Daily Reminder Twitter is Literally Run by the US Government

And they will never let Elon take their mind control system away.


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Musk must form an army.

Maybe he shouldn't break the law.

so Trump ran it all this time?

>mind control
Lmao stop giving those incompetent geriatrics more credit than they deserve. We're more than willing to destroy ourselves for digital validation points.

musk man..... bad?

>Elon Musk the corporate neoliberal shill is not affiliated with the government

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>The richest man in the world is BASED and TOTALLY on our side
He's a fucking psyop don't waste your time on him

Do you actually think the President is the government? fucking lmao

i think if a group of investors collectively agree to devalue their own assets in order to prevent someone else from taking control, it is definitely a real possibility

>jews immediately point out that the same people own disney and twitter
why do they panic and out themselves like this when under attack

daily reminder so are Yea Forums mod$$$

>yes this is exactly how children behave, no one will suspect a thing

CPS should be involved

Daily Reminder Twitter doesn't matter and who owns it doesn't matter. Using Twitter is already defeat. Unless you use it to look at big titty Asians.

musk men>MuskRats>Muskateers what will we call them

No, but his self-interested goals align much more closely with my own goals and hopes for society and humanity than the current cabal's do.

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Not being able to detect sarcasm/humor is a sign of autism

Republicans dicksuck corporations 24/7 and act shocked that they have a disproportionate amount of power

Then they think the solution is more corporate power

>the charismatic leader is taking us all away from our problems to the far away magical place
be careful bud

What are his goals and your goals that you think are aligned

Only in real life.
Doing sarcasm on the internet is the sign of autism.

And they say that they aren't brainwashing kids. a 6YO kid shouldn't be even involved in this shitflinging, much less know about Elon Musk beyond 'brand name' capacity.

Based US government.
Might = right

Does anyone ever believe this shit

Not that user, but promoting space travel and free expression for starters.

at a guess because this is the honey trap that is musk

>rapid advancment and deployment of favourable tech adressing issues in our society

such as
>rapid transit
>solar energy and efficiency

but the problem is their not his goals at all hes not trying to adress mass problems we all face hes trying to go to mars and theese are just bumps in the road along the way

>Literally Run by the US Government
yeah? so is musk

Wait a minute this is /pol/ right ?

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>take govt subsidies to fund car company
>offshore your billions and don't pay taxes despite being richest man alive
>brag about skirting world taxes on Joe Rogan
>try to big dick Twitter
>fuck around with the govt

He's finding out

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twitter sucks, but the desperation when tesla boy wanted to buy... there's something weirder going on here

This is Gamestop all over again.

I'm a nearly 30-y/o tranny. I ain't going to space probably ever, or maybe just a jaunt in Leo when I'm 50-something and anyone with a few grand can do it. I just want out species to have eggs in more than one basket. If we can successfully create a self-propagating settlement on Mars that doesn't rely on earth, barring a grb of as-yet unobserved magnitude, humanity's pretty much guaranteed to conquer the universe. Sure it'll take forever, but we don't see anyone else out there to stop us. By the time I die I just want to know humanity isn't going anywhere. Maybe if I'm lucky my our kids will be able to live and work in space or on Mars.

If you don't immediately see that Twitter post as satire, then autism is the least of your worries (go scroll through their Twitter page for further confirmation)

>January 2021: Parler will kill Twitter!
>February 2021: Gab will kill Twitter!
>July 2021: Gettr will kill Twitter!
>March 2022: TRUTH Social will kill Twitter!

Lmao rightoid chuds are embarrassing

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also I'm a tranny not sure if that's important

always have been

Everyday life stopped making sense once Twitter became popular

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Taking over an established social media site would actually work though. The problem is overcoming the network effect makes it difficult for any new site to succeed, especially when they try to destroy new competitors on top of that. Easier to change the site than move the users somewhere else.

Time to dilate, seriously.

Thats an obvious satire account.

He's behind...all of it brother

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I don't need a daily reminder for this though. Hell, I don't even go on Twitter.

why are there people who unironically support CIA glowniggers in 2022? what have they done to improve your living conditions?

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cool it with the fronteersman ship there boss

>its normally horrific working conditions

also the guaranteed shit is complete lies however we go from 1-2 in colonised planets and thats a 100% increase so for things like metiors ect maybe thats enough

The internet has gone to shit, and sites like twitter are a big part of that

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All I'm seeing are leftists crying that Musk is going to destroy Twitter. Like anyone gives a fuck.

They would've stayed private if they were part of the US Gov't, twitter had just as much clout before they did. And nobody on their board is necessarily connected to the revolving door between the Gov't and private sector outside people who simply have been alive for decades and couldn't avoid it.
If anybody is owned by the US Gov't it's glowie musk and his $Billions in taxpayer subsidies and the fact the DoD and DoE literally presides over every decision he makes with his car and rocket companies because of how much money the US gov't uses to prop them up.

and burgers will still claim to be a free non-corrupted country unlike russia

elon is a faggot

We're still better off than Russia, but not nearly as much as we should be. Things need to turn around.

The Tesla 3 Musketeers.

I remember watching Diggnation and hearing about Twitter for the first time, I thought it would never catch on and if it did it would be a disaster for the human race. I know everyone wants him to reinstate Trump but hopefully if he buys it he just deletes it.

uh yeah russia sucks because their oligarchs get away with everything

You mean believe people like this actually exist? You just did. It's a satire account.
They literally post "everybody is an NPC" tier memes just without soijaks and by using real life, which is somehow 1000% more triggering to people online.
This is coming from somebody that doesn't have a twitter, just a cursory google search shows they're satire.

For going into space yeah it fuckin does. Medical requirements are nonstandard, mental illness, no breeding potential. Hell, they're not even gonna let /diabetics/ in space.

That sounds like something an autist would say
>Nooo! Sarcasm isn't allowed on the internet because I'm too autistic to detect it!

why do you act like america and any western countries are different from each other?

>muh drumpy

go home gramps, it's over.

everyone that can is getting out. why do you need ten million for a nz passport anyway? what a weird policy haha

Looks like smartphones strike again to me

It's literally no different that any genuine "my six year old has the same political opinions i do" post.
There is no reason to assume it's satire just by glancing at it.
>go scroll through their Twitter page for further confirmation

shut up faggot i barely brought him up, hes up like 25 in the polls btw nigger

not because russia is so great lmao

Pretty much yeah. It all went to hell around 2007 when iphones came out

If we colonize Mars or even the outer planets (mostly the jovian moons) I don't see how we don't fill up over a few thousand years and send a few people out to another star. It's not like it has to be a directed effort; when the system is already crawling with hairless apes, all it takes is a small group to go colonize elsewhere.

nobody cares. it's literally full of the same dumbfucks you find here on Yea Forums


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me on the left

chuds really love rich con men

you shouldn't bring him up at all lol

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literal chink-tier behavior

>the free world needs to know that we can't allow more free expression on twitter
>le paradox of tolerance meme

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so true which is why i prefer faggot executing journalist murdering saudi royalty, they don't pretend to not be corrupt, which is why they deserve to dictate freedom of speech online

1. All corporations operating in the United States provide their data to the NSA/CIA and are ultimately controlled by the government.
2. Elon Musk deserves to disappear from the public eye.

>legally avoid paying taxes
>somehow bad

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Autism is not having enough empathy to detect other people's unspoken intentions through facial cues and verbal intonation.
That doesn't apply to text. If the text is just word for word exactly what the thing that is being satirized says, in the same format and coming from the same source, then it's an exact copy and there is nothing to indicate sarcasm or satire.
Not knowing this is an inability to empathize with others that there is no avenue for people without prior knowledge will be able to detect it. It's just like the autism example of the girl who puts the ball in a box, and the autistic person thinking everyone knows what they know even though they weren't there when it happened.

government's fucked and the vultures are circling