Was it staged?

Was it staged?

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only a retard would think that it was staged.


>be oscars, constantly declining viewership
>be oscars, consistently have "controversy" over the years
user... i...

cui bono?

only a retard would think that it wasn't staged.

>chris rock isn't a blind retard or a physiologically deficient cripple and can brace for an incoming object
what a retarded picture

if it was staged why was the entire thing muted on the live broadcast?

I had no idea what was happening

>if it was staged why was the entire thing muted on the live broadcast?
Because they knew they would need to mute it.

bappadi boopi

>Was it staged?
it was on a stage, yes


Staged or not, who cares?

black on black violence is a real problem in the community
maybe you should examine your position of privilege

i-it was still staged

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>black on black violence is a real problem in the community
Sounds like something they should address themselves
>you should examine your position of privilege
Implying celebrities aren't the most privileged people on the planet


Never would have imagined him falling so hard. I almost feel bad for him.

I thought so at first, but over time I've decided that it was not. Will isn't mic'd. Chris leaned in and smiled because he thought Will was coming up to adlib a bit with him and he was giving Will access to his own lapel mic. Besides, if Hollywood were going to stage a violent act to drum up viewership it wouldn't EVER have involved two black men.

No, but Hollywood is certainly milking it for it's worth.

Chris literally has aspergers. He probably couldn't tell will was angry.

"retards" including professionals in the staged fighting industry.

Even people not there are losing movie roles over this.

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>professional actors
>This bad at faking a conflict
I'm convinced it's legit.

>it was on a stage, yes

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name 1

If it's an act, will earned the fuck out of that Oscar. He's not "strong" angry when he's shouting at Chris Rock, he looks like he's on the verge of tears. He looks wimpy and awkward, not like a man who just let his righteous anger get the better of him. Rocks response is snappy, but it isn't exactly clever either. If it was a bit, I think he could have come up with something better than "Best night of television" or whatever.
The only argument I could see is a producer taking Chris aside beforehand and asking him to send some jibes Jada's way, assuming this would draw attention no matter what happened next. If there had been no reaction you could still do a ton of "DID CHRIS ROCK GO TOO FAR??" clickbait articles.

Yes, idiot.

Can I ask you a favor? Will you kill yourself please?


Wow thanks for weighing in

It was only muted on the muttoid broadcast to hide their tender ears from "shit" and "fucking"

>if it was staged why was the entire thing muted on the live broadcast?
You do know that live shows are aired with a delay right? It was only muted on the US broadcast and Euroanons posted the vid with audio here that same night.

>Will Smith: I'm gonna slap you
>Chris Rock doing a racist chinese expression: Oh ur rearry going to srap me

I worded that weird. It's not staged. I was just explaining the audio thing.

I think the academy paid them both for this publicity stunt, probably $5 mil more to Will Smith.

>I worded that weird. It's not staged
lmao almost forgot to include your shill line.

I don't think you know what shill means. (You)'re probably one of the fuckwits that calls everyone a chud too.

>In recent decades, I think women have seen more portrayals of themselves as powerful. There is a push for more balanced representation of women, even in the face of strident opposition at times. And, as far as there is to go for women, it’s hard to find the flip side of similarly balanced portrayals for men, the role models for vulnerability, media representations of nonaggressive men.

>The phrase “toxic masculinity” has been gaining traction, and the fact that’s even in our lexicon points to a change in the trajectory. People are discussing gender and gender identity. I think fathers are observing the ways that their own socialization around anger and aggression are causing them problems. But as we look around the world, men are still asserting power and strength through aggressive and violent means.

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Why do you care about this event?

>Why do you care about this event?
why do you care that he cares?

I don't, halfway curious if it is staged or not but I feel no need to announce to the world whether I care or not. Are you an only child?

>must reinforce narrative that one actor dramatically slapping another actor center stage during a televised awards show is totally real
>mere cohencidence that every single (((influencer))) is desperately saying the same thing: THIS IS TOTALLY REAL FOLKS!!
>be sure to tune in to next year's oscars - you never know what completely real and spontaneous surprise might happen!

Why do you care that i care that he cares? For real though, what is so special about this stunt that has you retards STILL talking about it?

>Chris Rock's brothers are looking for him
The comedians, the actor, the church minister or the therapist? These niggers aren't exactly Charlie Murphy

>halfway curious if it is staged or not
Why? What difference does it make?

/sg/ - Schizo General

Ah yes... bracing for "impact" for a slap...
Do conspiratards really?

No. Anyone who believes it was 100% staged needs to desperately take their meds.

What difference does anything make? Some things grab our curiosity.

yes, they're retards too.

those are the biggest retards

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>What difference does anything make?
Some things make quite a difference, what a retarded question
>Some things grab our curiosity
Some things are actually worth being curious about. It being staged or not makes no difference whatsoever, so why so you care? Genuinely interested why you think this is worthy of attention.

Autists can't read facial expressions so they read this along the lines of their retard narrative. Simple as.

Rock is leaning forward because it's a friendly posture and it shows he's ready to play along with Smith coming on stage (inb4 "playing along REEEEEEE"). He's making an "aren't I a stinker" face with a friendly smile. As far as bracing--a reflex based on peripheral vision goes faster than your brain computes (and I don't even agree that he's bracing here).

>Simple as
Go back

You're wastingy our breath trying to make those cretins understand. They're not autists btw, just low "relational IQ" people.

They think everything is fake.

You are face-blind. Cope.

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I didn't read anything you wrote because you talk like a faggot.

>eye contact

Yes, because someone is approaching him

>no attempt to block

because the last thing he'd think is Will Smith smacking him.

>bracing for contact

because he flinched a bit at the last split second.

Very few things "make a difference." Why are you on tv if you only care to think about things that "make a difference"? 99% of everything is unimportant trivia. Why would you go around announcing everything you don't care about? Is every thing you take an interest in of the utmost urgent necessity?

Don't care. Cope.

>"professional" make believe fighters
>not retarded

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Didn't answer my question. This crap is spammed on other boards outside of this one, but since it is actually relevant to this board, I'm asking why you are still talking about it. What is so interesting about this that has you talking about it weeks later?

>that thumbnail

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Cared enough to respond. Stop talking like a faggot and people might actually read your ramblings in the future.