Films about gyno?

Films about gyno?

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Commando (how to get rid of tit fat)

This is a demoralization thread. Reminder to all gyno chads: having gyno that never goes away means you literally had too much test and nature doesn't know how to handle it.

how do I actually avoid this from happening

>I'm a man's man that's why I have tits
ok bro hahahaha

Just do some chest presses bro

Trust the science chud, it's proven.

>puts away 20 pints a day
>gigantic gut
>still no man titties
how does tango do it?

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Isn't it just fatty tissue buildup? I don't see how isolated chest workouts couldnt fix this

>gyno is from too much test
u wot m8?

mine aren't that bad compared to some i've seen.

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just get the surgery bro
it's minimally invasive and you will feel so much better
even The Rock had gyno and had it removed it's nothing to be ashamed of

how do you prevent this from happening?

>got gyno during puberty
>was sure it'd go away eventually
>it never went away

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that doesn't work, because Gyno isn't fat, it's actual glandular breast tissue that grows on top of the chest muscle
you may be able to achieve a slightly more flattering shape, but the gyno will just be resting on top of the muscle and might even become more pronounced
nope, unfortunately

the only way to get rid of it is surgery
it's legitimate breast tissue

>dont worry user it goes away after puberty
24 now

How do I know if I have gyno or if I'm just a fat fuck? am overweight so I have fat all over

Even if you get jacked you're still going to have saggy little titty-tips.

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There's a chance they might fuck up your nipples beyond repair though.
There's lots of horror pics out there.

Maybe it really does eventually go away? You never see a single case of someone over the age of 30 or 40 with gyno.

What's the figster been up to these days?

Gyno has a different texture to it, if you pinch the area around your nipple and just feel it with your fingers it will be firm and rubbery, different from fat
you should be able to tell the difference pretty easily

what 3 weeks of SS + GOMAD does to a mf

Because we kill ourselves by then.

see if there's a lump under your nipples

That's why you do your research when choosing a surgeon
There are lots of them out there who specialize entirely in gyno removal, the techniques for it have advanced remarkably in recent years
Find somebody who has a long track record of successful surgeries
It's almost impossible for them to "fuck up your nipples beyond repair" unless they're some retard

doesn't sam hyde have this?

>you should be able to tell the difference pretty easily

I literally cannot. Is there an easier way to determine this? I am groping my fat man tits as we speak and I cannot tell a thing

I don't think so?

How do you tell the difference between gyno and just a lot of body fat on your chest?

you're probably just fat then
the only way to really be sure would be if you lost all the extra weight and still had puffy nipples

a doctor, of course, could also make the determination rather easily

meh, I wouldn't worry about it

grope my tits and tell me

if it is anything like what they do to pooners it’s not worth it.

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Doesn't it leave terrible scars though?
That never completely go away?
Jesus fucking christ

It's unfair men have to deal with feminization at every corner. Women never have to deal with getting an enlarged clit bulge or adams apple and broad shoulders during puberty. This is fucking bullshit

>ruins your ability to wear thin shirts
Heh nothing personal

Real talk anons I have 0 fucking fitness knowledge or ability. I only remained "relatively slim" (still a bit of pudge but its minor) because I don't eat much.

PLEASE. How can I shape my chest? it has NO definition.

Fuck abs, Fuck side muscle, Fuck back muscle. I don't care about ANY of this shit. I just want some wholesome bara tits. Please tell me what excercise/routine/whatever I need to start doing to see some chest gains? again,t alking to a total newfag at this. I have never done fitness of any kind in my fucking life for muscle.

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how expensive is it? i’m not made of money.


oh man i dont have gyno im just fat. thanks user. phew.

It's nothing like that
They make a tiny semi-circular incision right along the outline of the nipples and very carefully and precisely remove only the glandular tissue

There are videos of the surgery being done on youtube that you can look up. It barely takes any time, and you don't even need more than a local anaesthetic
It looks nothing like the horrorshow in your picture

At worst you may have a slightly darker line along the edge of your nipple. They try very hard not to leave any scars these days

As I said the techniques for removing gyno have become very advanced in recent years

You're in, you're out, and you don't have sensitive puffy bitch nipples anymore. It's life-changing. It's worth the chance of a slight scar.

Are you a woman, if not no one cares.

incline pushups

mods, just delete this thread.

This might be a stupid question but can they actually separate the breast tissue from the pectorals? I'd assume a little muscle is wasted as well, meaning you get weaker.

I’m just fat, thank God.
>I’m fat

the bench press is the fundamental chest exercise. but you should go to a gym with a proper full body routine, you can still work your chest more often if you want

Okay I looked it up. Looks good but..
is JUST doing that all I need to do? seems "Easy" enough to just do these but like
do i do this every day?
how many of them do I do?

but should I do the bench press or what this user said?
Do I really need to do different kind of excercises to target the chest? isn't just picking and doing one enough? I mean they both do the same thing (buff your chest?) no? sorry Idk shit about this

FUCK I legit cannot tell. I mean I don't feel any pain at all when I squeeze around my tit so...?

I can't tell if I have it or not, i feel something hard but it's small and not even near my nipple,feels like my entire manboob is just muscular pecks shaped like a titty

Why don't they do the same surgery with women with smaller breasts? I've seen even small breasted women have insane scars. It really is just a psychopaths who do tranny surgeries.

How a get rid of this? I don't mind being fat

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it's elective cosmetic surgery, it's gonna run you a couple thousand bucks

personally I think that's worth not having to suffer a lifetime of sensitive puffy bitch tits, but I understand it's not cheap by any means

my 17 year old male cousin unironically has tits just like this and weighs 260.
i've tried thousands of times to get him to go to the gym, but he won't do it
i suspect he's embarrassed about his massive fucking gyno tits, but i'm too much of a bitch to bring it up to my aunt who fed him onions when he was a kid since shes a vegetarian

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It's actually pretty interesting, the glandular tissue is on top of the pectoral muscle so it's actually very easy for them to avoid doing any damage to the muscle
they just kinda take the gland tissue off the top and try to leave everything else completely untouched

Again, you'll want to find a surgeon who specializes in that kind of surgery, and not some quack. A lesser-qualified surgeon who's unfamiliar with the surgery is gonna yield sub-optimal results with some risk of fucking it up
just find a good one who specializes in it

also his younger brother who wasn't fed s o y as a child doesn't have this problem despite everything else being the same

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Reminder you can get breast cancer if you have gyno

I mean honestly you could just google chest workouts and do what they suggest

It's easy though, just do sets of pushups. Do as many as you can in a set, then rest and do some more.
It's not like a hard science or anything, if you're working your chest muscles you're gonna get results

pushups and bench presses my man

Isn't this just fat? Gyno is hard little bumps. This looks like fat and don't start thinking that just because the rest of his body isn't fat that it can't be fat. Distribution pattern. as you've seen, some guy can have a 100lbs of gut fat an zero on arms. similar thing

you can get breast cancer even without it
it's just a lot rarer in men
even without gyno we all have some glandular tissue

I agree, and that makes sense! I guess it's just confusing because there's like 20 different chest focused excercises and it's like..

well do I HAVE to have all these complicated workouts? can I just do ONE excercise and focus only on that ONE? the incline push up looks great, I can do that literally every day right here at home before showering.

wait a second are you black?

>finally acquire a physique I'm not completely ashamed of
>still can't take my shirt off in front of people because of gyno, or even wear tight shirts
haha fun

nah, you don't have to do all of them, that's more for people who are going for a particular aesthetic
I would say mix it up as much as you can though

but honestly, you'll go far with just the basics
don't psyche yourself out thinking you have to go all body-builder crazy, just start getting your daily pushups in and go from there

stop giving a shit bro

>drink one (1) light beer
>spend the next month looking like Chaz Bono
I'm gonna kill myself bros

Now that's just being a big ol' fatboy. Lose some weight. You'll be okay.

Femanon with PCOS here. I hate you and I hate trannies. Your problems aren't exceptional or unusual.

>Worrying about some droopy tit shit

Nah you faggots have no idea what true pain is.
>Be a literal fag
>hook up with cute guys all the time
>am a dedicated dom/top that makes all he faggy boys swoon because I have decent charisma and look good
>and here's the kicker
>my dick is 5.5 fucking inches
>every bottom slut I hook up with ALWAYS has a bigger dick than me despite being the "manly top"

This shit is PURE fucking suffering. I mean it doesn't hinder me from having fun but it is an absolute fucking disgrace and I hate myself for rolling such shit RNG in the worst possible way.

There is NO fix for this outside of surgery

That's really not that big of a deal. Why would anybody care? All the time, you worrying about that . . . you're getting older . . . boom, Jim, ya FUCKING DEAD OF OLD AGE. If cancer doesn't get you first! Stop worrying about dumb shit, kids.

how many am I supposed to do though?
am I supposed to do it every day or is this a bad idea?

does it feel the same all over/under/around the nipple? if so then it's most likely just fat

you can really tell the difference between gland tissue and fat, you'll notice. it's much firmer and rubbery

also if it's not painful, that's another good sign you're just dealing with fat

If you're an actual femanon I hope you get raped to death by niggers. If you're a tranny well you know how the saying goes


not cosmetic

No it means i abused PEDs as a 18 year old and now i cant take my shirt off at the pool

nothing wrong with doing it every day at all
just start with sets of 10
bang out as many as you can
there's a concept called "point of failure" where you stop doing them once you can't properly hold the form during the push-up, that's when you stop

so once you get to the point where you can't complete the rep with proper form

Really, you're overthinking it too much. Just start doing some pushups in sets and see how far your body can go. Stop when you can't go anymore. Try to do more and more each day.

just get lean and fit. some guys will always have more tit mass tissue than others, it's the way of the world

Way to have a quite average poopdick, unbased gay retard. Stop being gay, if it worries you. 'Mos statistically have all the big swangers . . . EXCEPT FOR YOU. Cross the fence and feel normal again.

>Why would anybody care?
it can be painful/uncomfortable, and annoying
and it's fucking embarassing

probably the 40 cigs a day, as tobacco is a powerful aromatase inhibitor. Also being a gen X bloke, he was exposed to far less estrogen as a fetus/child/teen than millennials and zoomies

When you have gyno it's like your nipples are bloated all the time, whereas fat is a tissue that's behind it. Fat guys without gyno can have man tits but they don't have that bloated nipples look that gyno gives you

nowayfag, I love this despite the embarassing dick size. I just find it hilarious that I was blessed with the aggressive top life with this peanut cock. It fucking pisses me off, but also nothing I can do and it's never stopped me from doing anything I wnated to do but yeah. Fucking sucks

but OP's pic don't look bloated? just kinda pointy

and the most dreaded question of all.
How long till I see results? I know it's a loaded question but work with me here

Do it until your muscles fail and you faceplant.
If you give up like a bitch, try again a minute later.
Rest at least one day.
Repeat when your muscles feel up to the task of getting doing the same amount of reps you did last time.

nah, OP's pic is classic gyno
the guy in the pic just got a little bit lucky that his glandular tissue is distributed somewhat evenly

most gyno really sticks out and looks goofy as fuck

la creatura americana

ye dude. I have always had pepperoni ass nips never took my shirt off a kid/young adult. you gotta realize it's not that big of a deal if you're lean and relatively in shape

That's just from being fat.

fight club

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based user answering the OP question

It is if it increases DHT levels.


>Be overweight
>realize if I actually workout my chest I won't see fucking anything because I'm fat so it's a fucking waste of time

This sucks

Are you on a schedule, nigger? Trialing for the beauty pageant next week? You don't deserve a big chest until you stop asking retarded questions like that. Get to work.

honestly you should see results within weeks, you'll notice very quickly
a good tip is to eat some good protein within an hour after your workout, your muscles are going to wanting to rebuild so give them the fuel to do it
I'm not saying you gotta go full /fit/ and load up on skinless chicken breasts or whatever, but just get some protein in you. Even just a glass of milk will do wonders. Post-workout is the golden window where your muscles will be craving protein to rebuild