>getting too old for the (((producers))) edition

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Attached: 1578144594612.jpg (3001x2001, 2.29M)

post emma. You know the one

Attached: 1646892031271.jpg (1125x1974, 271.02K)

Attached: 1597204780482.jpg (1125x1383, 1.1M)

I'm the same age as her and she looks like my 45 year old milf boss.

I would still worship her


Attached: 1648051545312.jpg (1536x2048, 427.31K)

These walled threads are a psyop to make Yea Forums hate white women and start loving asian women.

Attached: Bam_Margera_viceland.jpg (717x493, 25.04K)

Attached: 1621781867256.jpg (489x478, 50K)

Rofl she was never pre wall


Attached: 14235435346.jpg (2419x980, 781.28K)

ugly as fuck
lol thats true

Ah sweet is this the incel chud thread for virgins?

Attached: 1642302176627.jpg (1200x1200, 93.48K)

I would still marry and have a happy family with her.

Attached: 1646151755137.jpg (947x497, 379.96K)

Olivia hits me the hardest. Dreamt of marrying her and having a big family.

>skinny blonde with big tits


Attached: 1645778461820.jpg (570x698, 172.74K)

she looks like that hooker in breaking bad

Not going to be an issue for her, I suspect. She's been cast for her acting ability just as much as for her looks and has a level of respect as a serious actress that I think she'll get roles for a long time. Like Nicole Kidman.


Attached: 1644379909099.jpg (1440x1800, 360.76K)

These are all literally just then fucking up their makeup.

> t. crossdresser

Not yet imo

Attached: ed0a3ba6dd43ba819e6ff257e316d73c[1].jpg (801x1200, 118.17K)

My sympathy goes out for you and your autism-induced face blindness.

Attached: 1643849562810.jpg (1024x682, 280.69K)

She's had work, but defs still would


Attached: 1645128453724.jpg (2877x3721, 777.9K)

Attached: 1491322541532.gif (245x285, 915.28K)

More like Emma 16 Stone.

Attached: a8c05ffdfe17c683b245ad61b522eb70.jpg (649x900, 90.08K)

>Bridget Fonda
what the actual fuck

The most merciless walling in history.
Only Kelley McGillis comes close.


Attached: 1577984339217.png (1600x1148, 3.1M)

This was when she hit the wall for me.

Attached: 1580620274431.png (668x218, 65.31K)

Attached: 1647986026581.jpg (400x392, 54.54K)


Attached: 1578343569764.jpg (2758x3810, 1.29M)

Attached: vomit.gif (500x328, 998.66K)

>raises you

Attached: 1642097625160.jpg (1024x1471, 264.09K)

would give all of them pusy lickings

Tony hinchcliffe using a fem filter

>try one from this decade simp faggot.

Attached: 1578607862187.png (640x1040, 527K)

You are gay so there's that

It wasn't just that, she went feminist producer at almost precisely the wrong moment and then Birds of Prey flopped.
You can't get away with the same shit you got away with when you were getting 600mil at the box office when you're only getting 100mil at the box office.
To be fair, I don't think it's her fault, I think she's just a bit dumb, but a successful career is luck, so bad luck can hardly be seen as unfair.

Attached: 1647687679438.jpg (1280x720, 161.2K)


Attached: 1643398576263.jpg (640x640, 48.7K)

they look exactly the same

That's just a bad angle

Not her fault. Fire the makeup artist


Attached: 1643393169742.jpg (950x1425, 103.49K)

reply spammers should be drowned in concrete.

Your shill abilities have clearly weakened.

Attached: 1649328221369.jpg (1530x660, 164.21K)

She did the right thing producing and starring in I, Tonya, a movie that shows how much the media lies/manipulates and the amount of prejudice against the white poor.
Her mistake was insisting on Harley Quinn. Ultimately, what made her were the beautiful, iconic nude scene in Wolf of Wall Street so she has to keep in mind what her strong points are. while they're still strong.

Attached: 16450493127.jpg (768x768, 91.62K)

That angle is notoriously unflattering and she looks great in 99% of her pics. Stop being a dumb tranny.

No, and how about you stick to the theme and post someone that actually walled?

have another bad "angle"

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white women general

Attached: white vs. korean brutality 3.jpg (1600x1200, 669.68K)

>00.2 sheckles have been deposited into your account

Attached: 1647354005986.jpg (1536x2048, 342.03K)

don't forget water, your tongue will be very dry

Shes more plastic then human lol

That's unposed and clearly taken at a split second where she was grimacing/laughing.
That said, she does seem to have hit the wall because she got too scrawny during the pandemic.

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Attached: 1644382190945.jpg (792x947, 91.86K)

reminder: fags, trannys and gays get the rope!


Attached: screenshot-brie.png (618x760, 753.78K)

Attached: https _prod.static9.net.au_fs_f93e255f-e48c-4f86-be20-370158c4533c.jpg (400x400, 28.2K)

>Theres a wall, goin round, takin names..


Attached: Male effects of the wall vs female.jpg (2400x3000, 1.39M)

Attached: 18fb82e2-edbc-43a0-87a7-2e3745f136ff.6fafc6e7fef2e08e1598108704542c8f.jpg (3000x3000, 557.68K)

she's actually made it past. she'll look good until 35-37ish and then suddenly go full connely.

Attached: 19877864432.png (1100x1305, 1.06M)

Attached: ULTRA WALLED.jpg (1080x1440, 298K)

>made it past.
lol no

Attached: 1648786065335.jpg (1200x1800, 234.5K)


holy fuck. who even remembers this bitch? I know she was a 1 hit wonder but I cannot remember her song or what it sounded like. and nows she's already picking out a grave spot? fucking crazy

Attached: index.jpg (289x174, 7.91K)

From temple to forehead

bruce jenner will be her body double when she transforms into Whor

Attached: 1643392758529.jpg (670x719, 94.16K)

>lol no

Attached: tvs waifu according to some faggot.png (346x316, 128.53K)

I mean she was never good looking. Like all white NZ females shes decendent from british trash

She is ugly.

yeah I mean still bangable. she was never that pretty/hot/cute so in comparison she looks fine imo.

like I said she'll maintain this level of attractiveness for a few years and suddenly look like a mummy one day.

Royals, a good song but one hot wonder. In her favor, her last year's album cover shows her ass from a nice angle

>holy fuck. who even remembers this bitch?
her one hit wonder came out over TEN YEARS AGO

Doesn't even look real. Is this some sort of AI-generated hitpiece?

Attached: 1645532231153.jpg (2200x3300, 872.54K)

Why isn't my cum on her face

The wall is ruthless


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Attached: 1646539861595.webm (1268x1076, 2.83M)

Attached: no-one-can-stop-the-wall-6231027.png (500x503, 166.14K)

that's what I'm saying. how could you even remember her to check if she got walled or not.

low effort


Attached: 1649606828233.jpg (1285x1800, 794.37K)

who dis? looks familiar (and horrifying)

nah she was very cute in United States of Tara

no she's hitting the wall

Attached: 1638517174194.jpg (1440x1800, 164.54K)

Thanks to kikes and their minions we’re all going to be forced to look at these creatures in ‘sexy’ roles forever.

Attached: 1639345256921.jpg (1118x1000, 377.1K)

>Those dead eyes

she's 100 percent on drugs in this

Attached: 1649068952939.webm (576x1024, 1.83M)

bog early and bog often

but the Yea Forums watcher doesnt make a living based on his appearance, what did you mean by this?

Wish she would gain back another 5-10 pounds


Andy McDowell. She has beautiful art nude pics from the early 2000s I think

that doesn't make sense because the boy in front of the tv was never promoted as a beauty icon


Attached: 1647493281362.jpg (1112x1864, 280.35K)

>dead career
>hit the wall at a million miles per hour


It's like she's transitioning from human to plastic snake toy.

Attached: 1640648893198.jpg (634x634, 126.71K)

She's starting to look like captain janeway a bit

Pretty true, only incels would argue it

15 year old boys are more wrinkly than this. Try again.