Pinball machines based on movies or TV shows

Pinball machines based on movies or TV shows.

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Local Chuck E Cheese type place had this machine, used to play it a lot back in the day.

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lol my dad met bob denver, said he was a dick

Having people call you little buddy for 40 years might have that effect.

it was weird how old Bob Denver was. He was in his early 30s when he played Gilligan a character that was supposed to be 10 years younger.

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as someone who plays a lot of pinball and owns a couple - the best TV/Movie based pinball game was Indiana Jones. The best overall was Theater of Magic.
Feel free to disagree but you are wrong.

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Not pinball but apparently after they bought star wars didney ordered every one of these sent back to them so they could be destroyed

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me on the left

Bob Denver is a retard who got busted trying to buy weed through the mail in the 1990's.

Dawn Wells mailed it to him but he wouldn't name her in court, he said a crazy fan must have sent it.


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That's probably a fun pinball.

fuck yeah, this is a solid table

yeah, a lot of bad movies ended up being great games.

some games people don't even know were movies, like pic related

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here's one a bit more recent

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Posted this one in a nostalgia thread earlier.

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Why did you post the Stern version?

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For me, it's Tron Ressurection pinball

Now you've done it...

this classic

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How do you feel about Fellowship of the Ring?

I remember the Adam's Family pinball being fun.

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Fuck off. Its always been Lethal Weapon 3. Such smooth bumper action. Perfect ramp trajectory. Easy multiball. Always giving out free balls. Best ever. Can't be topped.

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Anyone remember the NOES pinball? It was awesome.

Forgot the image.

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>Pinball is making a comeback
I can play the real thing now.
Best Sim or Vidya?

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Twilight zone was a fucking awesome pinball machine that is often in top 5 lists.

this too

Pinball arcade on a hacked WiiU with all the tables is fun to get used to various table rules. Nothing comes close to the real thing though

The Dude abides.

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(I'll be ready) I'll be ready
(Whenever you fear) No, don't you fear
(I'll be ready)
Forever and always, I'm always here

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Weren't there supposedly 2 twister pinball tables made by 2 different companies and one was canceled because they didn't want to get sued?

Oh. Fuck. Yes!

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The tilt would say “Don’t do that! You screwed it up!”

Starring William Shatner!

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Pinball FX 3 is great

This one had to be fun.

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My uncle ran an arcade from the late 80s until 2002 and would get pinball machibe brochures with machines that never released. I remember there being one based on the movie Babe, an Earthworm Jim one based on the cartoon, a Fresh Prince of Bel Air machibe and a Mad TV machine

Man, I bet those would have been interesting to see.

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not as good as the Tek War one


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Actually played this long time ago.

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This is my twilight zone which breaks constantly

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you must be the only person on the planet who thinks the Stern IJ is anywhere near even the top 10. unless you meant to post the Bally/Williams?

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How much of a hassle is owning a pinball machine?

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This is a really good game

This is one of my favorite pinballs of all time. Top 3 I would say for me.

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Depends. The old ones require some maintenance. But parts are much easier to come by and there is a ton of info out there.

If you get a newer table, not much work is needed. Maybe wax it on occasion and replace a bad bulb.

keith elwin does it again
best player of all time
4/4 on good games desgined

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