I don't like how Force Choke is treated like a generic dark side ability that even Baby Yoda can use because he tapped...

I don't like how Force Choke is treated like a generic dark side ability that even Baby Yoda can use because he tapped into the dark side. It's just a specific application of the Force like lifting rocks except you're lifting someone by their neck and gripping it with the Force. It should just be Anakin/Vader's signature technique, not some specific dark side ability.

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For what reason would a Jedi, who are diplomatic by oath, force choke someone?

To disable someone. Its much more humane than cutting their limbs off with a lightsaber or brainwashing them win the mind trick.

it's kinky

I agree, and the films basically showed that, I can't think of a single time anyone but Vader used it. It's this fucking derivative shit with Mandalorian and Filoni's cartoons where every last thing has to be repeated over and over again until there is nothing original in the galaxy.

Why are the Jedi treated like space cops.

blame the eu
luke used it on the pig guys but knocked them out instead of killing them

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Honestly the few dark side only powers we see in the OT like Force Choke and electrocution make sense as dark side powers when you think about it: they both do harm using the force but in a way that's kind of a roundabout way, as the choke is just applying pressure on the neck and the electrocution, while more direct, is still just running an electric charge through something. They pervert the force to do harm but do so in a way that isn't direct because it's not how it's supposed to be used. Sure it's probably something that George put no real thought into but compared to other powers that came after it fits a lot better then what came with the Prequels and extended material.

Franchise developed to sell children's toys

>diplomatic by oath
They carry weapons and cheat at gambling.

The proper way to use the Force is to manipulate gravity to smack your enemies into hard surfaces and throw rocks at them.

In case anybody hasn't seen this rare scene


turns out I'm a retard, though at least it's Vader's son

Dooku did it in III

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The Jedi were originally the ones that created the Republic and decided its their duty to protect it.

The idea is that Jedi use the force for defense never for offense even in battle as it a perversion of the peaceful state of the force. So they only use force jump, mind trick and similar non damaging powers both in the OT and PT unless I'm forgetting.

Choke is overused though, like why not just bind their arms together or force their eyes shut so they can't see.

what the fuck were those royal guards going to do?

>While Tiaan perished over Endor, his descendants joined the First Order, the Imperial successor regime to the fallen Galactic Empire. His grandson,[16] Jothan Tiaan Jerjerrod, the son of First Order officers Jax Jerjerrod and Jul Jerjerrod, defected from the First Order and joined the Resistance.
simply epic

>mind trick and similar non damaging powers
I don't understand how the mind trick is considered a good side. It's manipulating someone's free will, it should be dark side power

nu EU is fucking cancer

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Imagine if you are dealing with an extremely deluded and hostile person who will shoot you on sight. Do you
A) Try to explain to them for hours on end how bad the empire is
B) Mind Trick them to let you through because you dont have time for trivial bullshit.

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Windu just crushed the shit out of someone's torso instead of "choke", but he's a grey Jedi who's versed in the ways of the dark side so I don't know.

They're a good friend.

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That wasn't force choke. You can't force choke two targets at the same time.

Why not just use the force to bind them? Like force handcuffs

They were grasping at their necks

Based ROTJ user. I always forget about this and it actually completely skews the view most people have on it.

That’s literally fanon. They’ve never discussed that at all in the movies and you clearly see Luke do it here as a way to show his progression as a Jedi.

You have to understand that new Star Wars is all written as if it were a videogame. That means the Force is discreet power abilities filed into specific categories. It's also why Chewie's bowcaster is suddenly a superblast weapon in the sequel trilogy despite acting identical to any other blaster in the original.

Maybe jedi are evil

Force Choke is not dark side.
No force ability is inherently one side or the other. Its all in how you use it.

Even Luke used force choke on the pig guards

That's not force choke.

this is why I have vydia games, they ruined a generation of people and got them to accept shitty vydia game quality storytelling.

>hurr theres a missing part of the map and thats where lukes quest objective is!!!
>uhhh it just is ok

No he didn't.

I think the idea is they’re like a doctor and can be trusted not to misuse it

Why don't the Jedi use force lighting but in a non lethal way? Like a taser the police use. Just to stun people, its better than chopping off limbs.

Could you force handjob someone?

>Even Luke used force choke on the pig guards
thats because Luke had fallen to the dark side after leaving Yodas training. Think about it. He force chokes, he threatens to murder jabba is he doesn't get his way, hes dressed in all black., hes super arrogant.

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like force choking a twilek sex slave while you fuck her senseless?

Obi Wan chopped a dudes arm off in ANH.

Yes he did

I was thinking force choke to save someone's life.
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That's not force choke you dumb fuck.
If it was, you'd hear the pig guard gurgling like every other time force choke gets used in the series.

JJ literally lifted the sequel trilogy storyline from KotOR. It's all about collecting map pieces. Rey was set up to be the secret Revan character. It's disgusting.

>I was thinking force choke to save someone's life.
UHHH what?

>It's just a specific application of the Force like lifting rocks except you're lifting someone by their neck and gripping it with the Force.
Yes. You retard.

You just blew my mind, user. That’s what the dark side hallucination in TLJ was about. She’s supposed to be Revan.


...what else was it?

Prequels aren't canon.

>Prequels aren't canon.

Yes it is.
Maybe you can't.

They do all that in A New Hope


And the design of Kylo’s mask
And the shots of Starkiller draining suns
And the bursts of lost memories
And Rey’s design compared to Bastila’s
I’m sure there are more
JJ’s true talent was in turning it to shit

Only in your mind my young shitposter

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then why would Baby Yoda do the exact same thing just from tapping into the dark side fucktard?

Why does it matter that using the force to choke/shoot lightning at someone is "evil", when Jedi still use laser swords to decapitate people.

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Because Disney are hacks.

they only decapitate evil people