. He shouldn't have been excited because it washt tv. He didn't deserve to be happy. He should have died by eating a tv dinner or something. It wasnt tv it was a shrink ray transporter.

Yeah, I don't think many purses are air tight, user.

I'll take "things that would never happen" for 500 alex

you freeze verrucas, you dont burn them

This isnt a WW thread it's a CCF thread dumbass
Take your garbage film and fuck off yourself retard.


Good point

I didn't choose it

we saw him get shrunk

Okay then, why? Why would his mom do ANYTHING butt related with him?

Yeah but he was happy about it. He literally wanted to do it again right afterwards. It was just a fun adventure to him.


Why would she let an electronic heeb brainwash him day and night? This world has many questions and less answers, son.

i'd say something about kids not knowing shit but miketv was a complete hyperfocoused volatile little dipshit who probably did keep loving it until he was squashed by a shoe or whatever, so i agree with you and take it back.

Mike tv was obsessed with tv
>didn't get caught out with tv, got caught out by a transporter
Charlie was poor
>got caught stealing
Mike tv was the only one who wasnt caught by their character flaw, he technically won.
If that's what you mean then I agree actually. But he was retarded to fall for a trick unrelated yo his flaw.

>didn't get caught out with tv, got caught out by a transporter
The "transporter" was set up to broadcast objects via TV. That was his gimmick, he even announces that he's going to be the first person sent through TV. The TV part of it was emphasized a bunch.

are u thick?

>look at me everybody i'm the first person in the world to be sent by television
>wow what a wild trip that was, this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me
i dunno maybe i've been wrong all these years and mike is a little bit based

>But he was retarded to fall for a trick unrelated yo his flaw.
Bu that's the thing, if you WANT to be shrunk, and so you hop in the shrink ray, are you really "falling" for anything?

>hey kids, wanna see a chicken get its head cut off?

did wonka invent jumpscares?

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