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Learned about salted pork and hard tack from this guy. It was alright.

this thread will be totally different from the last one


Orange fool trump lost won biden old bad smelly gas prices tranny ack dilate trump chud senator youtube russoa shill putin shill nato shill trump biden dimentia brandon
Ok, thats out of the way can we have a normal thread now?

The big fat guy is unironically based and his videos have gotten good

nice but please learn how to blank post in the OP, canadian nigger

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You can’t blankpost anymore

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>Im going to save white Christian history by shutting on Donald drumbo and voting in Hillary Clinton the most anti white politician in america
I hate this planet . Colonial history is awesome and I want more movies with the aethetics of that era

No ingredients?

>right-wingers had an autistic meltdown because this guy made a video on an actual dessert that actually existed because it HAPPENED to be called an "orange fool"
Why are they like this? Talk about a bunch of thin-skinned pussies, Jesus Christ.


it's sneed time

Shut up townie

Pretty standard stuff for cultists.

their entire identity is based around utter devotion to donald trump, any perceived slight against him is by an extension a personal attack against them

>Projecting this hard.
>Pretty sure it's bait

What, right-wingers DIDN'T have an autistic meltdown because this guy made a video on an actual dessert that actually existed because it HAPPENED to be called an "orange fool"?

It was a drink and the video was made when it would be relevant instead of the 10 years beforehand he could have made it

youtube.com/channel/UCeGrthMii4GF3SgCzrefOvA WOL Project

We called him on his passive aggressive bullshit. Leftists cry when somebody doesn't use their made up pronouns that weren even a thing until Jewish corps pushed it half a decade or so ago.

KYS the guy makes historical cooking videos, they don't even utter a single political word on their podcast.
Fuck off

>We called him on his passive aggressive bullshit.

What if he's a Republican?

>Nooooooooo you can't fight back only we can criticize you
Not a woman.


He isn't if he spergs out over trump. I have no problem admitting trump is boorish but he's a million times better then Hillary. And neither side will admit that trump is just a boomer and isn't either Hitler or Satan. Multiculturalism has doomed this country and they don't give a shit about colonial history. Boomers are gullible morons who can't read patterns.

I hope you get banned, you sick fuck. Post that shit on r/lgbt where you belong.

Where the fuck has anyone from townsends said anything about politics ever?
They are in a republican state for fucks sake.
Just kill yourself

>Where the fuck has anyone from townsends said anything about politics ever?
When he did the orange fool thing

Hello, reddit.

After that i could never trust him again.


>tfw "people" who tell you to die mad on twitter will spend their last minutes on earth thinking about trump and all the people who bullied them
thats what theyre taking to the afterlife for the rest of eternity

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Nice fantasy you got there, its laughably ironic considering thats all you post about, faggot.


the vids he did with Joe were very comfy

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>thats all you post about
like me personally? sounds like schizophrenia, and im not saying that in a dismissive troll way but literal textbook schizophrenia. user isnt one or two people. this might not be healthy for you.

>Implying you would say faggot anywhere else but here

>spergs about multiculturism
Yup, real schizo hours

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whoops hehe
you may be schizo but im a plain old retard, feels good man

>does a series at Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home)
>they grow oranges at mount Vernon
>the orange fool was said to be one of Washington’s favorite desserts
>there’s even a link for the recipe on the mount vernon website
>townsends makes desserts on his YouTube channel
>decides to make one of George Washington’s favorite desserts which is just so happens to be called the orange fool
>facebook boomers and polcels take this as a jab at trump despite him not mentioning anything about politics in the video or anything that can slightly be interpreted as a jab at trump besides the name of the drink
>townsends causes their brains to short circuit anyway and they throw a tantrum like children/ravenous chimpanzees
Do you fags really think he went through all that trouble just to take a jab at trump when he has no history of making political statements? Honestly this event needs to be used as a litmus test for gassing people. If you seethed at the video title you need to be culled and so does your entire lineage.

Everyone hates faggots, thats universal.

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Trump's strongest supporters abandoned him in 2018 when it became 100% clear he wasn't going to do anything. The people who were supporting him in 2020 were originally never trump.


Used to support this guy until he made fun of Trump.

Fuck him. He's dead to me.

Lol, its funny when you say it ironically

>Go to the woods to get away from the leftist hellscape this country is now to enjoy the old ways of doing things
>is somehow still a liberal

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I never saw that, just the talk about it. I watched all his videos and was a big trump fan around the time of that video and knew it wasn't about it. Pretty sure its like everything else on mainstream sites like YouTube and reddit, leftists flipping out and projecting

iphone, huh?

comfy viewing

Android, but at least I'm not as gay as the apple faggots.

I don't care if he hates trump or not, but to pretend the timing of when he chose that exact recipe was a coincidence is ridiculous.

Trump did everything just to call in some favors for his jewish NYC gangster friends.

It's not sperging, I'm making a point about townie not understanding that the way he votes is damning people who dive a fuck about history. Do you think Hispanics and blacks give a shit about colonial shit? Reminder leftists women and Jews have higher levels of schizophrenia per capita

>Orange Fool?
>How fucking dare he

Or you’re just schizophrenic and disregarded all the other events that took place that lead to the video

And rightoids are bible thumping anti medicine cultists who believe that only the Pope should run the world.

you're being too obvious, dial it back a bit

Sorry your favorite youtuber didn't get away with his cheeky political joke and that these threads will be ruined forever.

Works on you chud

Haha oh wow townsends is ruined forever! You are delusional as fuck.


What? I mean every time Townsend is posted here every other post will be le orange fool

>>facebook boomers and polcels take this as a jab at trump despite him not mentioning anything about politics in the video or anything that can slightly be interpreted as a jab at trump besides the name of the drink
Historical revisionism. Unsubbed libs were coming in from the recommended feed and canvassing the comments with "lmao that's trump" comments causing unsubbed conservatives also coming in through recommended to bicker with them. He shut down the comments section for a while then reenabled it after moderating it, renaming the video and posting a followup about how frustrated he was that modern politics could bleed into his escape from modernity. None of his actual subs from any direction gave a fuck. That video and the followup garnered views 10x what is typical for his channel. The only mistake he made was not having someone on his team to check video titles before uploading. He didn't deserve it so bad.

Tangerine Truant

>Bible thumping
America is protestant, you understand that right? It was white Christians who invented most medicine. Christianity places emphasis on truth, so it's no surprise that white Christians were the most advanced societies on earth until the last decades

Yes, its a great reminder of your fragility.

daily reminder that the American Quakers and Puritans were the forerunners of social justice warriorism and that religion =/= conservatism

Catholics run America. Protestants are small time.

On today's episode of Tasting History we dive into the ancient gallic/germanic dish known as the "Drumpf". It is described by Cassius Dio in his writings as quote "a vile, lumpy, pudgy, and orange dish. Foul to all the senses. Only to be enjoyed by the lowest form of plebian. Those of which can only be described as involuntarily celibate or senile fools with questionable executive functions of the mind" end quote.

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You're the one writing long boring posts detailing their upload schedule like an obsessed freak because someone called them out.

dont argue with trolls bro, they get dopamine hits from replies

God bless the Sackler family for killing so many useless hicks

All you're proving is that his intention was to not start a political shit flinging contest you fucking moron

Lol no I just got here, but I see you havnt taken your meds yet.

>found out this guy was gay


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