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Clyde Langer

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Clara was the best companion

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The best companion hasn't even been shown yet but she's an emo confirmed.

I could talk about how I found the Jodie Weeping Angel TF hot but I think there's enough freaks talking about their fetishes right now.

People will be so glad that Chibnall is gone that they'll refuse to call out when RTD2 era makes missteps.

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I agree.

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People were right that KF's joining the show and that the next companion will be an emo, but they didn't put 2 and 2 together to realise he's going to be the emo companion.

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What's Daz doing there?

black cock only

RTD is incapable of misstepping.

Jenna is not a coal burner despite how much you cucks force the idea.

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Karen Gillan will return with Pierce Brosnan as the Doctor.

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Trip on Karenfag

Kino webm

Oh no the Slitheen skinsuit is malfunctioning.

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Rik Mayall for next doctor

Jokes aside that would be a fun pairing

Bit of a problem there, user...

BIG if true ;)

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let me dream...... damm quadbike

Pls gib

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RTD era missteps are nonsensical conclusions to stories, too much soap opera, and the occasional unnecessary circlejerk.
not quite the same kind of misstep as totally undoing literally everything to do with everything, to the point where they are not even a time lord anymore.

I guess he's already started

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>this was a 10/10 in 2010

She unironically looks cuter when she's fat

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>Jenna posters stop
>this is what we get instead

RTD era missteps are removing the tension from all his stories because of the scale always increasing. S1 finale works because you can absolutely believe the Daleks are capable of murdering people aboard a single space station and the show can go on if that happens, the scale is lower yet the tension is greater. But when Davros threatens to destroy the entire reality or end time itself then it's just shit because you know he won't do that since the show wouldn't be able to continue so there's no tension, the scale of the threat is too big to maintain tension. RTD lost his understanding of this and Moffat took several seasons to learn this.

>chubby chaser spamming up /who/
I preferred the samefagging cuck

I do not samefag.

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Posting in blessed thread

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Mate it couldn't be more painfully obvious

from all of Tennant's finale stories*

It's "obvious" because you've already decided it must be true and there is nothing that can change your mind.

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But the emo companion is already confirmed, did she eat her?

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How happy would you be to watch Jenna get fucked by chubby Karen, watching as her head is engulfed by Karen's fat arse cheeks?

Not at all.
Even I have standards.

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We're not the only ones who've noticed


Reminder that ALL girls end up looking like their mum in the end

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Her cousin pulls off chubbiness better imo

The Long Game.

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Why is RTD-Who so cursed? Seems every guy involved has something to hide


Where does this emo companion rumour come from?
>I have zero issue with it

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It's been confirmed at numerous sources

Barrowman didn't have anything to hide, he exposed himself onset.

tfw a friend and I have an inside joke where we say something along the lines of "holy shit look, the Doctor" whenever we walk past a homeless person wearing weird/retarded clothes

Do we have autism?

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RTD himself is a degenerate (gay) so he naturally associates with other degenerates


>Do we have autism?
If you post on /who/ there's a strong likelihood


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>Eclectic menu options

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is he next?

doubt intensifies

>"Where's Lazlo?" Hooverville Porky Pile Up

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I have a Laszlo action figure

They don't even spell it right.

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Needs Mickey Pizza

You want real spoilers? here they are

Rowan Witt, mostly known as the "Spoon kid" from The Matrix, has been cast as the 14th Doctor.

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