On the next episode of mystery hole

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Isn't there a show literally doing this? And it turns out the hole takes you to caveman times?

Why can't anything compete with LOST

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kek there is a genre of hole shows

Sneed emerges from the hole. The voice over says "Sneed".

cast him

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what is this?

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Outer Range

It any good?

It has Josh Brolin so probably. I am hyped.
I bet it will be way better than that shitshow Raised By Wolves.

It's great so far. It's a weekly release, so people can't binge it in a weekend yet.

True, even Raised By Wolves had a hole

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It's been decent so far but I feel it's only a matter of time until the hippie bitch ruins it.

Picrel was half-decent Holekino.

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>I want your hole
What did he mean by this?

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Previously, on H O L E

they're finally doing it bros. THEY'RE FINALLY DOING IT.

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Is his based on that urban myth about a hole in Washington like this?

its not a genre its a trope

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That's Mel

why do i want to fuck the hole in the ground bros
what if it's chronos' bütthôIIe

I had forgotten about this one
Kino tbqh

>its another americans shamelessly rip off "roadside picnic" episode

>looks into hole

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Good show with a good white people cast. I'm enjoying it

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>white people cast
maybe I'll give it a shot then

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It's like Wayward Pines meets Signs with sub Yellowstone setting. Good premise but risks filling hole with cliffhanger bullshit. Cast outside Brolin is bad.

This movie was 1/10. Just listen to "Mel's Hole" segments of Coast to Coast with Art Bell for holekino

>the "I'm done with the cock carousel and ready to settle down" hole

Strange woman arrives.
Man has a mystery hole in his life.
This is some great symbolism.

It's not based so far

I wish the holes in golf were this big amirite fellow golfers?

Mel's hole kino

inb4 underwhelming ending like the kettering incident

Ok so the main plot device is a hole. It's got Imogen poots in it too. The producers: How much do we make the out for?

Blame! is basically inverse hole kino. The protag starts at the bottom and has to climb to the top.

>man in lab coat reading a seismograph
>"jesus christ..."

>53 year old man in cowboy hat with one foot on a fence
>yeah we get about 3 guys a week goin down the hole

this shit freaks me the fuck out

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I started it, and stopped after the third episode when they brought in the dad getting fucked shit.

>Cast outside Brolin is bad
I like Tom Pelphrey, hasn't had much screentime though

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If it isn't her it'll be the fat lesbian injun sheriff that I'm pretty sure is only there because they realized half way through production that there weren't any nogs or fags

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It's hole kino

going to stick my swole pole in that hole


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who is poots... why did she push him... how is she rich...

>Woah the mistery hole keeps getting bigger and stacry refuses to date me dad
>Not now son i'm researching why hole keeps getting bigger and wonder if your mom is cheating on me

Never watching this cuck shit, I hate modern writers

Even fucking Counterpart is a hole show

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You're making shit up
He's making shit up

that user is talking out his ass, there is nothing in the first two eps about the hole expanding. it looks to be time-travel or many-worlds shenanigans
brolin is extremely based i will watch the hole thing regardless of if it is shit. it's not great but it's not bad either.

Vat ve vitness here ist Der vagina envy. Ze repressed troon vishes himself to haff a vagina, so he inzzerts it into his verks, as he subconzhushly still sinks in terms of penetration

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Thanos is in this?! I have to watch it

>Outer range
>Check cast on Google search
>Not a single black
Wtf based??? How did this ever get greenlit?

Unironically an expanding hole can be kino. Picrel is my favorite example
>spatial hole appears in antarctica
>slowly begins expanding
>world is in panic, riots and looting
>this only causes the hole to expand faster
>UN puts together a team to investigate
>well fuck the hole is full of demons
>still no clue how to stop it
>as is SMT tradition, in order to stop hole expansion one must become kill God, become the new God, or become a demon God after climbing the tower of babel
But instead we got devil survivor 2 as an anime, despite having a less compelling plot than ds1

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He was also in the goonies
They have a gay native American woman so it's okay


Heh, gonna have to tell the fellas this one next time we hit the course.

-sent from Graham's iPhone

Don't fear death, fear life - Benny X

Why are Americans obsessed with holes?

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tfw caveman gets sent back to camp green lake

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