Cast her for her inevitable role in Sonic 3

Cast her for her inevitable role in Sonic 3

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Idris Elba in pink spandex

whoever played Judy Hopps

Breasts not nearly big enough
I refuse to accept this adaptation

Eva Green

Lea Seydoux but she needs to start smoking a pack a day.

I would cast Isabela Merced

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too hot for tv

I am actually okay with this choice.

I could see them going for someone like Jennifer Lawrence

Christina Hendricks or Emma Stone

do you have a pic where she doesn't wear shoes ?


How did Sega get away with this character? Like imagine the office meeting. "Let's have lady sonic, but give her massive booba."

this design is such bland western pg13 garbage that it feels legit

Tessa Thompson

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The OP pic is fanart but I doubt they'll show cleavage

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>I share a board with grown men who masturbate to anthropomorphic bats.

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jesus. are you new here? If that's the worst you've seen. leave now

>not masturbating to anthropomorphic bats
are you gay?

I don't just masturbate to them, I roleplay as them and establish weird toxic fetish relationships as them

Built for human cock

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Rouge the Bat isn't just an anthropomorphic bat dude. Like look at that character design. It's like with Lola Bunny you know. The character was intended for cooming.

you are a gay motherfucker


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I don’t want to start a new thread, so can you guys just tell me what to think of the movie?
I was disappointed but maybe my expectations were too high but:
>constant punchlines referencing actors and general Hollywood memes
>20 min nog wedding right in the middle
>Idris voice way too deep

I only saw the first one

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Wouldn’t they include Shadow or Amy before Rouge


Shadow and Booba would be in the same movie though?

Not quite

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after all these years there is no good 3d r34 webm of rouge pov. hopefully the sonic movie will help pump some out.
this would actually look hot in 3d and if there is a webm those jugs will pop out revealing her nice tits

not really, Yea Forums hates furfags and posting their shit is against the rules, moot didn't even give them a /fur/ board

Rouge is more likely to show up in the next movie than Amy since she actually is plot relevant. There's also the Knuckles series where she can try to steal the master emerald.

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I dont get it that just shows shes more BUILT for human cock than previously known before.

Made for human cock


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Angelina Jolie

you share an entire site with people unfathomably worse than that

She doesn’t seem that interested in human men.

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she will be

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Don't worry darling, my cock is below average

Because eggman is a gross fat guy where as I am handsome and athletic

Also are those subs real?

Jim Carey as Eggman was a fucking delight, just like the first one.
The nigger wedding was stupid and was clearly only there to fill diversity screentime quota, it contributed nothing to the movie whatsoever and wasn't relevant to the plot at all, I fucking hate it.
Knuckes sounds like an ESL that doesn't know how to speak english reading from a teleprompter, the intonation and emphasis is all over the place.

WAIT is her name rogue or rouge like red???


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This is unironically good representation of Movie Rouge despite her nerfed sexiness.
>non-lewd tactical costume
Very family friendly while not belonging to complete uglyfication territory to pleasure twitter snowflakes.

0 years old boomer, fuck off.

welcome to Yea Forums. here's your free rouge dakimuri

trash belongs to furries
you can find furry threads on b every day.

I like /trash/ threads more because /hmofa/

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armpit kino

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Based /hmofa/itizen.

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Does he have an open heart surgery scar?