Outer Range

kino is back on the menu, episode 2 ending got me hyped
I have my theories, but I'll wait for other people to watch it

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mystery kino? Sign me up

What is that behind him. A portal?

it's vertical just for a visual, in the show it's a hole in the ground

Flyover states cowboy shows? Nah I'm good

there's also mysterious hole in the ground and imogen poots

Its farmer finds portal to future. Spends 30 seconds in there, industrial shit all over what was once his land. Military outpost around the hole and he is told he died "2 years ago" from when he came out of the hole. He goes back in, doesn't tell anyone but does a "man vs fate" bullshit. Everything else in the show is useless gay drama for women.
He will be from the past, his old ass pic and him just appearing when he was a kid sort of prove that.
5/10, ill probably finish it but won't be happy about it. Really bad writing coming right off of Severance that nailed its tone so well

>Everything else in the show is useless gay drama for women.
So just the tiniest bit of sci-fi sprinkled in to get people talking about it but not enough to actually matter in any way?

Pretty disappointing if the Kronos thing is gonna turn out to be the actual explanation of the hole and not just schizoposting from the hippie girl. WTF is the point of a mystery if you reveal it's nature in the first episode.

Does this have any chance to be as good and kino as Severance?

>for a cowboy show
jesus christ user. Get a life.

I agree about him being from the past
also I think poots is amy
it matters but show really holds on strong performances, sometimes camera zooms in on someone for a little speech but it's effective and not that obnoxious like in midnight mass

A portal in the ground? Do you have to step through it slowly so you don't reach terminal velocity?

no, it's more mysterious than that, you just fall and then wake up in the future, near the hole

I don't actually care you dumb faggot. I was making fun of you. jesus christ, shillboy. How stupid do you have to be to not know a joke about portal? Fuck off.

Isn't it bedtime for you soon? You can be super edgy tomorrow.

shill is getting spicy! lol, you faggot. No one is going to watch this trash.You're failing at your job.

I'm gonna watch now just because of this post.

my guy you are gonna be soooo sorry next week when me and all my Yea Forums friends will be discussing this show and you will be in a bath of your own piss watching portal speedruns alone

>I think poots is amy
This is my guess as well, fucking cringe if so. I liked the mil installation reveal but disliked Brolin's butch wife telling him he already died in her arms. He's executive producing though and had his pick of any series, chose this, so the bible and outline for S2-S3 must be somewhat worthwhile, only reason to stick around. Writing is pretty bad, lacks good detail, like Brolin placing his clam drink on the table of that high roller cowboy, without using a coaster, which he wouldn't approve of. The "that's hot coffee" scene with the cop was as cliche as possible.
Mel's hole has so much sci-fi potential, what comes out should be ayys or intergalactic bounty hunters, not timeline fate bullshit, then keep the NCfOM tone. The show is also too sterile and cold in a "subversive" patronizing way that doesn't bode well. Sons are both shit casting.

Cinematography in this show is absolutely nuts. Looks better than imax capeshit.
>Directed by some guy
>Created by literal who
>All actors except Brolin and Poots are not well known either
>produced by Brad Pitt
distilled kino

The idea for the show sounds better than how the show actually is. Shilling the show won't make it good.

It is shot extremely well, looks like 35mm film, specifically the diner scene in e02, but the set and production design is poor, even compared to something like Reacher. Nothing feels "lived in"

It's more twin peaks from what I've heard. Haven't watched it yet though.

Was there any hype for this, seems like Amazon dumped it

how many niggers and le stronk feminist womyn?

It's a schizo's dream so none

Amazon is really bad at promoting their original content. The only reason I knew about Too Old to Die Young is because I’m a Refn fag. There was zero indication that it got released when it premiered.

Saw the trailer yesterday, I didn't realise it was already out. I guess I'll watch the first ep and report back

Refn's series was dumped though because the new hired exec literally said wtf is this. He was allowed to make it in full without any notes or supervision. That show is why Bezos axed the indie minded content heads to make LotR and heavy genre IP. But Outer Range just appeared, no attempt to market to Yellowstone boomers or anything.

Originally Refn had a big contract with AMZ for movies and series but all that was caput when they screened his episodes. Did himself no favors. His Witchfinder General and Maniac Cop remakes were going to be AMZ, now HBO Max is waffling on Maniac Cop for years, Refn is supposed to do the pilot and the rest is by the director of that based Universal Soldier sequel.

How could she be Amy and the dad and brother not recognize her?

I think he definitely pushed his luck with TOTDY. On one hand, there are moments of absolute brilliance where it is unlike anything else on TV. The problem is that there was no real cohesion to any of it because he literally just shot it chronologically until the money ran out. He really needs a tard wrangler that can control his autism and pull him back to reality.

garbage show no one cares about except a few shills.

he finally got his own show

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They really lay on thick that the guys from the other ranch are assholes

one of them was alright

i think it's pretty good for something so drama heavy so far

>Nothing feels "lived in"

that might be a little nitpicky but the clothes did look way too new

>one of them was alright
Isn't that the one that dies in ep 1 though?

Reporting back, the characters seem a bit one-dimensional but I haven't seen anything that screams not to watch the rest

The sheriff's a fat lesbian woman

Because who would imagine they're meeting an adult who is also a family member concurrently alive as a child? The kid's eyes and hair are the same, and their cheesy encounter hinted at it, liking the same necklace. Adult Amy didn't recognize the family "brand" on the mountain but this will prolly be explained as a dimensional or amnesia issue. Which is why "fate" brought her to the ranch.
Also why hasn't Brolin mentioned the hole to his wife? It's on her ranch. Who wouldn't mention a crazy perfect hole on their property? Since the ranch is implied to justify why he married a taciturn troll woman?

And she's a Native, at that. So believable!

lol i think so

ranch hole.
mystery box shit with long silent staring and pointless dialog.

I don't care for cowboys, hard pass

Don't much care for you neither, city-slicker

Oh Amy is the granddaughter, I was thinking she was the missing wife

Something to watch after Severance at least

I don’t think she’s a lesbian. I think when the gay tillerson brother was calling her out for being an Indian candidate, she was saying “or a gay one” in reference to him - I don’t think she’s lesbian, I think she was making fun of him being gay

9999 times worse. For actually good recent shows I suggest Raised By Wolves, Station Eleven, or Peacemaker

We see her kiss her wife before that scene even happens, user


I think she was implying the other guy running was gay

Really? I do not remember that at all

Why does everyone have to be so puritanical? Can’t Indian women also say some snarky offensive shit? I thought they were being cool with character drama

>For actually good recent shows I suggest Raised By Wolves
lol opinion discarded

You're not allowed to make gay jokes on television anymore

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severance sucks

>theres a giant hole in muh ranch and i can throw stuff in it

>turn it on
>episode 1 was good
>episode 2 was good until the end

what's with the buffalo with arrows inj it

This show reminds of an Art Bell caller who was talking about a bottomless hole on his property. So this must be a common urban legend in the US?

Native Americans pushed a buffalo into the time hole

you suck
you're gay too