Why isn't every live TV event shot like this?

Why isn't every live TV event shot like this?

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Fuck sports and especially the NBA. More like Nigger Bitching Association. They support terrorist groups like BLM and support China putting innocent people in concentration camps. Fuck all sports in general, athletes have no value in society and should be forced to get real jobs instead of throwing balls which is actually very gay.

motion sickness

Uh hello, based department? Yeah you're gonna want to see this....

yeah sports are fucking gay

Basketball is the only good sport fucking faggots. The NBA is the best sports league in the world.

This, always has anyone noticed how the biggest NBA fans are always dorky jews?


The whole point of niggers is they are bred for our entertainment


>his camera work is more impressive than the sport being played
>no one will ever know his name
kino beyond kino.
godspeed camera man.

What do you study to get a job like that?

Pretty cool but almost seems fake.


lmao dont you realize that the skill gap between an amateur basketball player and a pro is soooooo fucking low compared to the other major sports leagues? the nba is the definition of overpaid for no god damn reason. like i bet you can find nba worthy players in every major city who are just playing pickup games for cash. football players? nah. futbol players? nah. baseball players? nah. hockey? no. etc etc etc

Basketball is the most retarded sport ever. Why the fuck putting the hoop so fucking high and then let giant freaks playing ? Maybe get it down to a normal high and let everyone play.

when people disparage sports in general i have to wonder if they've seen baseball. it takes an intellectual mind to fully appreciate i guess

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baseball is one of the gayest sports. you gotta be a fag to like it. all those butt pats and the overcompensating machismo. they literally have to wear button up blouses to play the game. not to mention those tight capris they wear lmao. your passtime is gaaaaaaaay.

I like hokey because of the battle royale fights
Fpbp all though that's a cool camera

yepp not even nascar is safe

auto tracking the ball. but the close up is way too close and you lose all the field.


This is why I watch baseball
A civilized sport

All entertainers are slave whores. Sports, acting, singing

Yep and NBA journos are the most embarassing human beings in the media world. Subservient little bitches to illiterate sub 90 IQ teens.

for me, it's the a's and chiba lotte marines

post your jaw

>Let's watch and rejoice as a bunch of black strangers play a physical activity and cheer on teams that aren't even from where we're from.

What did normies mean by this?

people who take pride in knowing nothing about sports and say shit like sportsball unironically are the biggest faggots I've met in my experience

That would make a fun video game

this is dishonest filmmaking at it's peak


Very nice post, user

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You lust after talented bucks

yeah come to Yea Forums and say that shit! LeBron is a god and Space Ham 2 was a mastapeice

Basketball is the best sport because it's 5v5, the perfect team size, and because it was intentionally designed by Dr. Naismith to be a good sport instead of just coming together haphazardly from street ball. It's flawed because of the size advantage, but you don't want a sport that eliminates all star athleticism.

sounds gay
i'll pass

bet this dudes pulling in just under an M a year
no cap

Based except white sports are definitely kino

>Why isn't every live TV event shot like this?
every "person" you meet who watches sports and/or drives a pickup truck they dont need is a certified 100 iq midwit at best

fear the deer

very dishonest filmmaking

I work in live tv and have worked in a production room for an NBA and 2 NHL teams. these types of shots look like shit at full speed. they are being captured for B-roll for the truck or to be rolled back by the dreamcatcher for slow mo replay. you really don't want them live cause

you in LA?

I'm a typical unathletic shut-in, I enjoyed PLAYING sports in gym class as a kid, but I don't care for watching sports. Can't really follow it, lose interest, easily. Unless it's in a film like Mighty Ducks or Rudy.

You must be fun at parties, chud.

I only like combat sports because each fight is a story.
Why am I expected to care about a team winning?

i do this for work ama

If you watch sports in 2022 you are not a man. You are a willing participant in your own emasculation and disenfranchisement. If sports are important to you then go play in a local league. Do not watch professional or college sports leagues. They are big business that is hostile towards you.

So hockey is the best sport then duymb fucking nigger faggot

whats a goon to a goblin


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would be kino for talk shows

reminds me of the meshuggah lighting guy



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Hi Commissioner Silver

>More like Nigger Bitching Association.

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Cringe. Sports are fun. Go find your team.

you have to be clinically retarded to be a hardcore sports fan
it's one thing to appreciate a good boxing match,Olympic 100m run and F1 championship race but it's a whole 'nother brain region to watch something like a mid-season basketball game

How is entertainment such a foreign concept to you