Svengoolie Thread!

>What the heck is Svengoolie?
Svengoolie is one of the last great Late Night Horror Hosts still on the air. Think Elvira but instead of a hot woman it's a fat old man who lives in a coffin and get pelted with rubber chickens.

>Where can I watch Svengoolie?

You can watch Svengoolie on the TV channel MeTV. Check your cable channels to see if you get MeTV, most American service providers carry MeTV. Americans can also get MeTV for FREE over the airwaves with an antenna. Also check the spoiler below.

>When does Svengoolie come on?
8:00 PM Eastern Time: Exactly 30 minutes after this post. If you are seeing Stooge Kino on MeTv, you're early!


TONIGHTS MOVIE: The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) - Dr. Frankenstein's plans to replace the brain of his monster are hijacked by his scheming and malevolent assistant Ygor.

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Tonight's Movie: The Ghost of Frankenstein
Year: 1942
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Writers: Scott Darling, Eric Taylor

Lon Chaney Jr. Lon Chaney Jr. ... The Monster (as Lon Chaney)
Cedric Hardwicke ... Ludwig Frankenstein
Ralph Bellamy ... Erik Ernst
Lionel Atwill ... Doctor Theodore Bohmer
Bela Lugosi ... Ygor
Evelyn Ankers ... Elsa Frankenstein
Janet Ann Gallow ... Cloestine Hussman
Barton Yarborough ... Dr. Kettering
Doris Lloyd ... Martha
Leyland Hodgson ... Chief Constable


Description: Shepherd Ygor (Bela Lugosi) rescues the monster (Lon Chaney) from a sulfur pit and brings him to Dr. Frankenstein's other son (Cedric Hardwicke).

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Press F for a no longer living legend.

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Oh shit, bros. This one has a kid in it. Is this where Frankenstein series becomes trash?

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Sounds interesting.

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Im going big Turkey Melt tonite boys

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I reheated some rice and pork belly from the CCP and I'm washing it down with Russian Federation Vicroy Vodka

those scissors lol wtf

fucking kiddie diddlers

Just finished some chicken and sundried tomato zitoni

absolutely based my body is ready poster

>those manlet lifter boots

ham in the oven, but that looks pretty comfy

made a pot of chili for brunch today earlier to tide me over

Every week i see this thread, contemplate svengoolie for about 5 minutes, close the thread, wait a week and repeat.

A man who will never be a woman needs a hobby I guess

your loss, muttonhead!

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El Fantasma de Frankenstein and the Tranny Blast-o-rama!

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I followed the link, just watched svengoolie fail to ventriliquize when drinking water which made me laugh pretty hard, idk if I'm really gonna watch this whole retarded as fuck movie tho.

is this one where he throws the girl into the lake for no reason and she drowns?


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Are we in for another night of sven/kino/?

Do any lolis get thrown into a lake?

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Fun bit of trivia, when this movie was released Hitler was still alive.

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Why is it that most of the characters in these movies are just hangin a round?

Tranny bad, Tranny baaaaad!!

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at least we aren't speaking german

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show us on the loli where he touched you

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Because C-movie budgets require actors that have the acting ability of a dead fish
Also it's easy to give an extra like 2 lines and have them perform it well, saving time on then expensive filming.
Remember, every foot of film you don't use is expensive
Captcha: MSRPJ
Even it knows not to go over the manufacturer's suggested retail price

thread theme

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who wants to skip Shittoonie afterwards and watch Young Frankenstein?

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Aren't there any Easter movies starring Charlton Heston?

Watch out, bitch!

When did they start Sventoonie?

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fucking jesus freaks

Anyone else watching on a digital antenna? I got flamed bad in an unrelated thread a few days ago just for saying "I really like watching stuff like MeTV and H&I on my antenna. Not bad for a $25 investment"

the stream is through a digital antenna

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This way to the showers.

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My brother in christ, you ignored the date
Isn't the 10 commandments on one of the Big 3 stations tonight or is that tomorrow night?

3 weeks ago. tonight is the 4th ep

Watching here, I picked one of those USB dongles a month or so back
The best $30 I ever spent, it's great to have local news and H&I on my second monitor

I'm sitting in a camper right now although the living situation itself is gay.

Got an Amazon link?

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I am watching OTA (Over the Air). I use a large UHF antenna in the attic. High Def TV signals use the UHF spectrum so that is essentially what all antennas marketed as "digital" are.

lol, these old fag jokes

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I mean she won't just come out and beg for veiny weiner yaknow

How can you kill that which has no life?

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Love me some svenkino. Always had 3 tv channels growing up until the digital change for rabbit ears. That's when we started getting MeTV

Something like this will work but I suggest spending the extra money to get the Hauppauge one because it has much better compatibility, especially with Linux